JBL Tour Pro Review : List of Ratings, Pros and Cons
8 ratings

JBL Tour Pro Review : List of Ratings, Pros and Cons

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Check all the 10 reviews find on Headphones JBL Tour Pro, with the 8 ratings, comments, pros & cons from the reviewers.
Theses reviews and tests from Headphones magazines and websites give 8 ratings, we get this average rating to this JBL product : 4/5.

JBL Tour Pro ratings

8 Ratings ranked from best to worst, green to good grades, red to bad, Average rating: 4/5
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JBL Tour Pro review : JBL Tour Pro seems to be very good in the category of Headphones, the reviews are very positive overall for this product and the "Pros" are higher than "Cons".

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[5/5] reviewed at 05/08/2021 - Kabellose JBL Tour Pro+ TWS mit Noise Cancelling im Test...[read the full review on Allround-PC]
Elegant design
Very good sound quality
Excellent call quality
Good battery life
Hands-free voice assistants
Awkward controls
Mediocre noise canceling
No wake-word support in iOS
[8/10] reviewed at 01/06/2021 - Test JBL Tour Pro+: Another excellent AirPods Pro alternative...[read the full review on DigitalTrends]
Many features
Good autonomy
Qi Wireless Charging
Multi-touch Bluetooth
Comfortable headphones
Numerous controls on the housing
Medium noise reduction
Lack of detail in the treble
High price
[8/10] reviewed at 19/06/2021 - Test des JBL Tour Pro+ : le son JBL est de retour...[read the full review on FrAndroid]
[/] reviewed at 21/01/2023 - Test des JBL Tour Pro 2 : des écouteurs avec un écran, mais pour quoi faire ?...[read the full review on FrAndroid]
Les Numériques
Good sensations of comfort.
Effective noise reduction on low frequencies.
Many embedded features.
Very easy to learn.
Extremely generous autonomy.
Efficient hands-free kit.
Unbalanced sound signature (boomy bass and grueling high-mids).
Perfectible precision of all frequencies and crushed dynamics.
Ineffective noise reduction on midrange and high frequencies.
[4/5] reviewed at 18/01/2023 - Test JBL Tour Pro 2?: un bo?tier innovant, mais au rendu sonore d?cevant...[read the full review on Les Numériques]
Charging case has a touchscreen
Loads of features
Average sound quality
Noise cancellation could be better
[4/5] reviewed at 24/01/2023 - Test JBL Tour Pro 2: It's all about that case...[read the full review on ExpertReviews]
Touchscreen case is a revelation
Various fit tests/EQ profiles add value
Good battery life
Sonically overcooked and harsh through the treble
ANC is average
Some case features seem currently unavailable
[3/5] reviewed at 23/12/2022 - Test JBL Tour Pro 2: the screen-toting case is a joy, but sonically they are flawed...[read the full review on TechRadar]
L&B Tech
The great EQ allows for great sound
Noise reduction and ambient noise are nice additions
Wireless charging
Uncorrected, the sound is a bit fidgety in the midrange, and the sound is generally a bit loud and harsh
Not the best speech quality
[5/5] reviewed at 10/09/2021 - JBL Tour Pro+ - Possibility for big sound...[read the full review on L&B Tech]
[6/10] reviewed at 06/02/2023 - JBL Tour Pro 2 - JBL has thought of everything...[read the full review on L&B Tech]

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[/] reviewed at 21/01/2023 - Actualité : Le test des écouteurs true wireless JBL Tour Pro 2 a rejoint notre comparatif...[read the full review on Focus-Numerique]

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