DJI OM 4 Review : List of Ratings, Pros and Cons
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DJI OM 4 Review : List of Ratings, Pros and Cons

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DJI OM 4 review : We found only one review on this product, so it sounds difficult to give a global advice, this average rating of 8/5 may not be representative.
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Android Authority
Borrows most of design from Osmo Mobile 3 Comes with tripod stand Works with more phones More powerful motor
Magnetic system only for die-hards Companion app still kind of confusing Video features hit-and-miss Expensive
[8/5] reviewed at 07/09/2020 - Test DJI OM 4: A smartphone gimbal that might take things too far...[read the full review on Android Authority]
Easy to use
Quick magnetic attachment
Pre-programmed moves in Stories
Good stabilization
Advanced app tools
Some modes are hidden
Follow mode doesn't use full pan range
[/] reviewed at 04/10/2020 - Test DJI OM 4: An easy-to-use gimbal that puts cinematic moves in clumsy hands...[read the full review on DigitalTrends]

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