Version: ImageMagick 6.9.10-2 Q16 x86_64 20180618 Copyright: © 1999-2018 ImageMagick Studio LLC License: Features: Cipher DPC Modules OpenMP Delegates (built-in): bzlib djvu fftw fontconfig freetype jbig jng jp2 jpeg lcms lqr ltdl lzma openexr pangocairo png tiff wmf x xml zlib Usage: convert-im6.q16 [options ...] file [ [options ...] file ...] [options ...] file Image Settings: -adjoin join images into a single multi-image file -affine matrix affine transform matrix -alpha option activate, deactivate, reset, or set the alpha channel -antialias remove pixel-aliasing -authenticate password decipher image with this password -attenuate value lessen (or intensify) when adding noise to an image -background color background color -bias value add bias when convolving an image -black-point-compensation use black point compensation -blue-primary point chromaticity blue primary point -bordercolor color border color -caption string assign a caption to an image -channel type apply option to select image channels -clip-mask filename associate a clip mask with the image -colors value preferred number of colors in the image -colorspace type alternate image colorspace -comment string annotate image with comment -compose operator set image composite operator -compress type type of pixel compression when writing the image -define format:option define one or more image format options -delay value display the next image after pausing -density geometry horizontal and vertical density of the image -depth value image depth -direction type render text right-to-left or left-to-right -display server get image or font from this X server -dispose method layer disposal method -dither method apply error diffusion to image -encoding type text encoding type -endian type endianness (MSB or LSB) of the image -family name render text with this font family -fill color color to use when filling a graphic primitive -filter type use this filter when resizing an image -font name render text with this font -format "string" output formatted image characteristics -fuzz distance colors within this distance are considered equal -gravity type horizontal and vertical text placement -green-primary point chromaticity green primary point -intensity method method to generate intensity value from pixel -intent type type of rendering intent when managing the image color -interlace type type of image interlacing scheme -interline-spacing value set the space between two text lines -interpolate method pixel color interpolation method -interword-spacing value set the space between two words -kerning value set the space between two letters -label string assign a label to an image -limit type value pixel cache resource limit -loop iterations add Netscape loop extension to your GIF animation -mask filename associate a mask with the image -matte store matte channel if the image has one -mattecolor color frame color -moments report image moments -monitor monitor progress -orient type image orientation -page geometry size and location of an image canvas (setting) -ping efficiently determine image attributes -pointsize value font point size -precision value maximum number of significant digits to print -preview type image preview type -quality value JPEG/MIFF/PNG compression level -quiet suppress all warning messages -red-primary point chromaticity red primary point -regard-warnings pay attention to warning messages -remap filename transform image colors to match this set of colors -repage geometry size and location of an image canvas -respect-parentheses settings remain in effect until parenthesis boundary -sampling-factor geometry horizontal and vertical sampling factor -scene value image scene number -seed value seed a new sequence of pseudo-random numbers -size geometry width and height of image -stretch type render text with this font stretch -stroke color graphic primitive stroke color -strokewidth value graphic primitive stroke width -style type render text with this font style -support factor resize support: > 1.0 is blurry, < 1.0 is sharp -synchronize synchronize image to storage device -taint declare the image as modified -texture filename name of texture to tile onto the image background -tile-offset geometry tile offset -treedepth value color tree depth -transparent-color color transparent color -undercolor color annotation bounding box color -units type the units of image resolution -verbose print detailed information about the image -view FlashPix viewing transforms -virtual-pixel method virtual pixel access method -weight type render text with this font weight -white-point point chromaticity white point Image Operators: -adaptive-blur geometry adaptively blur pixels; decrease effect near edges -adaptive-resize geometry adaptively resize image using 'mesh' interpolation -adaptive-sharpen geometry adaptively sharpen pixels; increase effect near edges -alpha option on, activate, off, deactivate, set, opaque, copy transparent, extract, background, or shape -annotate geometry text annotate the image with text -auto-gamma automagically adjust gamma level of image -auto-level automagically adjust color levels of image -auto-orient automagically orient (rotate) image -bench iterations measure performance -black-threshold value force all pixels below the threshold into black -blue-shift factor simulate a scene at nighttime in the moonlight -blur geometry reduce image noise and reduce detail levels -border geometry surround image with a border of color -bordercolor color border color -brightness-contrast geometry improve brightness / contrast of the image -canny geometry detect edges in the image -cdl filename color correct with a color decision list -charcoal radius simulate a charcoal drawing -chop geometry remove pixels from the image interior -clamp keep pixel values in range (0-QuantumRange) -clip clip along the first path from the 8BIM profile -clip-path id clip along a named path from the 8BIM profile -colorize value colorize the image with the fill color -color-matrix matrix apply color correction to the image -connected-components connectivity connected-components uniquely labeled -contrast enhance or reduce the image contrast -contrast-stretch geometry improve contrast by `stretching' the intensity range -convolve coefficients apply a convolution kernel to the image -cycle amount cycle the image colormap -decipher filename convert cipher pixels to plain pixels -deskew threshold straighten an image -despeckle reduce the speckles within an image -distort method args distort images according to given method ad args -draw string annotate the image with a graphic primitive -edge radius apply a filter to detect edges in the image -encipher filename convert plain pixels to cipher pixels -emboss radius emboss an image -enhance apply a digital filter to enhance a noisy image -equalize perform histogram equalization to an image -evaluate operator value evaluate an arithmetic, relational, or logical expression -extent geometry set the image size -extract geometry extract area from image -features distance analyze image features (e.g. contrast, correlation) -fft implements the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) -flip flip image vertically -floodfill geometry color floodfill the image with color -flop flop image horizontally -frame geometry surround image with an ornamental border -function name parameters apply function over image values -gamma value level of gamma correction -gaussian-blur geometry reduce image noise and reduce detail levels -geometry geometry preferred size or location of the image -grayscale method convert image to grayscale -hough-lines geometry identify lines in the image -identify identify the format and characteristics of the image -ift implements the inverse discrete Fourier transform (DFT) -implode amount implode image pixels about the center -interpolative-resize geometry resize image using 'point sampled' interpolation -kuwahara geometry edge preserving noise reduction filter -lat geometry local adaptive thresholding -level value adjust the level of image contrast -level-colors color,color level image with the given colors -linear-stretch geometry improve contrast by `stretching with saturation' -liquid-rescale geometry rescale image with seam-carving -local-contrast geometry enhance local contrast -magnify double the size of the image with pixel art scaling -mean-shift geometry delineate arbitrarily shaped clusters in the image -median geometry apply a median filter to the image -mode geometry make each pixel the 'predominant color' of the neighborhood -modulate value vary the brightness, saturation, and hue -monochrome transform image to black and white -morphology method kernel apply a morphology method to the image -motion-blur geometry simulate motion blur -negate replace every pixel with its complementary color -noise geometry add or reduce noise in an image -normalize transform image to span the full range of colors -opaque color change this color to the fill color -ordered-dither NxN add a noise pattern to the image with specific amplitudes -paint radius simulate an oil painting -perceptible epsilon pixel value less than |epsilon| become epsilon or -epsilon -polaroid angle simulate a Polaroid picture -posterize levels reduce the image to a limited number of color levels -profile filename add, delete, or apply an image profile -quantize colorspace reduce colors in this colorspace -radial-blur angle radial blur the image (deprecated use -rotational-blur -raise value lighten/darken image edges to create a 3-D effect -random-threshold low,high random threshold the image -region geometry apply options to a portion of the image -render render vector graphics -resample geometry change the resolution of an image -resize geometry resize the image -roll geometry roll an image vertically or horizontally -rotate degrees apply Paeth rotation to the image -rotational-blur angle rotational blur the image -sample geometry scale image with pixel sampling -scale geometry scale the image -segment values segment an image -selective-blur geometry selectively blur pixels within a contrast threshold -sepia-tone threshold simulate a sepia-toned photo -set property value set an image property -shade degrees shade the image using a distant light source -shadow geometry simulate an image shadow -sharpen geometry sharpen the image -shave geometry shave pixels from the image edges -shear geometry slide one edge of the image along the X or Y axis -sigmoidal-contrast geometry increase the contrast without saturating highlights or shadows -sketch geometry simulate a pencil sketch -solarize threshold negate all pixels above the threshold level -sparse-color method args fill in a image based on a few color points -splice geometry splice the background color into the image -spread radius displace image pixels by a random amount -statistic type geometry replace each pixel with corresponding statistic from the neighborhood -strip strip image of all profiles and comments -swirl degrees swirl image pixels about the center -threshold value threshold the image -thumbnail geometry create a thumbnail of the image -tile filename tile image when filling a graphic primitive -tint value tint the image with the fill color -transform affine transform image -transparent color make this color transparent within the image -transpose flip image vertically and rotate 90 degrees -transverse flop image horizontally and rotate 270 degrees -trim trim image edges -type type image type -unique-colors discard all but one of any pixel color -unsharp geometry sharpen the image -vignette geometry soften the edges of the image in vignette style -wave geometry alter an image along a sine wave -wavelet-denoise threshold removes noise from the image using a wavelet transform -white-threshold value force all pixels above the threshold into white Image Sequence Operators: -append append an image sequence -clut apply a color lookup table to the image -coalesce merge a sequence of images -combine combine a sequence of images -compare mathematically and visually annotate the difference between an image and its reconstruction -complex operator perform complex mathematics on an image sequence -composite composite image -copy geometry offset copy pixels from one area of an image to another -crop geometry cut out a rectangular region of the image -deconstruct break down an image sequence into constituent parts -evaluate-sequence operator evaluate an arithmetic, relational, or logical expression -flatten flatten a sequence of images -fx expression apply mathematical expression to an image channel(s) -hald-clut apply a Hald color lookup table to the image -layers method optimize, merge, or compare image layers -morph value morph an image sequence -mosaic create a mosaic from an image sequence -poly terms build a polynomial from the image sequence and the corresponding terms (coefficients and degree pairs). -print string interpret string and print to console -process arguments process the image with a custom image filter -separate separate an image channel into a grayscale image -smush geometry smush an image sequence together -write filename write images to this file Image Stack Operators: -clone indexes clone an image -delete indexes delete the image from the image sequence -duplicate count,indexes duplicate an image one or more times -insert index insert last image into the image sequence -reverse reverse image sequence -swap indexes swap two images in the image sequence Miscellaneous Options: -debug events display copious debugging information -distribute-cache port distributed pixel cache spanning one or more servers -help print program options -list type print a list of supported option arguments -log format format of debugging information -version print version information By default, the image format of `file' is determined by its magic number. To specify a particular image format, precede the filename with an image format name and a colon (i.e. ps:image) or specify the image type as the filename suffix (i.e. Specify 'file' as '-' for standard input or output. Test Trailblazers : Liste des Notes, avis, Pour & Contre
Test Trailblazers

Test Trailblazers

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Voici tous les 12 avis et les tests trouvés sur le Jeux Trailblazers avec les 10 notes et les commentaires des testeurs dans leur review.
Parmis ces tests des sites & magazines internet spécialisés dans les Jeux, 10 ont donné une note et on obtient une note moyenne de 3.2/5.
Trailblazers review : Trailblazers semble donc être bon dans la catégorie des Jeux, les avis sont positifs dans l'ensemble pour ce produit. Si vous vous posez la question comment choisir un Jeux, Trailblazers est-il un bon Jeux ? alors celui-ci semble etre un bon choix...

Voici donc ci-dessous tous les articles trouvés concernant le test Trailblazers .
Pour les jeux, des notes sont parfois différentes suivant la console. Reportez-vous bien alors au bon test....

Les Notes sur Trailblazers

10 Notes classées de la meilleure vers la moins bonne, en vert les bonnes notes, en rouge les mauvaises :
Preview ou Review sans notes : GamesWelt, GamingWay

Les "Pour et Contre" pour Trailblazers détails des avis et notes

Pour mieux comparer, nous avons cherché pour vous les avantages et inconvénients de Trailblazers et les notes données par les sites spécialisés.

[8/10] testé le 18/05/2018 - Review: Trailblazers is a Racer That Takes Inspiration From Splatoon...[lire le test complet sur GameSpew]
Une course solide et mécanique peinture intelligente
Présentation d?ère Dreamcast génial avec personnages farfelus et de la musique funky
Grande variété de pistes et d?options
AI se comporte de manière erratique
Absence de progression de personnage et personnalisation de véhicule est une occasion manquée
Pourrait utiliser le contenu plus multijoueur
[7.4/10] testé le 12/05/2018 - Test Trailblazers...[lire le test complet sur VideoChums]
Un mélange Splatoon/F-Zero impensable et réussi
Une direction artistique de bonne qualité
De bonnes sensations de vitesse
Des graphismes en cell-shading agréables à la rétine
L?humour et le ton décalé du jeu
Contenu un peu maigre
Des collisions à revoir
Quelques véhicules vraiment durs à contrôler
Les voix peuvent en énerver certains
[7.33/10] testé le 22/05/2018 - TEST ? Trailblazers ? Le jeu de course rétrofuturiste qui combine Splatoon et F-Zero !...[lire le test complet sur Xbox-World]
Concept parfaitement exploité
Mécanique de coop redoutable
Chouettes sensations de vitesse
L?architecture des circuits
Techniquement propre...
Bonne prise en main
Trop chiche niveau contenu
Online désertique
Collisions calamiteuses
Charcter design flingué
...mais 30 fps sur console
[7/10] testé le 28/05/2018 - TEST. Trailblazers ? Coup de pinceau à 300km/h...[lire le test complet sur ActuGaming]
Le cross-over F-Zero/Splatoon improbable
L'ambiance musicale à la Jet Set Radio
Direction artistique de qualité
Pas vilain graphiquement
Très convivial
Manque criant de contenu
Collisions assez bancales
Pas toujours très lisible (surtout à plusieurs)
Pas assez de monde en ligne
[13/20] testé le 20/05/2018 - Test Trailblazers sur PC...[lire le test complet sur]
Peindre votre propre boost bande permet de nombreuses variantes tactiques
La coopération sera grandement récompensée
différents modes et tâches en mode histoire
conception de bande dessinée colorée
correspondance de joyeux Bigbeat soundtrack
jusqu'à quatre joueurs en écran partagé - en ligne
sur le net, propriétaire de tous les systèmes peut jouer entre eux (multiplate-forme)
Ruckel-attaques régulières, en particulier sur la PS4 (aussi Pro !)
divers bugs de support de stockage réinitialiser notre progression (PC)
confusion entre présente des menus et les résultats
simple tricoté en mode en ligne
milieux légèrement trapu semble technique aux meilleures pratiques
temps de chargement long et dialogue tentaculaire dans le mode histoire
[64/100] testé le 11/05/2018 - Test: Trailblazers...[lire le test complet sur 4players]
Le croisement de concepts, plutôt original !
4 joueurs en écran splitté, un régal !
L’ambiance musicale, juste un délice.
Le charadesign plutôt recherché
La sensation de vitesse en boost MAX sur les larges pistes…
… qui peut vite devenir gênantes sur les pistes plus étroites !
Les collisions, vraiment brouillonnes et frustrantes.
Le concept du jeu, difficile à appréhender au début.
Les ralentissements sur une machine correcte.
[3/5] testé le 08/05/2018 - Test : Trailblazers, le mélange indé détonnant de F-Zero et de Splatoon tient-il ses promesses ?...[lire le test complet sur Otakugame]
[3/5] testé le 10/05/2018 - Test Trailblazers - sloppy Splatoon-inspired racer...[lire le test complet sur]
L'ambiance musicale
L'ambiance graphique
Le principe de base
Contrôles imprécis
Framerate en dents de scie
Les temps de chargement de l'enfer
[6/10] testé le 13/05/2018 - Test : Trailblazers : F-Zero au pays des pots (de peinture)...[lire le test complet sur PXLBBQ]
Touche de quatre joueurs locale fonctionnalités multijoueur, nice
Plaisir en rafales
Aucune option pour jouer avec une fréquence d'images non plafonnés
Bande son horrible
Prix très élevé
[4/10] testé le 19/05/2018 - Test Trailblazers ? F-Zero Meets Splatoon, Sort Of...[lire le test complet sur wccftech]
gameplay intéressant
conception de lignes sophistiquées
possibilités tactiques
en ligne, hors ligne, co-op, bots
travail d'Équipe
classe moyenne inférieure graphiquement
quelques saccades fort (PS4)
seulement dix titres
seulement cinq modes
histoire inutile
[/] testé le 15/05/2018 - Test: Trailblazers - Macht es euch doch selber!...[lire le test complet sur GamesWelt]
? Beau et coloré
? Un mode solo comique
? Un concept original
? Une bande-son d?exception
? De nombreux modes multijoueur
? Fluidité instable en mode portable
? Contrôles capricieux avec les Joy-Con
? Peu de courses (10)
? Temps de chargement un peu longs
[/] testé le 12/11/2018 - Test : Trailblazers (Switch)...[lire le test complet sur GamingWay]

Avis consommateurs Trailblazers sur les plateformes de vente

Les notes des sites et magazines internet peuvent etre peut-etre biaisés, au moins avec les avis client et des utilisateurs qui ont acheté Trailblazers sur amazon ou la fnac, on est sur d'avoir de vrais critiques sur ce produit.

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