Gigabyte GS27QC Review: 5 Ratings, Pros and Cons
4 ratings

Gigabyte GS27QC Review: 5 Ratings, Pros and Cons

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Check all the 5 reviews find on Monitors Gigabyte GS27QC, with the 4 ratings, comments, pros & cons from the reviewers.
Theses reviews and tests from Monitors magazines and websites give 4 ratings, we get this average rating to this Gigabyte product : 4.1/5.

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Gigabyte GS27QC reviewed by GizTele
Review Gigabyte GS27QC by GizTele
Very good value for money.
QHD is translated into French as "Quad High Definition", which means "Quad High Definition".
165 Hz.
1 millisecond response time.
It is not easy to set up.
We can only adjust the tilt.
reviewed at 20/02/2024 - Gigabyte GS27QC, ¿cómo es este monitor gaming?...[read the full review on GizTele]
Gigabyte GS27QC reviewed by RTings
Review Gigabyte GS27QC by RTings
Good text clarity.
Fast response time with most refresh rates.
High contrast ratio.
Narrow viewing angles.
Terrible ergonomics.
Low peak brightness.
Some build quality issues.
reviewed at 30/11/2023 - Test Gigabyte GS27QC Monitor...[read the full review on RTings]
Gigabyte GS27QC reviewed by DisplayNinja
Review Gigabyte GS27QC by DisplayNinja
High contrast ratio for deep blacks
High pixel density
Plenty of gaming features, including VRR and MBR up to 170Hz
Minor ghosting in fast-paced games, mainly in dark scenes
Tilt-only stand
No wide color gamut
reviewed at 04/10/2023 - Test Gigabyte GS27QC: 1440p 170Hz FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor...[read the full review on DisplayNinja]
Tom's Hardware

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 21/11/2023 - Test Gigabyte GS27QC Curved 170 Hz Gaming Monitor: Solid Performance for Budget Gamers...[read the full review on Tom's Hardware]
Very Low Price for 1440p
Excellent Build Quality
Superb Contrast
FreeSyn and G-Sync Compatible
Limited Gamut Coverage
Tilt Stand
Prone to Blurring
reviewed at 23/11/2023 - Test Gigabyte GS27QC ? Affordable Curved 170Hz 1440p Gaming Monitor ? Recommended...[read the full review on MonitorNerds]

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An average rating of 4.1/5 with 4 ratings.

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Ratings Gigabyte GS27QC

Gigabyte GS27QC ratings

4 Ratings ranked from best to worst, green to good grades, red to bad, Average rating: 4.1/5.
  8.5/10  GizTele  8.4/10  RTings  4/5  DisplayNinja  4/5  Tom's Hardware
1 Preview or review without rating: MonitorNerds