Miasma Chronicles Review: 49 Ratings, Pros and Cons
37 ratings

Miasma Chronicles Review: 49 Ratings, Pros and Cons

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Check all the 49 reviews find on Video Games Miasma Chronicles , with the 37 ratings, comments, pros & cons from the reviewers.
Theses reviews and tests from Video Games magazines and websites give 37 ratings, we get this average rating to this Miasma Chronicles product : 3.8/5.

Miasma Chronicles ratings

37 Ratings ranked from best to worst, green to good grades, red to bad, Average rating: 3.8/5 (76.14/100)
8.5/10The Games Machine
8.4/10Tom’s Hardware (it)
8/10Comunidad Xbox
8/10MKAU Gaming
4/5Geeks By Girls
8/10Niche Gamer
80/100Gaming Trend
7.9/10Xbox Tavern
78/100Generación Xbox
7.5/10Checkpoint Gaming
7/10Lords of Gaming
7/10Beyond Gaming
6/10Push Square
Preview or review without rating: CoupleOfGamer, Vamers, Games.ch, Multiplayer.it, Xboxygen, GameStar, New Game Plus, JeuxVideo.com, Vida Extra, Chalgyr's Game Room, TurnBasedLovers

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Miasma Chronicles reviewed by GamesCreed
Review Miasma Chronicles by GamesCreed
Beautiful and detailed environments
Excellent story and writing
Unique characters that are incredibly fleshed out
weapon and playstyle variety
Steep learning curve
reviewed at 30/05/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles PC: Not A Typical Turn-Based Strategy Game...[read the full review on GamesCreed]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 15/06/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles (XSX) ? A Tactical Fight For America...[read the full review on Lv1Gaming]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by GamesVillage
Review Miasma Chronicles by GamesVillage
Excellent world building: good level design, beautiful visual impact and structured lore.
Pleasant emphasis on combat and exploration, at the expense of management moments.
Varied and fun skills of the characters to exploit.
Enemy AI a bit too aggressive.
Conservative gameplay core: for some, it will be too repetitive and slow.
reviewed at 22/05/2023 - Miasma Chronicles Recensione: uno strategico Post-Post-Apocalittico!...[read the full review on GamesVillage]
The Games Machine
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by The Games Machine
Review Miasma Chronicles by The Games Machine
Excellent blend of stealth and tactics.
Successful implementation
Graphically at high levels...
History and storytelling are not always excellent.
reviewed at 25/05/2023 - Miasma Chronicles ? Recensione...[read the full review on The Games Machine]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 11/06/2023 - Análisis Miasma Chronicles, una de las grandes sorpresas de 2023...[read the full review on Geeky]
Tom’s Hardware (it)
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by Tom’s Hardware (it)
Review Miasma Chronicles by Tom’s Hardware (it)
The gameplay is always magnificent.
Often evocative sets.
Not more of the same in every aspect.
Heavy on the technical side.
Nothing really new compared to Mutant Year Zero.
reviewed at 22/05/2023 - Miasma Chronicles, abbiamo già lo strategico a turni dell'anno? | Recensione...[read the full review on Tom’s Hardware (it)]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by PixelCritics
Review Miasma Chronicles by PixelCritics
Dystopian story
Appropriate scene arrangement
Impressive impressions
Funny dialogues
Compulsive search
Little real freedom.
Direct and strong
reviewed at 01/06/2023 - Miasma Chronicles | Test...[read the full review on PixelCritics]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by Shacknews
Review Miasma Chronicles by Shacknews
High quality storytelling, visuals, voice acting
Approachable difficulty settings
Neat hybrid of stealth and tactics
Gameplay/progression can feel slow
Core combat doesn't move any needles
reviewed at 01/01/1970 - Miasma Chronicles review: Frogtown...[read the full review on Shacknews]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by GamingBolt
Review Miasma Chronicles by GamingBolt
Interesting world
Fun combat
Miasma powers are fun to play with.
Awkward dialogue
exploration is rather simple and barebones.
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles ? Full of Twists and Turns...[read the full review on GamingBolt]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by COGconnected
Review Miasma Chronicles by COGconnected
Immersive world and detail
Interesting story and characters
Engaging combat
Some bugs
Can be challenging
Fairly familiar mechanics
reviewed at 25/05/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles ? Winning Strategy for the End of the World...[read the full review on COGconnected]
Comunidad Xbox

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 21/10/2022 - Avance de Miasma Chronicles ? Estrategia a tiempo futuro...[read the full review on Comunidad Xbox]
[8/10] reviewed at 28/05/2023 - Análisis de Miasma Chronicles ? Un futuro devastador...[read the full review on Comunidad Xbox]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by Geeko
Review Miasma Chronicles by Geeko
A solid technique
An original and pleasant universe.
A very strategic turn-based gameplay.
The RPG / exploration aspects
Some empty passages.
Sometimes shallow characters
Some inaccuracies in the gameplay.
reviewed at 28/05/2023 - Test ? Miasma Chronicles : un tactical-RPG terriblement efficace...[read the full review on Geeko]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by GamingGuardian
Review Miasma Chronicles by GamingGuardian
Great storytelling and world-building, both revolving around a well-written cast of characters.
His combat and progression system is engaging and very fun.
Great artistic and visual treatment
It is a quite difficult game, which can discourage beginners.
Its role components fail to materialize.
The sound part does not differ in any aspect.
reviewed at 29/05/2023 - [Análisis] Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on GamingGuardian]
MKAU Gaming
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by MKAU Gaming
Review Miasma Chronicles by MKAU Gaming
Beautifully crafted and well-executed post-apocalyptic world
Interesting story
A good variety of abilities, equipment, and upgrades to accompany your playstyle
Great balance between free-roam and combat, especially with stealthier gameplay
The Sound has some desync issues
It seizes up during some shots in combat quite regularly
reviewed at 01/06/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles ?...[read the full review on MKAU Gaming]
Geeks By Girls
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by Geeks By Girls
Review Miasma Chronicles by Geeks By Girls
Detailed sets
A complete background
Very strategic combat system.
The dialogues all dubbed.
Reminder a lot of Mutant Year Zero
Dubbing in English only
A somewhat cliché story.
reviewed at 07/06/2023 - Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on Geeks By Girls]
Niche Gamer
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by Niche Gamer
Review Miasma Chronicles by Niche Gamer
Incredible art direction and spellbinding graphics make it look on par with AAA titles
Deep, strategic and varied ambush-style encounters that are supported by cool characters
Excellently paced out combat and exploration; where players can discover side objectives and puzzles
Strong characterization and engrossing story that doesn't take itself too seriously
Savagely challenging and thrilling
The stealth elements in the strategy are limited
The adventure mode is not fleshed out enough
Ability cool-downs don't reset between battles
reviewed at 12/06/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on Niche Gamer]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by RPGamer
Review Miasma Chronicles by RPGamer
Combat is deep and detailed, with many variables to juggle at all times
Stealthily assassinating targets before battle never gets old
Fun and satisfying world-building at every turn
Familiar locations viewed through a post-apocalypse lens
Lots of dark humor perfectly balanced by dark and mature themes
Some bugs still present, including the occasional game crash
At least the early game has a fairly simple plot
reviewed at 11/06/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on RPGamer]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by ActuGaming
Review Miasma Chronicles by ActuGaming
A narration and lore with great potential...
Fairly balanced in difficulty...
Secondary quests in service of progression and leveling.
Exciting exploration that richly rewards the player.
The tactical part is finely tuned, while remaining accessible with the partial tactical mode provided.
This valuable infiltration key to facilitate turn-based tactical sequences.
Some characters are interesting such as Diggs and Elvis.
An excellent soundtrack overall.
A varied skill tree for each protagonist.
A real complementarity between the characters.
... With a very clumsy staging and some generic plot twists.
... Although underutilized in some aspects, including outfits.
... Despite some unpleasant spikes of difficulty on the last missions.
Issues with French subtitles
The camera needs to be reviewed for turn-based combat.
Repetitiveness on certain game mechanics.
reviewed at 21/06/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles ? Réussite pratiquement totale du second jeu de The Bearded Ladies...[read the full review on ActuGaming]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 03/07/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on TheXboxHub]
Gaming Trend
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by Gaming Trend
Review Miasma Chronicles by Gaming Trend
Captivating Storyline
Unique Gameplay Mechanics
Beautifully Designed Environments
Linear Gameplay
Repetitive Exploration
Limited Replayability
reviewed at 16/07/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles ? breaking the grind ? a refreshing approach to turn-based tactics...[read the full review on Gaming Trend]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by ZTGD
Review Miasma Chronicles by ZTGD
Interesting world and characters
Combat is engaging enough
Can be difficult if not prepared for combat
Overall narrative fell flat for me
reviewed at 08/08/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles (XSX)...[read the full review on ZTGD]
Xbox Tavern
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by Xbox Tavern
Review Miasma Chronicles by Xbox Tavern
Different ways to approach each battle
Easy to Navigate UI
Take on battles YOUR way
Elvis not an inspiring main character
Enemies seemingly never miss a shot
No backstory given at the start
reviewed at 26/06/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on Xbox Tavern]
Generación Xbox
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by Generación Xbox
Review Miasma Chronicles by Generación Xbox
The wide range of opportunities offered by discretion.
The combat system is well implemented with free movement.
The post-apocalyptic staging.
Drop in FPS and annoying freezing.
Very rich in details but underutilized.
reviewed at 02/07/2023 - Análisis de Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on Generación Xbox]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by Areajugones
Review Miasma Chronicles by Areajugones
The use that is made of secrecy.
The great freedom that comes with facing combat.
The story never manages to take off.
Sometimes, the game becomes extremely demanding.
reviewed at 02/06/2023 - Análisis de Miasma Chronicles: un RPG táctico de los buenos que no te defraudará...[read the full review on Areajugones]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by Vandal
Review Miasma Chronicles by Vandal
The struggle and opportunities offered by discretion.
The staging is spectacular.
The characters in general are interesting...
...even if the story quickly takes a backseat.
The exploration is a bit simple.
Progress can sometimes seem a bit slow.
reviewed at 30/05/2023 - Miasma Chronicles - Análisis...[read the full review on Vandal]
Checkpoint Gaming
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by Checkpoint Gaming
Review Miasma Chronicles by Checkpoint Gaming
Guerilla warfare draws you into the gameplay
Complex characters and story continue to drive your interest
The ruined post-apocalyptic America is horrendous in a visually stunning way
Some gameplay concepts don't work as intended
Missing audio can leave out potential characterisation for some characters
Different control schemes result in lots of unintentional mistakes
reviewed at 22/05/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles ? Guerilla warfare done right...[read the full review on Checkpoint Gaming]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by GamerClick
Review Miasma Chronicles by GamerClick
Excellent gameplay, highly customizable and stimulating.
Sympathetic and well-characterized characters.
Many options to adjust the difficulty.
Uninteresting story.
reviewed at 15/07/2023 - Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on GamerClick]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by GamersGlobal
Review Miasma Chronicles by GamersGlobal
Four levels of difficulty
Good tutorial functionality that explains everything gradually.
Record at any possible time (including during fights)
Reflective and complex turn-based tactical system.
Miasma cool skills and several other skill and upgrade options.
Many side missions and treasure items.
Well-staged story.
Secret eliminations are possible without starting tower battles.
Partially possible to move stealthily without making contact with the enemy (and mandatory in certain areas).
120 Hertz mode...
Pretty graphic
Pleasantly low hardware requirements.
Works almost always without any problem.
Mainly good English speakers
Good sound effects.
Difficult control when dealing with differences in altitude in the terrain (especially when using throwing objects).
Just at the moment when the balance is "normal" but poorly adjusted, so that the necessary investments in healing objects hinder progress.
Secondary missions are available early on, but can only be completed at higher hero levels.
... which cannot be deactivated actively
Small animation and editing errors.
Quite long loading times (even with an SSD)
The translation of the German text is partially incorrect.
Some language fragments are incorrect (male NPCs are addressed as females, among others).
reviewed at 22/05/2023 - Test+: Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on GamersGlobal]
Lords of Gaming
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by Lords of Gaming
Review Miasma Chronicles by Lords of Gaming
Turn-based (it counts, they are too rare)
Tight combat that makes you think
Many options to handle each encounter
Innovative stealth mechanic
Amazing setting
Breathtaking artwork
Lots of glitches and even some crashes
Confused themes
Unexplored implications of setting
Linear narrative
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on Lords of Gaming]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by GameReactor
Review Miasma Chronicles by GameReactor
Enthralling story. Deep RPG systems. Fantastic world that you want to explore. Overflowing with content.
X-COM-like combat sometimes makes you want to bash your head against a wall. A few performance issues and bugs.
reviewed at 31/05/2023 - Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on GameReactor]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by TechRadar
Review Miasma Chronicles by TechRadar
Well-built post-apocalyptic world
Charming characters
Lovely graphics
Gameplay and animations feel unfinished
Unbalanced and fatiguing in places
Lack of exploration
reviewed at 31/05/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles - trapped in post-apocalyptic potential...[read the full review on TechRadar]
Beyond Gaming
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by Beyond Gaming
Review Miasma Chronicles by Beyond Gaming
Deep tactical game
A captivating world of gaming.
It requires quite a bit of patience on the part of the player.
The story rushes towards an unsatisfactory ending.
Rougher edges reveal a more limited budget.
reviewed at 07/06/2023 - Review: Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on Beyond Gaming]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by SpazioGames
Review Miasma Chronicles by SpazioGames
The game universe is interesting and immediately catches the attention...
Several tactical possibilities...
Very beautiful to see.
Too bad for its protagonists.
But in practice, this boils down to always following the same action plan.
Missions are often generic and struggle to convey the drama of the moments.
Maybe too similar to its predecessors.
reviewed at 15/06/2023 - Miasma Chronicles | Recensione - Tattica post-apocalittica...[read the full review on SpazioGames]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by GBATemp
Review Miasma Chronicles by GBATemp
Gripping turn-based combat
Original universe
Occasionally rushed plot Unconvincing voice acting
reviewed at 20/06/2023 - Title: Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on GBATemp]
Push Square
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by Push Square
Review Miasma Chronicles by Push Square
Challenging tactical combat often delights
Stealth options are appreciated
A fun cast of characters
Exploration often yields rewards
Bugs, crashes, technical issues
Disappointing storyline
Some cringe-inducing dialogue
reviewed at 24/05/2023 - : Miasma Chronicles (PS5) - A Frustratingly Uneven But Mostly Rewarding Tactical RPG...[read the full review on Push Square]
Miasma Chronicles reviewed by GameOver
Review Miasma Chronicles by GameOver
You will be faced with various pleasantly challenging battles.
...but a central plot without any interest for the adventure.
Unnecessary restrictions on the use of capacities that significantly limit our movements.
In many places, it is becoming unfairly difficult.
reviewed at 16/06/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles |...[read the full review on GameOver]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 31/05/2023 - Miasma Chronicles - a disappointing follow-up to a tactics gem...[read the full review on EuroGamer.fr]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 22/05/2023 - [Test][Steam] Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on CoupleOfGamer]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 22/05/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles ? Full Metal Miasma...[read the full review on Vamers]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 22/05/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles - Test /...[read the full review on Games.ch]
Solid mix between RPG and strategic.
Entering and exiting stealth mode is fun.
Fascinating universe
Some flaws in the interface and design.
Not always brilliant dialogues
reviewed at 26/05/2023 - Miasma Chronicles, la recensione del nuovo gioco degli autori di Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden...[read the full review on Multiplayer.it]
Approach possibilities in combat.
The character of Elvis
Way too many bugs.
Managing difficulty
Combat too risky.
The absence of VOSTFR.
reviewed at 30/05/2023 - Test - Miasma Chronicles - Une catastrophe vidéoludique !...[read the full review on Xboxygen]
...if you enjoy modern turn-based strategy in the style of XCOM.
... you find it fascinating to clean up the battlefield on your hands and knees.
... your toes curl up during awkward conversations.
... you are mainly looking for a good story and characters.
reviewed at 01/06/2023 - Plus - Test: Miasma Chronicles - Test: Das größte Alleinstellungsmerkmal ist der schwächste Teil des XCOM-Klons...[read the full review on GameStar]
New Game Plus

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 06/06/2023 - Critique Miasma Chronicles ? Le fond au secours de la forme...[read the full review on New Game Plus]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 08/06/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles sur PC, PS5 et Xbox Series...[read the full review on JeuxVideo.com]
Vida Extra
Tactical strategy at its best level.
Cards loaded with secrets.
A most challenging difficulty.
History keeps making waves.
Its difficulty can be despairing for some.
reviewed at 13/06/2023 - Es el juego más difícil que he probado en 2023 y va a ser una joya para los fans del RPG y la estrategia. Análisis de Miasma Chronicles...[read the full review on Vida Extra]
Chalgyr's Game Room

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 19/06/2023 - Miasma Chronicles Review...[read the full review on Chalgyr's Game Room]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 27/06/2023 - Test Miasma Chronicles ?...[read the full review on TurnBasedLovers]

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Ratings Miasma Chronicles

Miasma Chronicles ratings

37 Ratings ranked from best to worst, green to good grades, red to bad, Average rating: 3.8/5.
Source: https://www.commentChoisir.fr
  4.9/5  GamesCreed  9/10  Lv1Gaming  8.5/10  GamesVillage  8.5/10  The Games Machine
  8.5/10  Geeky  8.4/10  Tom’s Hardware (it)  8.1/10  PixelCritics  8/10  Shacknews
  8/10  GamingBolt  80/100  COGconnected  8/10  Comunidad Xbox  8/10  Geeko
  8/10  GamingGuardian  8/10  MKAU Gaming  4/5  Geeks By Girls  8/10  Niche Gamer
  4/5  RPGamer  8/10  ActuGaming  4/5  TheXboxHub  80/100  Gaming Trend
  8/10  ZTGD  7.9/10  Xbox Tavern  78/100  Generación Xbox  7.7/10  Areajugones
  7.6/10  Vandal  7.5/10  Checkpoint Gaming  74/100  GamerClick  7/10  GamersGlobal
  7/10  Lords of Gaming  7/10  GameReactor  3.5/5  TechRadar  7/10  Beyond Gaming
  7/10  SpazioGames  7/10  GBATemp  6/10  Push Square  6/10  GameOver
  1/5  EuroGamer.fr
11 Preview or review without rating: CoupleOfGamer, Vamers, Games.ch, Multiplayer.it, Xboxygen, GameStar, New Game Plus, JeuxVideo.com, Vida Extra, Chalgyr's Game Room, TurnBasedLovers