TicWatch Pro 3 Review : List of Ratings, Pros and Cons
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TicWatch Pro 3 Review : List of Ratings, Pros and Cons

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Check all the 2 reviews find on Smartwatches TicWatch Pro 3, with the 2 ratings, comments, pros & cons from the reviewers.
Theses reviews and tests from Smartwatches magazines and websites give 2 ratings, we get this average rating to this TicWatch product : 5.6/5.
TicWatch Pro 3 review : With an average rating of 5.6/5, you can buy TicWatch Pro 3 with your eyes closed (or almost). The opinions of the testers seem unanimous !
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Android Authority
Great battery life Zippy performance Dual display is ace Improved design Accurate heart rate sensor
Dire companion app Wear OS needs a refresh Inaccurate sleep and fitness tracking Cheap strap Less durable than previous models
[7/5] reviewed at 28/10/2020 - Test TicWatch Pro 3: Resetting the bar for Wear OS smartwatches...[read the full review on Android Authority]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

[8.5/10] reviewed at 16/12/2020 - Recensione TicWatch Pro 3: il migliore con Wear OS (foto e video)...[read the full review on AndroidWorld]

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