After Us Review: List of 54 Ratings, Pros and Cons
38 ratings

After Us Review: List of 54 Ratings, Pros and Cons

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Check all the 54 reviews find on Video Games After Us , with the 38 ratings, comments, pros & cons from the reviewers.
Theses reviews and tests from Video Games magazines and websites give 38 ratings, we get this average rating to this After Us product : 3.5/5.

After Us ratings

38 Ratings ranked from best to worst, green to good grades, red to bad, Average rating: 3.5/5 (70.71/100)
80/100Generación Xbox
8/10The Games Machine
8/10MKAU Gaming
8/10Comunidad Xbox
7.5/10Checkpoint Gaming
7.2/103RD Strike
7/10Beyond Gaming
7/10Well Played
3/5Windows Central
58/100Console Tribe
5/10Push Square
50/100Gaming Trend
Preview or review without rating: Geeks By Girls, Vonguru, Numerama, CoupleOfGamer, Xbox-World, XboxSquad, Xboxygen, VideoLudos,, GamesWelt, Mag Jeux High-Tech, Vida Extra, Poké Games Land, New Game Plus, SpiritGamer

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After Us reviewed by N-Gamz
Review After Us by N-Gamz
It is melancholically beautiful.
A variety of environments and gameplay that is very interesting.
A poetic and immersive musical atmosphere.
A real ecological message to awaken minds.
Some major lags that disrupt immersion but fortunately they remain rare.
You have to have a strong morale despite everything because the software hits where it hurts!
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - After Us : Test sur PS5 ! La claque écolo !...[read the full review on N-Gamz]
After Us reviewed by PXLBBQ
Review After Us by PXLBBQ
The sets, majestic.
Each "world" has its own mechanics.
Positive points
The camera is difficult to handle.
Sometimes loose or unresponsive controls.
Some technical bugs.
reviewed at 24/05/2023 - Test : After Us ? Au crépuscule de l'humanité, que reste-t-il de nos âmes ?...[read the full review on PXLBBQ]
After Us reviewed by GamesCreed
Review After Us by GamesCreed
Beautiful design and graphics
Creepy enemies with exciting combat
A fun story told in a wonderfully simplistic way
Some of the platforming can be frustrating
reviewed at 21/06/2023 - Test After Us PC: A Stunning 3D Platformer Through An Unforgiving World...[read the full review on GamesCreed]
After Us reviewed by Shacknews
Review After Us by Shacknews
Platforming is responsive and forgiving
Environmental puzzles are plentiful and satisfying
Simple control scheme that is easy to pick up
You can pet the spirit animals
Easy to misjudge jumps and overshoot landings
Singing not very useful
reviewed at 01/01/1970 - After Us review: Spiritual guidance...[read the full review on Shacknews]
After Us reviewed by GamingBolt
Review After Us by GamingBolt
Strong aesthetics, backed by incredible atmospherics and particle effects
Platforming feels very good, thanks to tight controls, while environments and challenges are varied and unique
Storytelling is solid, especially with how each area ties into the fate of each Spirit
Frame drops tend to occur during rainy sections
Combat isn't terrible, but also not very exciting
Memories could have provided some interesting Devourer lore but ended up lackluster
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - Test After Us ? The Spirits Within...[read the full review on GamingBolt]
Generación Xbox
After Us reviewed by Generación Xbox
Review After Us by Generación Xbox
The landscapes that After Us offers are incredible.
The gameplay is easy to learn and very smooth.
Paths can become a very fun challenge.
Sometimes, the camera can feel a little uncomfortable.
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - Análisis de After Us...[read the full review on Generación Xbox]
The Games Machine
After Us reviewed by The Games Machine
Review After Us by The Games Machine
Very spectacular sets.
Fast and demanding platform
Interesting representation of man.
Some uncertainties in the controls.
The combat section could have been further developed.
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - After Us ? Recensione...[read the full review on The Games Machine]
MKAU Gaming
After Us reviewed by MKAU Gaming
Review After Us by MKAU Gaming
Music helped shape the world building
Intuitive control scheme
Increasingly engaging puzzles
Important messages in the story telling
Slow start
reviewed at 03/05/2023 - After Us (Playstation 5) ? Preview...[read the full review on MKAU Gaming]
[8/10] reviewed at 23/05/2023 - Test After Us (Playstation 5) ?...[read the full review on MKAU Gaming]
After Us reviewed by KeenGamer
Review After Us by KeenGamer
Excellent and effective abstract artsyle.
Creative level design.
Expansive world.
Petting animal ghosts.
One or two stutters in frame rate.
Combat felt like an obstacle.
reviewed at 26/05/2023 - Test After Us: A Matter of Life and Falling to Death (PS5)...[read the full review on KeenGamer]
Comunidad Xbox
After Us reviewed by Comunidad Xbox
Review After Us by Comunidad Xbox
Graphically and artistically, it is spectacular.
It is a game that will make you think.
Always introduce new things to surprise.
Performance issues
The camera is not implemented correctly.
Big scenarios in which there is little to do.
reviewed at 30/05/2023 - Análisis de After Us ? Un futuro muy oscuro para la raza humana...[read the full review on Comunidad Xbox]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 31/05/2023 - Test After Us...[read the full review on TheXboxHub]
After Us reviewed by Areajugones
Review After Us by Areajugones
An entertaining adventure from start to finish.
Its artistic direction
The way history makes you reflect.
Very well-measured duration
Some setbacks with the camera during certain jumps.
Fairly recurring performance issues.
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - Análisis After Us: una bella aventura que invita a la reflexión...[read the full review on Areajugones]
After Us reviewed by GameSoul
Review After Us by GameSoul
A video game capable of focusing on very important contemporary aspects.
The desolate and decrepit sets have a certain charm.
The soundtrack keeps the dark atmosphere alive.
The contemplative side may not satisfy everyone.
Cameras are not always perfect.
Some freezes at certain moments.
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - After Us ? Recensione...[read the full review on GameSoul]
After Us reviewed by
Review After Us by
The narrated themes are intelligent and well-managed.
The numerous explorable areas are well differentiated from each other and manage to convey a good idea of what is being told to us.
Artistically pleasing and interesting.
The control system is sometimes imprecise and will cause us to fail even the simplest jumps.
It can happen to get lost and not be able to orient oneself properly, also due to the absence of a map of individual areas.
The moments dedicated to fights are not very stimulating.
reviewed at 19/06/2023 - After Us ? Recensione...[read the full review on]
After Us reviewed by GamerClick
Review After Us by GamerClick
Extremely evocative atmospheres.
Really tender theme.
Excellent design
Graphically, we could have done better.
The sets are not very varied.
reviewed at 07/06/2023 - After Us...[read the full review on GamerClick]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 23/05/2023 - Test After Us - Uncomfortable Truths...[read the full review on GameInformer]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 23/05/2023 - After Us - Análisis...[read the full review on Vandal]
Checkpoint Gaming
After Us reviewed by Checkpoint Gaming
Review After Us by Checkpoint Gaming
Hauntingly immersive post-apocalyptic world
Satisfying puzzle-platforming challenges
Stunning design in visuals and audio
Progression is unclear at times
Oppressive atmosphere becomes gruelling after a while
reviewed at 24/05/2023 - Test After Us ? A haunting wasteland...[read the full review on Checkpoint Gaming]
After Us reviewed by GeekNPlay
Review After Us by GeekNPlay
A game that raises awareness.
Graphically successful
Several biomes to explore.
Complete freedom of movement.
A good lifespan
Uninteresting fights
Some framerate issues.
Lack of map to locate oneself within a level.
Rare camera issues.
reviewed at 31/05/2023 - TEST ? After Us...[read the full review on GeekNPlay]
After Us reviewed by COGconnected
Review After Us by COGconnected
haunting images and art
relevant themes
no combat
music meanders
mechanics need refinement
thematically heavy handed
needs gameplay variety
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - Test After Us ? Eco-Friendly Platforming...[read the full review on COGconnected]
After Us reviewed by GamingGuardian
Review After Us by GamingGuardian
Your proposal is sensational and allows for thought-provoking discussion.
Its atmosphere is surprising and captivating.
Great artistic design and excellent soundtrack.
The character control is imprecise and does not delve as much into its mechanics as it should.
Excessively simplistic combat system.
reviewed at 02/06/2023 - [Análisis] After Us...[read the full review on GamingGuardian]
3RD Strike
Overall decent platforming mechanics
Bad: Feels a bit hollow at times
Unclear UI
Weird design choices
reviewed at 08/06/2023 - Test After Us ?...[read the full review on 3RD Strike]
Beyond Gaming
After Us reviewed by Beyond Gaming
Review After Us by Beyond Gaming
Blessed and elegant jumping platform.
Evocative visual atmosphere
Additional stimulating content
Touching social parable
Many different levels
Brain music, melancholic.
Constant framerate issues and crashes.
Simplistic and mediocre fight.
Gaia has no personality.
Sometimes unclear where to go.
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - Review: After Us...[read the full review on Beyond Gaming]
After Us reviewed by GamesRadar
Review After Us by GamesRadar
Stunning environments that excel in visual storytelling
A wide variety of light platforming challenges
Rescuing animal spirits is highly rewarding
Combat sections feel out of place
Sometimes heavy-handed with its themes
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - After Us review: "A hazy concoction of beauty and ugliness"...[read the full review on GamesRadar]
After Us reviewed by 4WeAreGamers
Review After Us by 4WeAreGamers
Well thought-out level design
The accessible combat system.
A silent but captivating adventure.
A surprising art direction?
But who can also disappoint in certain aspects.
Some framerate issues
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - TEST ? After Us sur PS5...[read the full review on 4WeAreGamers]
Well Played
After Us reviewed by Well Played
Review After Us by Well Played
Interesting world
Solid mechanics
Plenty of atmosphere
Lots of animals to pet
Performance problems
A few half-baked mechanics
Occasional camera issues
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - Test After Us...[read the full review on Well Played]
After Us reviewed by GamesVillage
Review After Us by GamesVillage
Worthy artistic field: from aesthetics to music.
The concept and message of the work are profound and useful for anyone who approaches the title.
Excellent variety of game mechanics that differ for each of the 8 levels offered.
Many criticisms from a performance standpoint.
The fights are sometimes irrelevant.
Intrigue without too much bite
reviewed at 31/05/2023 - After Us Recensione: un platform tra mari inquinati e spiriti di animali estinti...[read the full review on GamesVillage]
After Us reviewed by ActuGaming
Review After Us by ActuGaming
An ecological fable that is both gripping and poignant.
A masterful narration from beginning to end...
A breathtaking artistic direction
Easy-to-use controls
Carefully chosen melodies.
Too significant technical problems
... despite a slightly weaker second quarter
The camera is often too far away and especially poorly positioned in cramped spaces.
... although their execution on the platform is sometimes a miracle.
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - Test After Us ? La médiocrité humaine dans toute sa splendeur...[read the full review on ActuGaming]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 23/05/2023 - Test : After Us : une Journey sous le signe de Gaia...[read the full review on]
After Us reviewed by SuccesOne
Review After Us by SuccesOne
Interesting story.
Many checkpoints
Possibility to go back.
Free choice of path
Sublime graphics
Game that crashes or freezes frequently.
Uninteresting fights
No map, especially in the Dump.
Inaccurate jumps and shots
reviewed at 28/05/2023 - After Us...[read the full review on SuccesOne]
Windows Central
After Us reviewed by Windows Central
Review After Us by Windows Central
Fantastic environment and world design
Heartbreaking story of the consequences of greed and apathy
Satisfying to fill the world with animal spirits and spots of life
Imprecise camera controls and confusing level design make platforming and combat frustrating
Game can feel like it drags on too long
Plenty of bugs and performance issues
reviewed at 30/07/2023 - Test After Us Xbox: Somber and emotional world, bland platforming...[read the full review on Windows Central]
Console Tribe
After Us reviewed by Console Tribe
Review After Us by Console Tribe
Visually interesting
Successful implementation
Technically mediocre.
This generates a feeling of confusion.
Not very memorable
reviewed at 14/06/2023 - After Us - Recensione...[read the full review on Console Tribe]
After Us reviewed by ZTGD
Review After Us by ZTGD
Beautiful Art direction
Floaty platforming controls
Combat feels incomplete and tacked on
Open world design choice will leave players lost
reviewed at 01/06/2023 - Test After Us (XSX)...[read the full review on ZTGD]
After Us reviewed by PlaySense
Review After Us by PlaySense
The levels are very different from each other.
The second half is better.
Loading can sometimes freeze the image for two to three seconds.
Slow response command
Refresh rate not always optimal.
reviewed at 01/06/2023 - Review | After Us...[read the full review on PlaySense]
Push Square
After Us reviewed by Push Square
Review After Us by Push Square
Phenomenal art direction
Each biome is distinctive
Great music and sound
Positive message
Frame rate drops on the regular
Hard crashes
Combat is largely unfun
Often hard to tell where to go
Inconsistent elements
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - : After Us (PS5) - Big Swings and Some Big Misses in This Artsy Platformer...[read the full review on Push Square]
After Us reviewed by GodIsAGeek
Review After Us by GodIsAGeek
A gorgeous world to explore
The ghost animals are the best collectibles in gaming
Has an important message
The combat is just plain bad
Platforming doesn't feel fantastic
Has some technical issues loading new areas
reviewed at 26/05/2023 - Test After Us...[read the full review on GodIsAGeek]
Gaming Trend
After Us reviewed by Gaming Trend
Review After Us by Gaming Trend
Fantastic environment and skybox art
Terrific music score
Strong thematic message in its narrative
Lifeless combat system
Repetitive platforming with no variance
Side quests with no reason to do them
The gameplay becomes stale early on and doesn?t change
reviewed at 16/06/2023 - Test After Us ? Going Green the videogame...[read the full review on Gaming Trend]
After Us reviewed by Geeko
Review After Us by Geeko
A beautiful artistic direction
Not very expensive.
A disguised walking simulator
Underutilized ideas
reviewed at 26/05/2023 - Test ? After Us : la fable écologiste...[read the full review on Geeko]
Geeks By Girls
After Us reviewed by Geeks By Girls
Review After Us by Geeks By Girls
An ecology and animal protection oriented plot.
Semi-open world with the possibility of climbing and jumping.
Female character endowed with great powers.
Low level of difficulty
Absence of "big" villains and fights.
reviewed at 03/05/2023 - [Preview] After Us...[read the full review on Geeks By Girls]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 06/05/2023 - Présentation de After US...[read the full review on Vonguru]
After Us reviewed by Numerama
Review After Us by Numerama
No downtime, everyone plays together.
A particularly satisfying feeling of increasing power.
The illustrations?
An interaction close to absolute zero.
Do level 1 cards really have any interest?
reviewed at 13/05/2023 - After Us transforme votre salon en planète des singes...[read the full review on Numerama]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 23/05/2023 - [Test'1D][Steam] After Us...[read the full review on CoupleOfGamer]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 23/05/2023 - TEST ? After Us ? Une aventure onirique imparfaite mais envoutante...[read the full review on Xbox-World]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 23/05/2023 - Test ? After Us, quand la nature règle ses comptes...[read the full review on XboxSquad]
After Us reviewed by Xboxygen
Review After Us by Xboxygen
The message conveyed by the story.
The artistic direction is very poetic.
The freshness brought to the gameplay by each environment.
Sometimes frustrating camera management.
The few sudden framerate drops.
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - Test - After Us - Une complainte poétique qui pousse à la remise en question...[read the full review on Xboxygen]
After Us reviewed by VideoLudos
Review After Us by VideoLudos
A deep and poetic scenario
le de la famine dans cette région est la sécheresse prolongée.
A real cause of the famine in this region is the prolonged drought.
Interesting fights
A perfectly controlled atmosphere.
A more than fair price
Sometimes a little difficult.
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - [Test] After Us ? Une aventure poétique...[read the full review on VideoLudos]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 24/05/2023 - After Us: la recensione di un ottimo platformer, a tratti ingenuo...[read the full review on]
After Us reviewed by GamesWelt
Review After Us by GamesWelt
Charming graphic style.
Pleasantly discreet soundtrack.
Important topics are addressed.
Dull narration
The precision of the order leaves something to be desired.
Overall, a little too stretched out.
reviewed at 25/05/2023 - After Us - Test: Plattformer zwischen Entspannung und Holzhammer...[read the full review on GamesWelt]
Mag Jeux High-Tech
After Us reviewed by Mag Jeux High-Tech
Review After Us by Mag Jeux High-Tech
Platform and exploration phases
The feeling of Gaia in hand on the controller.
A feeling of gigantism
The fights
The perspective during jumps.
Slowdowns when there is a lot to display on the screen.
reviewed at 27/05/2023 - Test d?After Us sur Xbox Series S, la fable éco-friendly...[read the full review on Mag Jeux High-Tech]
Vida Extra
After Us reviewed by Vida Extra
Review After Us by Vida Extra
The visual aspect and its symbolism are a piece of cake.
Controlling Gaia is a delight.
How to offer a new surprise for each scene.
The fight is far from pleasant.
reviewed at 31/05/2023 - El precioso guantazo a nuestro ego es uno de los mejores juegos españoles de los últimos años. Análisis de After Us...[read the full review on Vida Extra]
Poké Games Land
After Us reviewed by Poké Games Land
Review After Us by Poké Games Land
Artistic direction in service of its message
A simple and classic gameplay that knows how to evolve throughout the biomes.
Scenes that gut-wrenching.
The diversity of biomes and their level design.
Visually successful
The topics addressed are subjects for genuine reflection.
Many frame rate drops and freezes during automatic saves, mainly.
Gameplay that sometimes finds its limits.
reviewed at 23/05/2023 - [Avis] After Us: un monde post-humanité vu par la nature...[read the full review on Poké Games Land]
New Game Plus

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 09/06/2023 - Critique After Us ? Le spleen de Piccolo...[read the full review on New Game Plus]

No "Pros & Cons" find for this reviewer.

reviewed at 15/06/2023 - After Us...[read the full review on SpiritGamer]

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An average rating of 3.5/5 with 38 ratings.

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Ratings After Us

After Us ratings

38 Ratings ranked from best to worst, green to good grades, red to bad, Average rating: 3.5/5.
  4.5/5  N-Gamz  4.5/5  PXLBBQ  4.1/5  GamesCreed  8/10  Shacknews
  8/10  GamingBolt  80/100  Generación Xbox  8/10  The Games Machine  8/10  MKAU Gaming
  8/10  KeenGamer  8/10  Comunidad Xbox  4/5  TheXboxHub  7.8/10  Areajugones
  7.7/10  GameSoul  7.7/10  76/100  GamerClick  7.5/10  GameInformer
  7.5/10  Vandal  7.5/10  Checkpoint Gaming  7.5/10  GeekNPlay  73/100  COGconnected
  7.3/10  GamingGuardian  7.2/10  3RD Strike  7/10  Beyond Gaming  3.5/5  GamesRadar
  3.5/5  4WeAreGamers  7/10  Well Played  6.7/10  GamesVillage  6.5/10  ActuGaming
  6/10  6/10  SuccesOne  3/5  Windows Central  58/100  Console Tribe
  5.5/10  ZTGD  5.5/10  PlaySense  5/10  Push Square  2.5/5  GodIsAGeek
  50/100  Gaming Trend  4.9/10  Geeko
15 Preview or review without rating: Geeks By Girls, Vonguru, Numerama, CoupleOfGamer, Xbox-World, XboxSquad, Xboxygen, VideoLudos,, GamesWelt, Mag Jeux High-Tech, Vida Extra, Poké Games Land, New Game Plus, SpiritGamer