Broken Roads Review: 23 Ratings, Pros and Cons
21 ratings

Broken Roads Review: 23 Ratings, Pros and Cons

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Theses reviews and tests from Video Games magazines and websites give 21 ratings, we get this average rating to this Broken Roads product : 3.2/5.

Broken Roads ratings

21 Ratings ranked from best to worst, green to good grades, red to bad, Average rating: 3.2/5 (64.62/100)
8.4/10The Games Machine
7.5/10Pizza Fria
70/100Gaming Trend
6/10Checkpoint Gaming
5.5/10Phenixx Gaming
5/10Well Played
4/10Xbox Tavern
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Broken Roads review : Broken Roads seems to be good in the Video Games category, so overall reviews are positive for this product.
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Broken Roads reviewed by GBATemp
Review Broken Roads by GBATemp
Intricate branching paths with interesting outcomes
Freedom of playstyle
Moral Compass mechanic adds to immersiveness of gameplay
Original setting and detailed environments
Some confusing elements of combat Seemingly random voiceovers A few persisting technical issues
reviewed at 10/04/2024 -[read the full review on GBATemp]
The Games Machine
Broken Roads reviewed by The Games Machine
Review Broken Roads by The Games Machine
Philosophy really permeates the game
Abundant and well-crafted texts
There are a lot of kangaroos!
It can be lengthy
Language is a barrier (but the fix is coming).
Broken Roads reviewed by GamingBolt
Review Broken Roads by GamingBolt
Interesting setting that is seldom explored in games
Moral compass is a fantastic way to handle morality in RPGs
Great writing paired with decent voice acting.
The story playing out in the background makes the game feel aimless at times
the combat system might be too simplistic for some players.
reviewed at 15/04/2024 -[read the full review on GamingBolt]
Pizza Fria
Broken Roads reviewed by Pizza Fria
Review Broken Roads by Pizza Fria
Post-apocalyptic Australian biome
In-depth history
Interesting and intriguing characters
The moral compass is the great strength of the game.
Point-and-click character movement system
Confusing narrative at times
The amount of information and reading leads to dispersion and fatigue.
reviewed at 10/04/2024 -[read the full review on Pizza Fria]
Broken Roads reviewed by
Review Broken Roads by
Many multiple-choice dialogues that allow you to shape the story.
High-level artistic direction, with hand-drawn storyboards.
Excellent replayability
The fights could have been better choreographed.
The technical part is a bit too poor.
Broken Roads reviewed by COGconnected
Review Broken Roads by COGconnected
Smart and thoughtful
Interesting, unique setting
Morality system
Excellent music
Basic RPG systems and combat
Some bugs and broken quests
Action-focused gamers might be bored

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 10/04/2024 -[read the full review on GodIsAGeek]
Broken Roads reviewed by GameSoul
Review Broken Roads by GameSoul
Captivating plot
Management of the intriguing protagonist
Interesting management of moral alignment
Limited combat level design
Poor management of the party
reviewed at 07/05/2024 -[read the full review on GameSoul]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 24/05/2024 -[read the full review on PXLBBQ]
Gaming Trend
Broken Roads reviewed by Gaming Trend
Review Broken Roads by Gaming Trend
Runs great on Steam Deck
Solid graphical effort
Some good story twists I didn?t see coming
Unique setting with awesome ?Cyclopedia?
Four origins provides some replay value
Central morality mechanic isn?t fully baked
Some balance hiccups
Forgettable characters turn into stats with guns
Jarring and inconsistent voice work
Broken Roads reviewed by GamingGuardian
Review Broken Roads by GamingGuardian
Well-crafted and interesting story, filled with great characters and appealing settings.
His exploration works well and his dialogue system is engaging.
Its translation into Spanish is absolutely disastrous.
The mission design and combat system appear outdated and flawed.

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 11/04/2024 -[read the full review on Vandal]
Broken Roads reviewed by Shacknews
Review Broken Roads by Shacknews
Commits to the Australian setting in myriad ways
Impressive, hand-drawn visuals that bring variety to desert environments
Writing that suffers from wooden dialogue, a middling plot, and a narrator that disrupts the tone
Moral Compass is a neat idea with a clumsy landing
Combat is incredibly boring, albeit functional
reviewed at 01/01/1970 -[read the full review on Shacknews]
Checkpoint Gaming
Broken Roads reviewed by Checkpoint Gaming
Review Broken Roads by Checkpoint Gaming
Authentically Australian writing and slang
Moral compass morality system is compellingly complex
Plenty of player freedom with character builds and options for accomplishing objectives
Quest objectives can often be a bit vague and buried within mountains of dialogue
Annoying UI limitations regarding equipment management
Combat is fairly simplistic and often feels unbalanced
Game-breaking bugs are present, at least on the PC version
Broken Roads reviewed by GameStar
Review Broken Roads by GameStar
... you like end of the world scenarios.
... you want to make moral decisions.
... The fights for you should not be in the foreground.
... you need non-stop action.
... you want a complex role-playing game.
... the fights must be like in Jagged Alliance 3.
reviewed at 15/04/2024 -[read the full review on GameStar]
Broken Roads reviewed by GamesCreed
Review Broken Roads by GamesCreed
Moral choices that change combat performance. Are you a caring character that helps others? Or a selfish nuisance that let?s allies take damage aimed at you?
Different intros and companions based on your class. This gives more points of view on why the story is happening and how everyone came together.
A rather unique Australian flare to the setting, abilities, and story. Characters use actual Aussie slang, customs, and similar beliefs.
Many strange UI choices that lack modern quality of life. You must toggle on interactions, new quests, and menus can rapidly close.
Too many loading screens for very little results. So many encounters could have just occurred on one map instead of switching to multiple locations.
Drop Bear Bytes seems to have intended for players to make Jack-of-All-Trades characters. But, most encounters favor having stacked specialists.
Strange audio mixing. Most fights sound like they are off in the distance, and attacks have almost not impact.
reviewed at 10/04/2024 -[read the full review on GamesCreed]
Phenixx Gaming
Broken Roads reviewed by Phenixx Gaming
Review Broken Roads by Phenixx Gaming
Great art direction and design of the world.
The philosophy-first system is an interesting twist on dialog, even if fumbled.
Forcing a cRPG to work together with everything else Broken Roads is.
Where is the "get up and go?"
Slow and dull combat.
Broken Roads reviewed by GamesRadar
Review Broken Roads by GamesRadar
Australia is a great place for a post-apocalypse
Lots of fascinating ideas to tangle with
Quests spoiled by bugs and confusing logic
Combat is basic and limited
Many systems feel superficial and underdeveloped
reviewed at 10/04/2024 -[read the full review on GamesRadar]
Well Played
Broken Roads reviewed by Well Played
Review Broken Roads by Well Played
Gorgeous hand-drawn art
Atmospheric soundtrack
Unique setting
Combat fundamentals are solid
Unrewarding roleplaying experience
Underdeveloped world and characters
Poorly communicated systems and quests
Post patch builds in unconfirmed condition
reviewed at 10/04/2024 -[read the full review on Well Played]

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Xbox Tavern
Broken Roads reviewed by Xbox Tavern
Review Broken Roads by Xbox Tavern
Art style
A lot of in-depth dialogue to read through
Not enough voice acting
Stuck to a character style
Awful combat
No difficulty options
Loading ? too many and too long
reviewed at 10/04/2024 -[read the full review on Xbox Tavern]
Press Start

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 10/04/2024 -[read the full review on Press Start]

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Ratings Broken Roads

Broken Roads ratings

21 Ratings ranked from best to worst, green to good grades, red to bad, Average rating: 3.2/5.
  8.8/10  GBATemp  8.4/10  The Games Machine  8/10  GamingBolt  7.5/10  Pizza Fria
  7.5/10  75/100  COGconnected  3.5/5  GodIsAGeek  7/10  GameSoul
  3.5/5  PXLBBQ  70/100  Gaming Trend  6.7/10  GamingGuardian  6.2/10  Vandal
  6/10  Shacknews  6/10  Checkpoint Gaming  60/100  GameStar  2.8/5  GamesCreed
  5.5/10  Phenixx Gaming  2.5/5  GamesRadar  5/10  Well Played  2/5
  4/10  Xbox Tavern
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