Pixark Review : List of Ratings, Pros and Cons

Pixark Review : List of Ratings, Pros and Cons

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Pixark ratings

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Family Friendly Fun
Minecraft Feel
Still has the same build systems that you know
Controls are complicated on switch
[8/10] reviewed at 03/06/2019 - Test PixArk ? Nintendo Switch...[read the full review on GameSpace]
Density of mechanics, with a lot of different things going on for the player to keep track of and manage
thoroughly satisfying survival game, as you learn the grips and become more and more empowered to take on the world
addictive central loop
charming graphics
Obvious lack of polish
the controls are terrible, and very poorly adapted to consoles
the UI, menus, and inventory are absolutely awful
the game is extremely glitchy
the absolute lack of tutorials means players are literally stranded with no idea on how to deal with things
[7/10] reviewed at 31/05/2019 - Test PixArk ? Mankind Evolved...[read the full review on GamingBolt]
[6/10] reviewed at 03/06/2019 - PixARK (Xbox One)...[read the full review on GameHope]
[6/10] reviewed at 03/06/2019 - PixARK (Nintendo Switch)...[read the full review on GameHope]
[6/10] reviewed at 03/06/2019 - PixARK (PS4)...[read the full review on GameHope]
[6/10] reviewed at 03/06/2019 - PixARK (PC)...[read the full review on GameHope]
[5.5/10] reviewed at 02/06/2019 - Test / avis Pixark, que vaut la fusion entre Minecraft et Ark...[read the full review on Generation-Game]
[5/10] reviewed at 08/07/2019 - Test PixArk ? L'aventure à dos de dinos : réussie ou non ?...[read the full review on ActuGaming]
[3.8/10] reviewed at 10/06/2019 - Test ? PixARK : le fils caché de Minecraft et ARK...[read the full review on Geeko]
[/] reviewed at 07/06/2019 - Test : PixARK (Switch) est en plein chantier...[read the full review on GamingWay]
Intuitive controls
Cute Pandas
Satisfying sounds
Still Buggy
Significant Lag
No exciting content
Nothing new
[/] reviewed at 19/06/2019 - Test PixARK ? Another Pixelated Flop...[read the full review on COGconnected]

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