Lone Ruin Review: List of 22 Ratings, Pros and Cons
20 ratings

Lone Ruin Review: List of 22 Ratings, Pros and Cons

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Check all the 22 reviews find on Video Games Lone Ruin , with the 20 ratings, comments, pros & cons from the reviewers.
Theses reviews and tests from Video Games magazines and websites give 20 ratings, we get this average rating to this Lone Ruin product : 3.5/5.

Lone Ruin ratings

20 Ratings ranked from best to worst, green to good grades, red to bad, Average rating: 3.5/5 (70/100)
8/10Well Played
8/10Pure Nintendo
7.8/10The Games Machine
7/10Nintendo Life
7/10Cultured Vultures
6.9/10Boss Level Gamer
5/10Checkpoint Gaming
Preview or review without rating: Console Creatures, Nintendo-Town

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Lone Ruin reviewed by Shacknews
Review Lone Ruin by Shacknews
Electrifying, spellbinding soundtrack
Addictive twin-stick shooting arcade action
Filled with variety and replay value (only partially from difficulty)
Colorful, striking visuals
Incredibly difficult
Needs an easier difficulty option
reviewed at 01/01/1970 - Lone Ruin review: A descent into colorful combat...[read the full review on Shacknews]
Lone Ruin reviewed by NintendoLink
Review Lone Ruin by NintendoLink
Excellent roguelike twin-stick action gameplay
Beautiful graphics and art style
Amazing soundtrack and sound design!
Fantastic boss fights
Story is a bit lacking, especially during gameplay
reviewed at 11/01/2023 - Test Lone Ruin Switch ? Bringing the Magic Back...[read the full review on NintendoLink]
Well Played
Lone Ruin reviewed by Well Played
Review Lone Ruin by Well Played
Crisp twin stick action feels excellent
Beautiful mix of pixel art and 3D
Moody atmosphere does not feel grim
Huge range of playstyles encourage experimentation
Soundtrack is bumping electronica
Some environmental clutter can block character view
Colour depth has great contrast, but may come off as a bit shallow after a while
reviewed at 11/01/2023 - Test Lone Ruin...[read the full review on Well Played]
Lone Ruin reviewed by GamingBolt
Review Lone Ruin by GamingBolt
Detailed setting
Intense combat
Awesome selection of upgradeable spells
Great boss fights.
Level design is occasionally inconvenient
Slight lack of content.
reviewed at 12/01/2023 - Test Lone Ruin ? The Next Great Indie Roguelike Hit...[read the full review on GamingBolt]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 12/01/2023 - Test Lone Ruin...[read the full review on GameSpew]
Pure Nintendo

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 29/01/2023 - Review: Lone Ruin (Nintendo Switch)...[read the full review on Pure Nintendo]
The Games Machine
Lone Ruin reviewed by The Games Machine
Review Lone Ruin by The Games Machine
Structurally simple, yet successful gameplay
Acid style is a lot of things!
There is very little content.
reviewed at 11/01/2023 - Lone Ruin ? Recensione...[read the full review on The Games Machine]
Lone Ruin reviewed by GamesCreed
Review Lone Ruin by GamesCreed
Great combat
Gorgeous art style
Fantastic music
No progression
Some technical issues
reviewed at 11/01/2023 - Test Lone Ruin PC: A Fun Fast, Spell-Focused Roguelite Adventure...[read the full review on GamesCreed]
Nintendo Life
Lone Ruin reviewed by Nintendo Life
Review Lone Ruin by Nintendo Life
Intense gameplay
Tight controls
Appealing art style
Lacking in content
Some minor performance problems
reviewed at 11/01/2023 - Review: Lone Ruin - A No-Nonsense, Roguelike Twin-Stick Shooter...[read the full review on Nintendo Life]
Cultured Vultures

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 11/01/2023 - Lone Ruin (Switch) REVIEW ? It's Dangerous To Go ?Lone...[read the full review on Cultured Vultures]
Lone Ruin reviewed by VideoChums
Review Lone Ruin by VideoChums
Basic twin-stick roguelike action that makes it easy to play and fun to score higher
Striking graphical aesthetic
Great variety of spells and upgrades
Very little content with leaderboard-climbing being the main replay incentive
Gets too chaotic and visually ambiguous
Music clashes with effects too much
reviewed at 12/01/2023 - Test Lone Ruin...[read the full review on VideoChums]
Lone Ruin reviewed by TechRaptor
Review Lone Ruin by TechRaptor
Striking visual style with beautiful pixel work
Varied arsenal filled with unique choices
Tight gameplay lends itself to mastery
Scope pales in comparison to genre greats
Upgrades can feel slight, especially in the main mode
Repetition sets in quickly and never subsides
reviewed at 14/01/2023 - Test Lone Ruin...[read the full review on TechRaptor]
Boss Level Gamer
Lone Ruin reviewed by Boss Level Gamer
Review Lone Ruin by Boss Level Gamer
Great visual style and plenty personality
Fantastic soundtrack
There is a severe lack of content
Game feels incomplete
Brutal difficulty
reviewed at 13/01/2023 - Test Lone Ruin ? Rogue Synth...[read the full review on Boss Level Gamer]
Lone Ruin reviewed by SpazioGames
Review Lone Ruin by SpazioGames
It amuses and entertains...
Good variety of weapons and upgrades
Recognizable and original style...
Interesting strategic nuances
... But it really lasts too little
Low variety of environments and enemies
... But the color palette needed to be better calibrated.
Score-only replayability
reviewed at 15/01/2023 - Lone Ruin | Recensione ? Discesa agli inferi in salsa neon...[read the full review on SpazioGames]
Lone Ruin reviewed by COGconnected
Review Lone Ruin by COGconnected
Pleasing visuals
Lots of skill combos
Tight controls
Incredibly short
Survival Mode feels bare
Not enough bosses
reviewed at 21/01/2023 - Test Lone Ruin ? Bite-Sized Roguelite...[read the full review on COGconnected]
Lone Ruin reviewed by Multiplayer.it
Review Lone Ruin by Multiplayer.it
Fighting is hectic at the right time
The bosses
Very limited game structure
No important elements
Very low in accessory elements
reviewed at 16/01/2023 - Lone Ruin, la recensione di un Hades minore...[read the full review on Multiplayer.it]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 17/01/2023 - Test Geek: Lone Ruin...[read the full review on GeekCulture]
Lone Ruin reviewed by ActuGaming
Review Lone Ruin by ActuGaming
A choice of spells and blessings nice...
A nervous soundscape...
A nice survival mode...
Nervous gameplay
A pleasant universe
The desire to improve the copying of the game in the short/medium and long term
... but little varied in its environments
... but repetitive after a few runs
... but lacking customization
We would have liked to unlock content (weapons, blessing) over the runs
Replay limited to a scoreboard
reviewed at 30/01/2023 - Test Lone Ruin ? Un rogue lite efficace mais peu original...[read the full review on ActuGaming]
Checkpoint Gaming
Lone Ruin reviewed by Checkpoint Gaming
Review Lone Ruin by Checkpoint Gaming
Gameplay is simple to understand and engaging
Great depth to the spell system including fun ugprade paths
Banging music
Needed more visual variety to help maintain player attention
Lacks diversity in enemies, locations, and bosses
The campaign is far too short
reviewed at 11/01/2023 - Test LONE RUIN ? Over before it began...[read the full review on Checkpoint Gaming]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 12/01/2023 - Test : Lone Ruin, c'est pas sorcier...[read the full review on GameKult.com]
Console Creatures
Lone Ruin reviewed by Console Creatures
Review Lone Ruin by Console Creatures
Fun and unique spells and abilities
Battles feel fast and dynamic
Survival mode is top notch
Very difficult at times
Not much story to support the short story mode
reviewed at 11/01/2023 - Review: Lone Ruin...[read the full review on Console Creatures]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 11/01/2023 - Lone Ruin (Nintendo Switch) ? Le test...[read the full review on Nintendo-Town]

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Ratings Lone Ruin

Lone Ruin ratings

20 Ratings ranked from best to worst, green to good grades, red to bad, Average rating: 3.5/5.
Source: https://www.commentChoisir.fr
  9/10  Shacknews  85/100  NintendoLink  8/10  Well Played  8/10  GamingBolt
  8/10  GameSpew  8/10  Pure Nintendo  7.8/10  The Games Machine  3.7/5  GamesCreed
  7/10  Nintendo Life  7/10  Cultured Vultures  7/10  VideoChums  7/10  TechRaptor
  6.9/10  Boss Level Gamer  6.9/10  SpazioGames  65/100  COGconnected  6/10  Multiplayer.it
  5.5/10  GeekCulture  5.5/10  ActuGaming  5/10  Checkpoint Gaming  5/10  GameKult.com
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