Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Review : List of Ratings, Pros and Cons
14 ratings

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Review : List of Ratings, Pros and Cons

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Check all the 23 reviews find on Smartphones Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, with the 14 ratings, comments, pros & cons from the reviewers.
Theses reviews and tests from Smartphones magazines and websites give 14 ratings, we get this average rating to this Motorola product : 4.3/5.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra ratings

14 Ratings ranked from best to worst, green to good grades, red to bad, Average rating: 4.3/5
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Pros and cons for Motorola Edge 30 Ultra List of reviews and ratings

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L&B Tech
Among the fastest smartphones we've tested
Plus long battery life and lightning-fast charging
Plus great screen quality with 144Hz refresh rate
The design is elegant and robust at the same time
A heel has been chopped and a toe cut to keep the price down, so the phone has to settle for IP52 certification and Gorilla Glass 5 screen protection
The OLED panel also deserved a higher resolution than FHD+
The biggest problem, however, is the camera
Don't be fooled by the 200 megapixels
[5/5] reviewed at 22/11/2022 - Motorola Edge 30 Ultra - Ultra fast, ultra strong...[read the full review on L&B Tech]
Outstanding battery life and fast charging (125W charger included)
Exceptional performance
Dazzling display
Cameras could be better
Low IP rating
Slight dimming on curved edges
[5/5] reviewed at 20/12/2022 - Test Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: Cutting Edge...[read the full review on ExpertReviews]
Great battery life, short charging time
Optimal performance
Desktop Mode
No complete protection against dust and water
Photo quality only convinces in 200-megapixel mode
[4.7/5] reviewed at 30/09/2022 - Motorola Edge 30 Ultra im Test...[read the full review on]
Premium design
Super-fast charging
Powerful processor
Zoom camera could zoom further
200MP is just unnecessary
It makes other phones feel rubbish
[4.5/5] reviewed at 01/10/2022 - Test The best phone we've tested this year ?Motorola Edge 30 UltraShows the iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy S22 how it's done ? Motorola Edge 30 Ultra[pick one]...[read the full review on TechRadar]

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[4.5/5] reviewed at 27/11/2022 - Test Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, l'avis du 01Lab...[read the full review on 01net]
Digital Camera World

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

[4.5/5] reviewed at 05/01/2023 - Motorola Edge 30 Ultra review: a great 200MP smartphone...[read the full review on Digital Camera World]
high system speed
bright 144 Hz pOLED
fast charging with 125/50 watts
good camera setup
Long battery life
no eSIM support
no optional memory expansion
[89/100] reviewed at 04/10/2022 - Test Motorola Edge 30 Ultra - Das erste Smartphone mit 200-MPix-Kamera...[read the full review on NotebookCheck]
Clean software with useful features
Excellent night photos with the main camera
Strong performance
Fully charged in 23 minutes
Well-coordinated selfies
USB 3.1 and excellent multi-device features
Excellent battery life
Unreliable camera software
Treatment with defects
grotesque version of an AOD
[84/100] reviewed at 15/11/2022 - Motorola Edge 30 Ultra im Test...[read the full review on ChinaHandys]
Convincing 144Hz POLED display
Convincing camera
User interface
Successful Dolby Atmos sound
Update Policy
200 MP is not everything
Getting started
Non-expandable storage
[8/10] reviewed at 26/09/2022 - Test du Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: La caméra de 200 MP n'est pas son seul atout...[read the full review on AndroidPit]
Les Numériques
Very nice Oled screen.
Efficient chip in all sectors.
Versatile in photo.
Solid autonomy.
Very fast charging.
Lack of waterproof certification.
No microSD port, no 3.5mm mini-jack port.
Night photo in retreat.
200 Mpx mode that is perplexing.
[4/5] reviewed at 04/10/2022 - Test Motorola Edge 30 Ultra : un bon smartphone haut de gamme qui se cherche encore en photo...[read the full review on Les Numériques]
Fast charging at 120W is speedy
Main camera is generally impressive
Attractive 6.7-inch display with subtle curve
Powerful processor makes everything run a breeze
Battery life isn't great per charge
Not everyone will want a curved edge screen
Camera can easily misfocus with close up shots
Some unexpected software hangs (unusual for Moto)
[4/5] reviewed at 06/10/2022 - Motorola Edge 30 Ultra review: a genuine Galaxy S22 alternative...[read the full review on T3]
The price really very aggressive against the competition
The shell at the back really successful and waterproof
Controlled performance, without overheating
The screen very well calibrated and bright
Dolby Atmos compatibility and full equalizer
The beautiful photos of the three main day and night sensors
The very good portrait mode with the main sensor and the telephoto lens
The right autonomy
Very fast charging and charger provided in the box
Android 12 preinstalled... and no update to Android 13 six months later
The disappearance of headphones in the box
Sawtooth performance stability
The capacity of the battery a little low compared to competitors
The refresh rate of the screen not variable enough
Too much smoothing on portraits
The lack of speed of the autofocus
[4/5] reviewed at 28/03/2023 - Test Motorola Edge 30 Ultra : un smartphone aussi bon que méconnu...[read the full review on PhonAndroid]
CNET France
The quality and fluidity of its screen
A good grip
The Autonomy and Fast Charge combo
A frustrating 200 megapixel
Disappointing night photos
No waterproof certification
[76/100] reviewed at 25/10/2022 - Test du Motorola Edge 30 Ultra : un bon smartphone haut de gamme perdu dans les pixels...[read the full review on CNET France]
Stylish design?
Clean, user-friendly software?
Nice daylight photography
Decent battery life
Can throttle under sustained loads
Low light photography can be improved
Only a single 128GB storage option
[3.5/5] reviewed at 15/09/2022 - Test Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: more than just the cameras...[read the full review on]

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[/] reviewed at 08/09/2022 - Test Motorola Edge 30 Ultra hands-on...[read the full review on GSMArena]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

[/] reviewed at 09/09/2022 - Test Smartphone: Motorola Edge 30 Ultra...[read the full review on Unite4Buy]
Curved glass design makes it very comfortable to hold
Stylish camera design
144Hz display
Super fast 125W charging
IP52 water and dust resistance isn't great
Yet to be seen if 200MP camera is a gimmick
[/] reviewed at 11/09/2022 - Test Moto Edge 30 Ultra initial: Hands on with the 200MP camera phone...[read the full review on Pocket-lint]

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[/] reviewed at 13/09/2022 - Motorola Edge 30 Ultra First Impressions: Checking All the Boxes...[read the full review on Gadgets360]
HT Tech
Stunning design
Good cameras
Great user experience
Processor throttling
Low light photography
Single storage option
[/] reviewed at 22/09/2022 - Test Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: Terrific value!...[read the full review on HT Tech]
Very good ultra fluid screen
Mastered design
Real stereo speakers
Charging 125W
+ wireless 50W
+ reverse 10W
200MP without any optimization
Finishes to be slightly improved
[/] reviewed at 09/10/2022 - Test du Motorola Edge 30 Ultra : 200 mégapixels de frustration...[read the full review on FrAndroid]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

[/] reviewed at 29/09/2022 - Recensione Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: una alternativa da "record"...[read the full review on AndroidWorld]
Surprisingly good main camera
Clean, versatile and long-supported software
Powerful device in a rugged housing
Good screen
The front camera is disappointing
[/] reviewed at 23/12/2022 - Moto Edge 30 Ultra vs. Xiaomi 12T Pro - 200-megapixelmonsters...[read the full review on Tweakers]
Trusted Reviews

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

[/] reviewed at 07/03/2023 - Test Motorola Edge 30 Ultra...[read the full review on Trusted Reviews]

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An average rating of 4.3/5 with 14 ratings. This Smartphones got 2 times the maximum score in the reviews!

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