Lego 2K Drive Video Review by GRIMREAPERSAGE

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date : 2023-05-31 13:22:35
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Titre Original: Lego 2K Drive 3 Minute Video Review
Lego 2K Drive Video Review by GRIMREAPERSAGE
Video Review for the product Lego 2K Drive, published on Youtube with the title "Lego 2K Drive 3 Minute Video Review" by GRIMREAPERSAGE

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What's up everyone this is Grammy beside you so this is my three minute video review for Lego 2K drive so first of all shout out to Harry Lodge who helped us get the code he works on behalf of the publisher 2K developed by visual concepts this is released in the UConn the 19th for the fifth 2023 and is 59.99 because this is the PS5 version um there's also a PS4 version it's a little bit cheaper so let's get into it so characters that you meet in the game are cool all have their own personalities and look and everything as you saw just before this race started you get to meet one of the characters like slash Rivals and like I said they're all quite quirky and fun um the areas are huge they all have
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their own look and feel to them like they all have their own Vibe and characters terms really good the vehicles are really cool and impressive there's a ton of them as you can see just by racing there's like um road vehicles water vehicles and then off-road vehicles and it changes really seamless between them which is really cool um it's really pretty like yeah yes it's a Lego game and everything but it's really pretty and detailed like the world is very detailed and does feel alive there's loads of mini games and activities and a lot of them are do such as everything from like uh one of them I did was pushing an egg to um a frying pan and stuff like that it's just weird crazy stuff and uh it's good for all ages not
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just for kids you know like I'm like 30 odd years old I did enjoy it so um it has a lot of content for the 59.99 like I said as cool areas Vehicles easier pick up and play and it's good for ages uh the two cons however for myself is the story I found was a bit repetitive a bit samey like easily forgettable um the mini games like I said they were really cool but they get very repetitive it's a lot of just basically get from A to B push object a to place B and all the rest so can get a bit repetitive um overall I gave it an eight and a half out of ten so as always yeah I hope you enjoyed the video if so please like share subscribe it helps
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around absolute Turners in order to get codes for this what I had to do is I had to submit my blog which is www.garylodge on there's all the pictures and everything I take during the game play and all the links to my video I have to submit that and I have to submit my YouTube to Publishers developers PR companies they then look in decide whether or not if I get a code so as always any growth on my channels helps an absolute ton um any questions about the game put in the comments some more winner happier help as best I can if not I can reach out to them if it's a bit more technical hope you enjoy these videos everyone and I'll be doing a lot more coming soon so till then see

This is my 3 minute video review of Lego 2K Drive played on my PS5.

Published by 2K @2K_UK

Developer Visual Concepts

Released in UK 16/05/2023

Price in UK £49.99.


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