Risen Review : List of Ratings, Pros and Cons
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Risen Review : List of Ratings, Pros and Cons

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Theses reviews and tests from Video Games magazines and websites give 9 ratings, we get this average rating to this Risen product : 3.2/5.

Risen ratings

9 Ratings ranked from best to worst, green to good grades, red to bad, Average rating: 3.2/5
6.9/10Xbox Tavern
Preview or review without rating: RPGJeuxvidéo, Nintendo-Town

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A raw fantasy world with a dense atmosphere
A lot of freedom in the approach
Atmospheric landscape with natural transitions between different zones
NPCs react to our actions and decisions
Multiple factions that can also be played against each other
Often several possible solutions
Successful implementation of Switch ensures a compelling gaming experience, despite age
Visibly washed out textures, stiff movements and wooden facial expressions
Fairly one-sided and dusty combat system (at hand)
Here and there a high (frustrating) level of difficulty
Lack of modern amenities makes access difficult for newcomers
[8/10] reviewed at 02/02/2023 - Risen im Test: überzeugt das Spiel nach 14 Jahren auf der Switch?...[read the full review on TestingBuddies]
Automatic backup function ...
Unlimited memory slots that can be used at (almost) any time
Lots of additional information (e.g. the position of NPCs relevant to the quest on the world/camp map
Three difficulty levels (adjustable at any time)
Fun fights with quite tactical requirements...
Excellent narrowly branched quest structure
Many tasks can be solved in different ways
Three playable factions
Very free character development
High solo play time (30-50 hours for a pass)
"Realistic", often pithy NPCs
First-class global architecture
Almost everything seems to have been designed by hand
Works smoothly at 60fps
Atmospheric soundtrack
German Vouchers (also playable in French and English)
Beautiful sound effects
... which, however, rarely takes effect
Partially fragile combat controls
How the menu works often tedious
... but at first rather Klicki-töt
By current standards on "normal" almost too heavy
Works in all techniques (!) Graphic aspects partly massively outdated
Some bugs (probably new) in lighting and partly also in AI
Matches only the medium to high level of detail of the old PC version
Sound transitions (music) often impure
[7.5/10] reviewed at 23/01/2023 - Test+: Risen...[read the full review on GamersGlobal]

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[7.2/10] reviewed at 11/02/2023 - Risen | Recensione ? Un classico controverso naufragato su Switch...[read the full review on SpazioGames]
Xbox Tavern
Stealing everything in sight while someone tells me I am the chosen one
Having a sweet Skeleton buddy
Bafflingly varied mission structures with meaningful choices
Great world building and exploration
The combat
Which there is lots of
You can?t avoid fighting either
Having to do the combat, a lot
[6.9/10] reviewed at 18/02/2023 - Test Risen...[read the full review on Xbox Tavern]
Faranga is large and detailed
No loading screens
Great voice acting
Smooth framerate.
Feels its age
No updates to graphics or gameplay
Freezing issues
Subpar combat.
[6/10] reviewed at 30/01/2023 - Test Risen (PS4) ? Some Things Are Better Left in the Past...[read the full review on GamingBolt]
So many paths to take
Magic is fun to use
Controls are awkward
No direction at all
[6/10] reviewed at 03/02/2023 - Test Risen (XB1)...[read the full review on ZTGD]
Good story
Large systems below the surface
Poor graphics
Horrific and clumsy fights
Looks like an old game
[60/100] reviewed at 19/02/2023 - Test Risen...[read the full review on TheXboxHub]
The story remains fresh and interesting
Fans of Piranha Bytes will find here one of their most iconic games
Gameplay and control are rusty, missing a renewal
The lack of novelties makes it a game that is not suitable for novice players
At the graphic and sound level it remains the same, and the few changes in resolution and HUD do not stand out.
[5.5/10] reviewed at 30/01/2023 - [Análisis] Risen...[read the full review on GamingGuardian]
A very good RPG of the PS3/360 era
An excellent soundtrack
The charming world of Risen
Excruciatingly expensive (30?)
It crashes every 5 minutes, and bugs are everywhere
Lazy portage
[4.7/10] reviewed at 31/01/2023 - Test ? Risen : le portage de la honte...[read the full review on Geeko]

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[/] reviewed at 16/05/2022 - Risen...[read the full review on RPGJeuxvidéo]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

[/] reviewed at 03/03/2023 - Risen (Nintendo Switch) ? Le test...[read the full review on Nintendo-Town]

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What rating did Risen get?
An average rating of 3.2/5 with 9 ratings.

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Risen is available at the price of 9.99€. (Check the price)

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