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date : 2023-09-26 15:29:00
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Titre Original: Xiaomi 13T Pro | Unboxing & 5 Day Review

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Hello there you rubbish and human being you I'm Chris from Tex bird and this bad boy right here is the xiaomi 13t pro
now the xiaomi 13t phones are a cheaper alternative to those lovely xiaomi 13 flagships while still packing some nipple flick in the awesome Tech here in the 13t Pro you'll find a beefy dimensity 9200 plus that can absolutely Muller its way through any games out there plus a 120 watt fast charging battery a gorgeous 144hz AMOLED screen and some clever bollocks Leica Optics woof I don't know about you but I've certainly got some trouser tent action on the go so let's whip the xiaomi 13t pro on out of the box I'm going to be testing out the game and Tech the battery life the performance all that good stuff and for more on the latest and greatest Tech please do pork subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers so what are you getting that or a box besides of course the xiaomi 13t pro all right you've also got yourself the absolute Godzilla of charges it's a 120 watt Beast a highly exciting type-c USB cable and oh yes my friend xiaomi has kindly bundled a condom case to give your 13t pro in perfect Nick you'll love to see it and that's your lot besides the usual quick start guide Guff so let's check out the phone so here it is my lovelies the xiaomi 13t pro just shy of 6.7 inches of pure joy right in your hand and xiaomi hasn't pulled any shocks or surprises really with the design it certainly looks like a xiaomi smartphone certainly wears a bloody ton and all you've got three different color options with this bad boy this right here is the Alpine blue model which boasts a gorgeous vegan leather finish so you've got this textured surface which is soft to the touch feels lovely when the xiaomi 13t pro is pressed to your palms with the added bonus that it adds a bit of extra grip as well as the xiaomi 13t portion goes sliding out of your grasp even if you're a bit sweaty or if you're not really a fan of that leathery option where you can also grab this xiaomi blower in black or metal green both of those come with a glass back instead gotta say though that camera housing does jut quite far out of the ass end of the xiaomi 13t pro so this unfortunately means the 13t Pro won't lie flat on a desk and it kind of wobbles about all over the place when you're prodding it and poking it as you can see there that display pretty much fills the entire front end of this Smartphone very skinny bezels surrounding it and it is a completely flat display as well no curved edges and it's Gorilla Glass 5 protecting that front end as well not victus but to be fair Gorilla Glass finds pretty good tends to be quite scratch resistant and the xiaomi 13t pro also ip68 water and dust resistant like a lot of Flagship so no worries if you want to use it in a bubbly bath so overall besides that slightly boring jutty out camera bit I really like the design on the xiaomi 13t pro it is a shame about the plastic frame however it does make the 13t pro feel a little bit cheap
now it's the software side of things where xiaomi tends to attract a bit of aggro with its smartphones and it is once again MIUI 14 here slapped on top of Android 13. however while the xiaomi used to be frankly rather cack when it came to software updates they have at least amended their ways in this regards because with the 13t pro you are guaranteed four Android updates and five years of security updates as well so that's you covered all the way up to Android 17 and then the security update should keep on rolling in until 2020 it what year are we in again so that really is fantastic news but of course the usual MIUI foibles do remain for instance the sheer amount of crapware that's packed onto this phone as well as xiaomi's on apps you get loads of third-party crap you've got WPS office Spotify Tick Tock the Opera browser lots of random that unfortunately quite a lot of you just can't get rid of at least not without using a bit of third-party help at least you can get the likes of booking.com to bugger right off you know MIUI these days it
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doesn't piss about too much with Android so you've got your apps straight if you want it you've got your Google discover feeds and you've got some worthy bonus bits like that control center which can be dragged down from the right side of the screen it may be an iOS rip-off but it's pretty bloody good fast access to all your toggles and your smart home Shenanigans and you can fully customize your MIUI experience right down to the smallest details the security measures are decent as well you've got an in-display fingerprint sensor as you can see there no buggering about just a quick tap of your thumb to that sensor and you're straight into your desktops you can even use that fingerprint sensor to check your heart rate mine's probably through the roof because not only am I all hot and bothered from handling the xiaomi 13t pro but I also just down the Double Espresso 69 BPM the horniest of all heart rates and yeah you got Fierce lock as a backup as well if your hands are a bit grubby or moist or whatever but as the xiaomi 13t Pro itself points out this is less secure than the fingerprint sensor and hey xiaomi is absolutely smashed down storage front as well you've got a choice of either 256 gigs 512 gigs or a full terabyte of storage as you can see I'm the halfway house here only used up a tiny chunk of this so far and that includes a good bit of gentian freaking impact of course as usual with Flagship blows this isn't expandable via micro SD although you do have space in that Sim slot for two physical Sims and the xiaomi 13t pro also supports esim and also loving the complete randomness of xiaomi's wallpaper Carousel yeah
now let's take a moment to appreciate xiaomi's 6.67 inch AMOLED display it is needless to say Ruddy massive but the 2712 by 1220 pixel resolution keeps those images nice and crisp it's 446 pixels per inch for any of you stats fans out there and because it's am lead tech your eyes will be overjoyed at these stunning picture quality here you've got HDR 10 plus and Dolby Vision streaming support it's got crispy contrast and when you're kicking back with something a bit more Vivid bit more vibrant like some anime for instance those colors really just pop off the screen it is Coke in for the eyeballs nice wide viewing angles as well only a dinky wee selfie cam which honestly is not even noticeable and also this is a super powered awesomely bright panel that brightness typically hits around 1200 nits but it can scale up to an eyeball serum 2600 nits so if you happen to live somewhere particularly sunshiny I can only imagine how lovely that is no worries with counter in any kinds of nasty awful glare and that refresh rate also maxes out at 144 Hertz although I don't believe it's ldp or Tech here I don't think it drops below 60 hertz and as you would expect xiaomi has slapped a stereo speaker setup on the 13t pro let's bump up that volume see if it's any good it's no longer 35 degrees here anyway it's significantly cooled down so my happy sack has finally peeled away from my inner thigh and my spine is no longer a dripping sweat trench deploying body gush into my wife once 24 hours a day so yeah all in all things are looking up so yeah respectable audio output on that max volume certainly doesn't sound titty or anything still quite full body despite the fact that it's pretty loud and the AP speaker actually does a pretty decent job pumps out a fair bit of audio to try and keep up with that bottom mounted speaker and inside of those sound settings you'll see you do have full Dolby Atmos support in here and a good bit of equalizer action so piddle about with that audio output to your heart's content ready boost that bass and of course there's no headphone jack here on the xiaomi 13t pro shock surprise but you do have support for up to Bluetooth 5.4 so certainly future-proofed if nothing else
now it's definitely Keen to test out the performance here on the xiaomi 13t pro because it's powered by mediatek's dimensity 9200 plus
now it's backed by a generous 12 or 16 gigs of ram my review sample came with the best 12 gigs of RAM and hey hear some geekbench scores if you're a benchmarking person but certainly the
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everyday performance on this bad boy super silky smooth no hanging around apps just load up instantly and you've got that fresh immortalist g715 mc16 GPU stuffed in here and this frankly is a bit of a house absolutely no issues running gention impact on the highest detail settings I rarely saw any kind of dip in that frame rate even when I was bouncing about all over the place like I had no idea what I was doing which is rather apt because I have no idea what I'm doing that perfectly flat display beautifully responsive very well suited to gearman and you do have a dedicated cooling system built into the xiaomi 13 T Pro including a vapor chamber to kick that heat build up right in the knackers and this seems to do the job rather nicely I did notice the top end of the smartphone started to get quite warm after around sort of 30-40 minutes of non-stop gearman but I didn't notice any throttling to the performance and certainly my fingers didn't get particularly sweaty and with me UI you get a pretty decent dedicated gaming mode which you can swipe out like so at any point this includes a performance boost feature which shows you how that frame rate is holding up pretty bloody well as you can see here on the gentian impact even on that highest graphic settings at 60 FPS you can also clear the memory and free up some storage if you want to you can screenshot you've got a do not disturb feature very handy if you don't want to be troubled in the middle of your gribly bashing session set a timer if you're worried you're going to spend far too long away from reality and yes there is a rather bizarre voice changing feature what kind of girl sounds like this well that's been in a serious broad accident and xiaomi's smartphones usually don't disappoint when it comes to the battery life and the 13t pro is no exception and the few deers I've had this Smartphone I've found that I haven't run out of juice a single day it's got a 5 000 milliamp hour capacity cell and this delivers hours of screen on time even if you're playing with the camera quite a bit doing a good bit of gension every now and then when you just can't be asked with life should make it through a full 24 hours nor sweat and even if you do find yourself running low on juice where you've got that 120 watt super fast hyper charge whatever the hell they call it so Bunga Cable in there and around 20 minutes time you'll have a full charge even if this thing's practically drained however no wireless charging support here on the xiaomi 13t pro which is kind of a shame because you will find that in quite a few mid-range to Flagship smartphones these days so let's finish up at this xiaomi 13 T4 unboxing and early review with a squint at that door camera Tech which as you can see there is Leica branded as usual and that primary shooter is a 50 meg 24 mil sensor with Optical image stabilization and I've got to say I rather like xiaomi's camera app these days they managed to squirrel away a lot of the toggles and features that were just staring at you in the face and kind of terrifying you with their complexity you can quickly and easily call most of them up with a quick swipe down like so so this is quite one-handed friendly got all the usual Shenanigans in here you can have a bit of grid lines action you can turn on that AI camera motion track and focus you could also change up the style of your shots as well got a choice of like a vibrant if you want those colors to be kicked up the ass a bit otherwise Leica authentic if you prefer a more natural realistic image and quickly and is the flick between the ultra wide the primary and the telephoto Shooters like so and you've got a bugger load of bonus camera rewards as well including the obligatory stuff like portrait modes bit of night mode action and some extra bits including the high res mod if you want to shoot at a full 50 Megs and yes you do have a dedicated Pro mode as well if you want to mess around with the individual settings and this does allow you to tweak the image format as well so you can shoot in raw if
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you want to edit on the go for my photo tests I left the phone in Auto mods flicking between the authentic and vibrant settings and while a vibrant option does slightly boost those blue skies and emboldens other Vivid subjects it doesn't steer too far into sickly artificial visuals likewise the xiaomi 13t pro has a graceful approach to high contrast scenes keeping tones natural without artificially boosting the brightness in Darker regions like an iPhone in softer light in the xiaomi 13t Pro doesn't impress quite as much as actual flagships Clarity takes a hit and any motion often results in blur as the shutter action isn't quite as quick but in the evenings that dedicated night mode helps to sharpen things up a bit and also temper any flare and light sources and it's fairly quick too compared with some Rivals the 13t pro also says up a 12 Meg 15mm Ultra wide angle Snapper and this keeps those visuals fairly consistent tones are once again either close to Natural or slightly tweaked if you go vibrant just don't really bother in low light as the ultrawide loses the plot a bit and chances are your photo will look poo if there's any kind of motion meanwhile that 50 meg 50mm telephoto shooter is ideal for getting a please and portrait shot and it works pretty well up to the five times zoom level once you pass that photos tend to look rather grainy and Abstract shall we say but despite the lack of optical image stabilization I didn't find the image on the screen shook around much as I was lining up a shot that digital stabilization certainly does a fine job and if you want to shoot some video on the go well it shoots full HD by default but you can boost that to 4K or even 8K although here you are restricted to 24 frames per second you'll need to lower the resolution to at least 4K if you want to play around with 30 or 60 FPS you can zoom in and out during filament with a smooth satisfying motion and the telephoto lens activates automatically at two times Zoom without a jar in transition although again if you zoom in more than five times don't expect the image to remain sharp stabilization is respectable when shooting 4K video although there is a slight Tremor as you take each step so you might want to walk slowly if you have to move around at all the Night video works well too as long as you haven't had a skin full in your wave and the fun around like a mad and the audio came through cleanly too the xiaomi 13t pro can generally cut out wind feedback and other oral issues and then if we flip to that selfie cam you've got a 20 megapixel front Fierce and shooter for all of your selfie needs and yeah that's certainly not one of my finer efforts right there and that selfie cam works well across a range of conditions even when you're snapping against a beautiful blue sky which certainly wasn't the case in blighty I had to bugger off to Germany to get these picks the portrait mode works well and my pill Northern flash was reasonably natural already captured if a little smoothed over in more ambient light and as for the video well this does top off a full HD resolution on that selfie cam there's no 4K option but as you can see here it comes reasonably well again in strong HDR conditions and again that audio pickup no problem whatsoever and there you have it that in a lovely Wii nutshell is the xiaomi 13t pro unboxing full tour and what you reckon of it after a few days of using it as my full time phone and got us here while it's nothing particularly original or special the xiaomi 13t pro definitely ticks all of those lovely Flagship boxes if you don't quite have enough to spend on a Galaxy s23 Ultra something like that well this will definitely do the job hopefully for about half the price I'm sure there's ahead of the UK launch so I'm not quite sure on the pricing just yet but it's only hot competition for the likes of a OnePlus 11 are nothing fun too Etc anyway that's what I reckon but
now it's over to you guys what do you reckon of the 13t pro are you tempted or do you think it's just not quite there for you well definitely let us know your thoughts down the comments

Unboxing the Xiaomi 13T Pro with a 5 day review of that Leica camera setup, gaming performance, battery life and beyond. The Xiaomi 13T Pro is a step down from the flagship phones for specs but boasts some capable optics, fast charging and more great features.

UK prices are £649/£699/£799 for the 256/512/1TB phones, with early bird offers

First up, the Leica vario-summicron camera hardware is solid for everyday photography. The 50MP 24mm sensor with OIS works well even at night, capturing bright, crisp images. You can also shoot up to 8K video on the Xiaomi 13T Pro and there?s an ultra-wide and telephoto lens for flexibility.

While these phones often disappoint for software support, that?s not a problem here. The Xiaomi 13T Pro will enjoy five years of security updates, plus four OS updates, matching many more expensive smartphones.

Gamers will love that Mediatek Dimensity 9200 Plus performance, with the fresh Immortalis-G715 MC16 GPU. Genshin Impact runs beautifully, helped by the Xiaomi 13T Pro?s dedicated cooling system.

That IP68 water resistance and fake leather back gives a premium touch, although the plastic edging is a shame. But no complaints from that 6.67-inch AMOLED screen, with HDR10+ AND Dolby Vision support. It?s incredibly bright and backed by stereo speakers.

Last up, the Xiaomi 13T Pro can keep going all day with its 5000mah battery. Plus the 120W HyperCharge support means you?ll be back to full power in no time.

Xiaomi 13T Pro Unboxing & Review Chapters:
0:00 - Well hello there
0:48 - What?s in the box?
1:15 - Design
2:57 - MiUI & features
5:01 - Display & audio
7:43 - Performance & gaming
9:36 - Battery life
10:33 - Cameras

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