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date : 2023-09-26 16:49:48
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Titre Original: Motorola Edge 40 Neo review
Motorola Edge 40 Video Review by GSMArena
Video Review for the product Motorola Edge 40, published on Youtube with the title "Motorola Edge 40 Neo review" by GSMArena

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This is the third model of the Year released in Motorola's Edge 40 series The Edge 40 Neo overall it aims to deliver a similar experience to the vanilla Edge 40 but at a lower price I'm will for GSM Arena and let's see what the Motorola Edge 40 Neo is all about in our full review good
The h40 Neo is the budget option of the edge 40 series but it still provides many of the same features of its more expensive siblings you get basically the same cameras as the regular Edge 40 as well as the same charging and a 144hz OLED display this year's Neo model isn't as light as the previous Edge 30 Neo and actually weighs about the same as the regular Edge 40. still the phone is pretty light and easy to wield both the back and front curve into a thin plastic frame the colorways are made in collaboration with Pantone this one is called soothing C and has a vegan leather backing which is nice and grippy there's also a color option with an acrylic back if you're not into the faux leather just like the other models in the edge 40 family The Edge 40 Neo has ip68 rated protection against dust and water like I mentioned the 6.55 inch OLED on the edge 40 Neo has a fast 144hz refresh rate and comes with a 1080p resolution since the screen is curved at the edges it gives you a bit of a different experience than a flat screen which some people may or may not prefer you get support for HDR 10 plus video here and the color accuracy can be decent depending on your color settings this display is also plenty bright on par with the higher tier Motors we measured a maximum of around 520 mids with the manual slider and a boost in auto mode brought it up to over a thousand nits when it comes to refresh rate
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you'll get the extra fast 144 Hertz only if you lock it in in settings if you want an Adaptive refresh rate that can dial down to save energy the auto mode will max out at 120 and switch to 60 when idling for audio the h40 Neo has a stereo speaker setup with Adobe Atmos support the speakers have very good loudness and balanced output but there could stand to be a bit more bass I'll leave a link if you want to hear for yourself to wake up and unlock the phone there's an under display fingerprint reader it's responsive but it would be more comfy to use if its placement was higher and the edge 40 Neo comes with 128 or 256 gigs of storage and that's not expandable through microSD just like the rest of the edge 40 Bunch the Neo runs a nearly stock looking version of Android 13 with some extra Motorola features and functionality sprinkled on top these features can be found organized within the Moto app they include things like customization options gestures the peak display and the game time utility there's also support for Moto's ready 4 which connects the phone to a TV or monitor this gets you a bigger screen and you can even get a desktop-like experience and the edge 40 Neo also gets the same software support as the regular Edge 40. two OS upgrades and three years of security updates that's decent but a year less of support than what you'd get on the edge 40 pro at the heart of the phone is a new chipset from mediatek a dimensity 7030 its mid-tier silicon with support for 5G connectivity The Edge 40 Neo puts out solid mid-range numbers and benchmarks performing similarly to phones running chips like a Domesticity 1080. it's on par with the Galaxy a34 and even gives the Galaxy a54 a run for its money in graphics tests sustained performance is also rather good on the edge 40 Neo with
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not much throttling to speak of during our prolonged stress test and
now we get to the battery life which is a weak point for the edge 40 Neo despite it having a large 5 000 million power battery the phone didn't do a great job in screen on tests and earned an overall endurance rating of 80 hours far behind other mid-range competitors charging speed is no disappointment though with the included 68 watt adapter it's quite Speedy we were able to charge the phone from 0 to 82 percent in half an hour and a full charge took 51 minutes but there's no wireless charging support here unlike the edge 40 or even last year's Neo model
now onto the cameras the h40 Neo has a 50 megapixel main Cam and a 13 megapixel ultrawide which has autofocus that's almost the same as on the regular Edge 40 except that here the main cam has an F 1.8 aperture lens rather than F 1.4 the main cam bends pixels four to one to produce 12.5 megapixel images they have plenty of detail in the dynamic range is wide though the photos have a contrasty look that makes Shadows come out a bit dark our main gripe is the muted colors we would have preferred a more expressive rendition you can choose between three different Zoom levels when shooting portraits with the main cam subject detection is excellent all around though as expected the digitally Zoom portraits have less detail in low light conditions The Edge 40 Neo can apply its night vision processing automatically these shots are very good the dynamic range is excellent with well-developed shadows and preserved highlights the colors look good and there's plenty of detail there is some visible noise though if you disable the night mode entirely you'll get photos with a little bit of extra detail but the dynamic range is more limited especially in the shadows the h40 Neo supports 4K video recording with all of its cameras the
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main Cam's videos have excellent detail and well-controlled noise they're a bit gloomy and underexposed though with dark shadows electronic stabilization is available in all modes on all cameras it Smooths things out but there is occasional Focus hunting low light videos from The Edge 40 Neo's main camera have good sharpness and detail and noise is handled well dynamic range is just alright light sources tend to be blown out now let's have a look at the ultrawide it produces photos with a similar overall look to the main cam with good detail and plenty of contrast the photos are slightly more colorful though since the ultrawide has autofocus you can use it to shoot close-up subjects and if you enter the dedicated macro mode there's even a digital Zoom added on top of that these photos look pretty decent for a smartphone macro in low light you again get automatic night vision kicking in on the ultra wide there is very good dynamic range besides some darker shadows and a good amount of detail just like we observed in Stills the ultra wide maintains are rather consistent overall look with the main camera in video and that means that the ultra wide Clips are also dark and lacking in saturation detail on the other hand is very good the h40 Neo has a 32 megapixel selfie cam which produces 8 megapixel photos by default these have an excellent amount of detail natural looking skin tones and wide dynamic range so there you have it guys the Motorola Edge 40 Neo in many ways it provides a lot of value for money punching above its weight class and delivering features you'd expect from the more expensive Edge models however it isn't perfect there are a few nitpicks here and there and the biggest downside is the mediocre battery life if that's something you can live with which is possible thanks to the very fast charging then the h40 Neo has a lot to offer and it's worth

The Moto Edge 40 Neo launches in a very competitive niche, but the phone packs a solid value for money with pricing of ?330 for the 12GB/256GB spec. Its price in India is also very competitive, though rivals will likely vary from region to region. Check out our video review to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Edge 40 Neo's top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

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02:21 - Under-display fingerprint scanner
02:29 - Storage options
02:35 - Android 13 and UI
03:15 - MediaTek Dimensity 7030 performance
03:45 - Battery endurance and charging test
04:19 - Camera specs
04:34 - Main camera: photo and video quality
05:54 - Ultrawide camera: photo and video quality
06:39 - Selfies
06:51 - Conclusion
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