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date : 2023-05-22 14:14:55
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Titre Original: Sony WH-CH520 Review- A Good Budget Headphones at Rs 4,499

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Photo 1: Sony WH-CH520 Video Review by Techniqued

Hello friends welcome to technique this is normal here and in this video we'll be talking about the newly launched Sony whch 520 the new affordable or entry level headphones from Sony this is uh on the year uh headphones uh announced and this is the successor of the CH 510 announced a few years back so finally we have a successor for the CH 510 this is the CH 520 with improved sound quality better battery life so let's talk about this uh earphone so this is price 4499 that's 4500 rupees and available on Amazon so we'll share the link in the description of this video so what does the CH 520 offer that's what we're going to talk about in this video so before getting started if this is your first time on this channel do hit that red subscribe button and also hit the Bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish so let's begin so this is the box packaging you can see here wh CH 520 is mentioned 360 degree reality audio and one of the important things is you can see here 50 hours of music playback on a single chart that's the the most important upgrade then you get the multi-point connection we'll talk about that and you have this design here and this is uh on the year uh kind of earphone it's not the uh over the year it's on the year and this is uh you can see here the design and this comes in different colors so we have the white color there is also a blue color and let's talk about the specs here so it comes with the music playback up to 50 hours three minutes charge gives you 1.5 hours then hands-free calling multi-point connection equalizer you have the app support as well so this is the CH 520 in terms of Hardware offered so let's go straight into the device and see how good the qualities and the features offered so here we have the wh uh CH 520 from Sony so let's talk about the design and build quality first so you can see here the design looks quite good there are some refinements so if you look at the material quality this plastic with matte finish and the subtle Sony branding here and the cup can be moved to a slight angle and you have this 90 degree rotating mechanism for each of the cups and here also you can see the material finishing definitely looks good we have additional cushioning here you can see here very nice cushioning uh on the head area and even the cups are also very soft and good material choices and here also you get a pretty nice of fit and finish and even the
Photo 2: Sony WH-CH520 Video Review by Techniqued
interior part also has pretty good material quality for the pricing it is being offered this is definitely good quality and the cushioning is very soft and does give a premium feel even though it may not be priced very high so in terms of design and build quality Sony has given a good fit and finish and the design looks very similar and nothing much in them drastic in terms of design but it's quite a good one
now let's talk about the Comfort aspect
now uh these are pretty comfortable earphones they are not over the years these are on top of ears and as a result it does give a good experience and even you can see here this mechanism doesn't give too much of stress to your is it's quite comfortable and this cushioning gives a good comfort as well so we would say uh the comfort and the quality of the earphones are definitely good in terms of design build quality and comfort levels next let's move on to the controls
now you can see on the right one
now you can see the controls here so there are three buttons the center one is kind of a projected one this is the play and pause and the option to uh accept calls as well uh here we have the volume up and down and if you press and hold this goes to the next track and previous track we have an LED indicator for Bluetooth connection USB type-c Porta charging and the microphone is here the microphone is available on the right one and not on the left one so these are the controls available controls are quite good again the the button press is quite tactile and does give you good feedback altogether you don't have to worry about that the pressing is quite good so uh controls are quite good a very simple and minimalistic and you have this USB type c for charging but one thing what is missing is there is no three point five memory Jack in case you want to connect a wire wired that option is not available so this is the one available so uh if this is completely Bluetooth 5.2 support and it does provide a USB type-c charging so you can use your phone charger to charge this as well next let's talk about the variety
now let's uh quickly play a recorded sound using these earphones and see how the experience is so right
now you're hearing this voice which is recorded using the Sony wchch 520 and we are recording this on our smartphone so you can actually hear the sound quality of the Sony wh ch520 using the microphone so do let us know what you guys think we felt that this is
Photo 3: Sony WH-CH520 Video Review by Techniqued
definitely good in terms of sound experience especially for calls we do not see any sort of issues here so that was a sound quality of the voice Clarity of the ch5 to India and we feel this is definitely good in terms of the sound Clarity even when accepting calls I just very clear for both the people so definitely it's one of the good aspects about this device next let's talk about the sound quality
now this comes with a digital sound enhancement engine that's dswe that's the engine
now which is from Sony and it does improve the sound quality and we have a 30 mm driver and this supports SBC and AAC codec there's no ldac support so these are the two codecs available SBC and AAC and the sound quality is definitely good especially you can't tune the sound experience we'll talk about in a while there is an app specifically for this and you can tune the sound experience so the base performance is definitely good one of the Richer in terms of Base performance you can actually tune the earphone or the rather the headphone experience for better base uh there is bass boost technology and you can change the equalizer if you want a more treble that's also option is also there The Voice Clarity also looks good even if it is a male voice and female voice The Voice Clarity is good
now the mids are some something which we feel is quite okay there would have been slightly better experience overall but we feel this is a kind of okayish experience for the mids but the the highs and lows are pretty good and the sound quality is definitely good we feel for the price segment it is being offered this is definitely one of the good headphones phones available and Sony signature is definitely good so that's the voice Clarity of these earphones so we listened to a lot of songs with the different uh sound signature and we definitely find found the sound signature to be quite good since you can tune with the custom equalizer option there are plenty of options available so we'll talk about that in a while then apart from that let's talk about the battery experience you get up to 50 hours of music playback with this and that's one of the good aspects the 50 hours of music playback you can get with a 60 percentage volume
now you might feel that 60 percentage might not be that adequate but a 70 to 75 percentage volume should be really good enough for most people unless you are really want to crank up the volume to 100 if that's not required 75 to 7 70 to 75 percentage volume should be good and you can
Photo 4: Sony WH-CH520 Video Review by Techniqued
get anywhere between 40 to 50 hours of music playback depending upon the volume you're using so the battery life is excellent on these earphones and you can also get up to three hours of music playback with the just uh with just I think one three minutes of charging gives you 1.5 hours of music playback that's fast charging support is also included now next let's talk about the uh the app available for this so this is the app available for uh the wh CH 520 so you can see here status the headphone uh you can see the battery here then sound experience that's where you get a lot of options you can see here a bass boost then you can just swipe here speech manual Uh custom custom 2 of bright excited then you also get mellow relaxed vocal treble boost bass boost and a lot of options are there so you can in fact you can also customize the if you are selecting a bass boost you can also customize The Equalizer here that's something which is really good uh you don't see those options uh in a headphone in this price segment then you also get 360 degree reality audio setup uh it analyzes the years and gives you 360 degree experience then you can see here also dsew that's the digital sound enhancement engine which I talked about you can turn this on and if you go to the system you can connect to two devices simultaneously that's something which is really good so if you have have the smartphone and the laptop you can connect to both of them using this and you can see the options here so you can also see the activity and you also get the notification so this very good app actually you can customize the the thing which we really liked about this is the ability to customize The Equalizer and sound quality so that's something which you don't really get on headphones in this price segment so Sony has nailed it with this beautiful app available for the CH 520 so that was our experience with the Sony wh ch ch 520 and for 4500 rupees these are really good headphones if you want a great sound quality with Sony's really good signature excellent battery life the app for customization and you do get a really great sound experience as well so that's something which we really liked also Sony wh or CH 520 is definitely good uh headphones on the ear headphones if you are looking for a budget one these are definitely recommended ones from Sony so we'll share the link in the description of the 3D plan to buy this uh

So that was our experience with Sony ch520 hope you enjoyed watching this

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