Paleo Pines Review: 27 Ratings, Pros and Cons
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Paleo Pines Review: 27 Ratings, Pros and Cons

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Check all the 27 reviews find on Video Games Paleo Pines , with the 25 ratings, comments, pros & cons from the reviewers.
Theses reviews and tests from Video Games magazines and websites give 25 ratings, we get this average rating to this Paleo Pines product : 3.4/5.

Paleo Pines ratings

25 Ratings ranked from best to worst, green to good grades, red to bad, Average rating: 3.4/5 (68.84/100)
90/100Windows Central
7.9/10Comunidad Xbox
7.5/10Movies Games and Tech
7.5/10Phenixx Gaming
7.4/103RD Strike
7.1/10Xbox Tavern
7/10Boss Level Gamer
70/100Generación Xbox
65/100Gaming Trend
6/10Niche Gamer
3/5Geeks By Girls
6/10Pure Nintendo
Preview or review without rating: CoupleOfGamer, Xboxygen

Paleo Pines review : Paleo Pines seems to be good in the Video Games category, so overall reviews are positive for this product.

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Paleo Pines reviewed by GameCrater
Review Paleo Pines by GameCrater
Adorable Dinosaurs
Versatile Gameplay for Different Playstyles
Addictive Gameplay
Simple and Engaging
Fun Quests
Repetitive Gameplay at the Beginning
Dreamstones Extremely Rare to Come By
reviewed at 26/09/2023 - Paleo Pines PC Review: A World Full of Adorable Dinos...[read the full review on GameCrater]
Windows Central
Paleo Pines reviewed by Windows Central
Review Paleo Pines by Windows Central
Creative dinosaur design
Wholesome, heartwarming story
Plenty to explore
Repetitive side quests
No fast travel
reviewed at 26/09/2023 - Test Paleo Pines Xbox: A snoot-boopin' good time...[read the full review on Windows Central]
Paleo Pines reviewed by GamesCreed
Review Paleo Pines by GamesCreed
Large variety of dinosaurs as well as different dinosaur variants.
The world of Paleo Pines is expansive, unobstructed, and utterly breathtaking.
Dinosaurs make the most adorable noises.
A large number of colorful and endearing NPCs to converse with.
The game can be prolonged to start, and you need to manage your resources carefully.
Your days can become very repetitive, with you doing the same daily tasks.
reviewed at 01/11/2023 - Test Paleo Pines PC: Dino Petting Extravaganza...[read the full review on GamesCreed]
Paleo Pines reviewed by PXLBBQ
Review Paleo Pines by PXLBBQ
Adorable and endearing dinosaurs.
Unique and original gameplay.
Variety of biomes and environments.
Captivating story.
Possibility to tame and collect dinosaurs.
Technical issues on the Switch version.
Puzzling artistic direction.
reviewed at 04/10/2023 - Test : Paleo Pines ? Une Aventure en Compagnie de Dinosaures...[read the full review on PXLBBQ]
Comunidad Xbox

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 09/10/2023 - Análisis de Paleo Pines, un Jurásico muy colorido...[read the full review on Comunidad Xbox]
Movies Games and Tech
Paleo Pines reviewed by Movies Games and Tech
Review Paleo Pines by Movies Games and Tech
Colourful graphics.
Wholesome soundtrack.
Familiar gameplay.
Great for kids.
Too much grind.
Poor controls.
No acting.
reviewed at 09/10/2023 - Review: Paleo Pines...[read the full review on Movies Games and Tech]
Phenixx Gaming
Paleo Pines reviewed by Phenixx Gaming
Review Paleo Pines by Phenixx Gaming
Colorful, Vibrant Environments
Involved Dino-Raising gameplay
Lots of Dinos and Farming Elements
Lots of Quests and content
Building/Decorating is Clunky
NPCs are a little bland
reviewed at 24/10/2023 - Test Paleo Pines (PC)...[read the full review on Phenixx Gaming]
3RD Strike
A great entry level farm sim for a younger audience
Bad: Lack of voice acting is jarring
reviewed at 07/11/2023 - Test Paleo Pines ?...[read the full review on 3RD Strike]
Xbox Tavern
Paleo Pines reviewed by Xbox Tavern
Review Paleo Pines by Xbox Tavern
Making friends with dinos is a cool twist on a well-worn formula
The gentle and welcoming vibes are appreciable
Exploration is good for discovery
Quests are predictable and banal
No minimap means navigation is more irksome than it should be
There's not too much substance here
reviewed at 26/10/2023 - Test Paleo Pines...[read the full review on Xbox Tavern]
Boss Level Gamer
Paleo Pines reviewed by Boss Level Gamer
Review Paleo Pines by Boss Level Gamer
Adorable dinosaurs
Fun dinosaur-catching mechanics
Pushes the collectible switch in my brain
Everything around the dinosaurs is a little one-dimensional
No replay value currently
reviewed at 26/09/2023 - Paleo Pines ? Try-assic Ranching...[read the full review on Boss Level Gamer]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 26/09/2023 - Test Paleo Pines ? Farming With Dinosaurs...[read the full review on GameSpew]
Paleo Pines reviewed by GodIsAGeek
Review Paleo Pines by GodIsAGeek
Dinosaurs are both cute and useful
Relaxing and easy to play
Straightforward approach
Doesn't reinvent the genre
Not the best visually
reviewed at 26/09/2023 - Test Paleo Pines...[read the full review on GodIsAGeek]
Paleo Pines reviewed by Geeko
Review Paleo Pines by Geeko
Adorably cute
A game for the whole family.
Taming and taking care of the needs of your dinos.
The farming formula still as effective.
A bit repetitive, like most games of this genre.
Very childish
Maybe a little less content than other titles.
reviewed at 27/09/2023 - Test ? Paleo Pines : Harvest Moon avec des Dinosaures...[read the full review on Geeko]
Paleo Pines reviewed by ActuGaming
Review Paleo Pines by ActuGaming
An absolutely adorable universe
The overall aesthetics are very successful.
The excellent soundtrack
Easy to access but rather deep nonetheless.
Riding a dinosaur is a real pleasure.
Sold for just under 30 euros.
A technique that is not in good shape on Nintendo Switch.
A lack of precision in the gameplay.
The relative softness that may displease
Side missions that consist of fetching a specific object.
Additional activities would not have been too much.
reviewed at 05/10/2023 - Test Paleo Pines ? Conquérir la joie de vivre à dos de dinosaure...[read the full review on ActuGaming]
Paleo Pines reviewed by TestingBuddies
Review Paleo Pines by TestingBuddies
Cuddly dinosaur design
Beautiful gaming world
Generally attractive graphics.
Interesting friendship mechanism
Relaxed gaming sensation...
...which can quickly become annoying.
Very repetitive game
Difficult control during the farm.
Many running paths are always the same.
Difficult start in the game.
The tasks repeat very quickly.
A lot of micromanagement on the farm.
Just at the beginning, a very small inventory.
reviewed at 09/10/2023 - Paleo Pines im Test: Jurassic Park im Entspannungsmodus...[read the full review on TestingBuddies]
Generación Xbox
Paleo Pines reviewed by Generación Xbox
Review Paleo Pines by Generación Xbox
Dinosaurs are a great attraction.
The way these creatures help us.
Farm simulators always enchant us.
As vast as life.
Some frame drops or bugs
This could be better technically.
reviewed at 20/11/2023 - Análisis de Paleo Pines ? La combinación de granja y dinosaurios perfecta...[read the full review on Generación Xbox]
Paleo Pines reviewed by VideoChums
Review Paleo Pines by VideoChums
Collecting dinosaurs with friend calls is rewarding, cute, and fun
Attractive visuals and adorable sounds
Clever combo of dinos and farming
Needs a better sense of direction and improved controls in some areas
Farming is overly basic
Lacks variety of areas to explore
reviewed at 30/09/2023 - Test Paleo Pines...[read the full review on VideoChums]
Gaming Trend
Paleo Pines reviewed by Gaming Trend
Review Paleo Pines by Gaming Trend
Bright, cheerful world
Dinosaurs are adorable
Playing the flute is a fun and unique experience
Gated behind quests that take too long to complete, with nothing to do inbetween
Cost of items, especially early game
Can't use our own ranch crops or resources to feed dinos or build on the ranch
Basic QoL things, like being able to split stacks, and mini maps
reviewed at 26/10/2023 - Test Paleo Pines ? Become a pied piper for prehistoric friends!...[read the full review on Gaming Trend]
Paleo Pines reviewed by TechRadar
Review Paleo Pines by TechRadar
Variety of dinos to add to your farm
Decent-sized map to explore
You can pet the dinosaurs
Day loop gets a little repetitive
Starting up feels slow
reviewed at 26/09/2023 - Test Paleo Pines - almost dino-mite...[read the full review on TechRadar]
Niche Gamer
Paleo Pines reviewed by Niche Gamer
Review Paleo Pines by Niche Gamer
Fun farm customization
Great game for younger kids
A variety of cute dinosaurs
Has a variety of mechanics to interact with (farming, taming, cooking)
Exploring is frustrating with invisible walls and janky movement
Energy for sprinting feels pointless
Repetitive daily loop
reviewed at 26/09/2023 - Test Paleo Pines...[read the full review on Niche Gamer]
Geeks By Girls
Paleo Pines reviewed by Geeks By Girls
Review Paleo Pines by Geeks By Girls
Dinosaurs are so cute.
The basic concept is interesting.
The diversity of dinosaurs
The graphics are not up to par.
The lack of activities to do in the game.
the endurance of the character who cannot withstand
reviewed at 11/10/2023 - Paleo Pines...[read the full review on Geeks By Girls]
Pure Nintendo

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 10/11/2023 - Review: Paleo Pines (Nintendo Switch)...[read the full review on Pure Nintendo]
Paleo Pines reviewed by NextN
Review Paleo Pines by NextN
Dinosaurs bring a distinctive touch to the genre.
A vast space to build numerous enclosures and collect dinosaurs.
Quite obtuse in his explanations, he does not tend to help the player much.
It is unclear in the objectives proposed by the adventure.
Its technical condition is very precarious, with bugs, problems, and crashes of all kinds.
reviewed at 16/10/2023 - Análisis Paleo Pines ? Nintendo Switch. Estos dinos merecen un redil mejor...[read the full review on NextN]
Paleo Pines reviewed by TheXboxHub
Review Paleo Pines by TheXboxHub
Cute dinos
Clever, overlapping systems
Huge game world
Staggeringly inconvenient to play
Stamina system sucks
Empty world that spreads things out too much
reviewed at 11/10/2023 - Test Paleo Pines...[read the full review on TheXboxHub]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 26/09/2023 - Paleo Pines im Test: Frustrierender als jedes Soulslike!...[read the full review on PCGames]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 26/09/2023 - [Test'1D][Steam] Paleo Pines...[read the full review on CoupleOfGamer]
A wide variety of dinosaurs
A beautiful artistic direction
The dinosaurs who become workers
The cute aesthetic of dinosaurs
Ranch and enclosure management
The photo corners
The lack of fluidity
The lack of life, empty space
The inventory is too small.
Way too many back and forths
Too many FedEx quests
An almost non-existent scenario
Too repetitive
reviewed at 26/09/2023 - Test - Paleo Pines - Une aventure Préhistorique...[read the full review on Xboxygen]

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Ratings Paleo Pines

Paleo Pines ratings

25 Ratings ranked from best to worst, green to good grades, red to bad, Average rating: 3.4/5.
  9/10  GameCrater  90/100  Windows Central  4.2/5  GamesCreed  4/5  PXLBBQ
  7.9/10  Comunidad Xbox  7.5/10  Movies Games and Tech  7.5/10  Phenixx Gaming  7.4/10  3RD Strike
  7.1/10  Xbox Tavern  7/10  Boss Level Gamer  7/10  GameSpew  3.5/5  GodIsAGeek
  7/10  Geeko  7/10  ActuGaming  7/10  TestingBuddies  70/100  Generación Xbox
  6.7/10  VideoChums  65/100  Gaming Trend  3/5  TechRadar  6/10  Niche Gamer
  3/5  Geeks By Girls  6/10  Pure Nintendo  51/100  NextN  2.5/5  TheXboxHub
  4/10  PCGames
2 Preview or review without rating: CoupleOfGamer, Xboxygen