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date : 2023-05-14 01:18:07
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Titre Original: Apple Watch Series 0 (Gen 1) in 2023 Review - Does it Still Work?

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Hey y'all here OS reviews today we're taking a look back at the original Apple watch Generation 1 here in 2023 time really does fly this original model was released by Apple in April of 2015 which means that it's
now nearing eight years old it was a time where there were already smart wearables on the market from companies like Pebble and Samsung but arguably it was Apple that really popularized this trend at the time though it was met with a fair amount of skepticism there was a 38 millimeter variant and a larger 42 millimeter that we have here which respectively had 1.3 inch and 1.5 inch OLED displays the most popular being the 7000 series aluminum sports model and there was also a slightly more premium stainless steel version between the two models it was the exact same specifications except for the build for instance both of these watches were worn Without Really any additional protective casing and you can tell how the ionic glass aka the tempered glass similar to smartphone screens will begin to show a little bit more of scratching as the olophobic coating starts to wear down instead of using ceramic they went with a plastic polycarbonate frame for the optical sensor part so you can tell that when you are repeatedly putting this onto the charger every single day it wears down the plastic a little bit more so it's easier to get it scuffed up even though you're not really turning the watch around and looking at it too often but that is one additional difference compared to the more premium build which has that ceramic the cheapest version here of the 42 millimeter aluminum actually retailed for 400 bucks and then that stainless steel model at six hundred dollars but thankfully smart watches have become more accessible since then as the technology became more mainstream and today if you are considering one of these swatches they can be easily found for under 60 bucks when shopping around which is part of the reason why again taking a look back at this model to see what it can still do and whether it should still be considered so taking a closer look at the design here I have to say that the Apple watch still looks for the most part pretty clean and that is mostly because the latest generation watches even though they have larger screens they have slightly more rounded Corners they haven't dramatically changed in terms of design language the digital Crown which was introduced in this first model continues to be a pretty intuitive way of navigating around smart watches because the touchscreen size is still Limited at the end of the day you use this Crown to do different controls including zooming scrolling through lists there's also a physical button that could turn the watch on and off and also acted as a multi-stasking menu key if you are shopping around and you pick up let's say a gen 7 or gen 8 watch strap for the larger watch they will be compatible with the 42 millimeter Apple watch so it's good that this is not something that you have to say completely throw out if you have an older watch strap and vice versa if you're picking up a newer accessory they will still be compatible with these older designs which is good it locks into place nicely using magnets and that easy release mechanism
now on the back you will find access to a optical heart rate sensor and it does charge wirelessly although it also comes to one of the weaknesses of the original Apple watch and even true to this day I'd argue which is the battery life although it's acceptable especially when you're comparing it with Android Wear smart watches which are also more advanced these swatches tend to last for really just a day before you have to recharge again that is of course much shorter than the endurance champions of fitness trackers it also means that when it comes to using it for sleep tracking for
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instance that's a function that is missing by default on the original gen however there are third-party applications like pillow which you can download and it will track your sleep using the accelerometers and heart rate monitor however keep in mind the short battery life so you can't really wear it 24 hours if you are are wearing it when sleeping for instance you likely have to charge it for a little bit before using it again in the morning battery degradation is also something to consider when it comes to used products especially for wearable that is often going to have a higher recharge cycle but generally speaking a model like this one which has been used pretty often for the past couple of years I am still getting more or less a working day's worth of battery that is roughly 10 to 12 hours so it has degraded compared to the 18 hours when it was new when it comes to the software experience the Apple watch Generation 1 AKA series 0 will be stuck on watch OS 4. that is one of the slightly more limiting factors for instance if you are trying to download more new content as well as applications oftentimes you'll run into notifications telling you that you have to upgrade to at least watch OS five six for it to function so for instance going into the App Store when you search for an application once you have an Apple Watch paired which by the way definitely still works with the latest iPhones and the latest iOS version so everything here is still supported in terms of connecting to say an iPhone 14 and when you are paired you can then see specific versions of apps for watch so taking a look at this one for instance which allows you to stream back Tick Tock content on your Smartwatch pretty ridiculous but you'll see it requires watch OS 7 or later for it to work that notification will pop up and a lot of the content that you are searching for in fact as you can see there really there's only a handful of applications as a new user for you to still install that works with this older version of watch OS including some games which are more entry level Google keep does still work as well as a couple of notification based apps that is one reason why I would personally suggest taking a look at something like the series 3 to be completely honest maybe as the starting point for a budget Apple watch in 2023 if you want to use it on the daily for at least a couple more years since I will be able to install newer versions of apps that are still supported in the store as well as a couple of notable upgrades for one this original generation Apple watch has a display which has 450 nits for the brightness which to be fair is already quite acceptable and I had no real problems in terms of viewing it even when there's a bit of a light hitting on it however the series 2 and above all have upgraded 1000 nit brightness screen so there are two times brighter and perhaps the other big difference is Series 2 and newer watches will have GPS built in versus this model gen zero as well as series one both don't have built-in GPS meaning that if you are running for instance and you want to track your route on a map you still have to use the connected GPS on your phone to get that information as well as keeping in mind devices like the Apple watch SE even the first generation model which you can
now find these days for well under a hundred dollars when you're shopping around so yes that's going to be more than 40 bucks but you are also getting a much newer watch in terms of the supported apps you also get a faster processor by far so this first gen model had a single core 520 megahertz processor
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which was then upgraded to a dual core processor starting with the second generation watches however if you are still a collector or if you really just have to get the cheapest Apple watch then of course there are still valid reasons to consider this original series zero the presence of the tactic engine AKA haptic vibration motor of the Apple watch is really stunning and it does feel like you're getting tapped on your wrist when you're wearing it for things like notifications plus this original generation watch already gave you functionality for NF C so you could store Apple cards other credit cards and then pay by swiping your watch which is similar to the newest Apple watches so that convenience factor at least was here from day one some other use cases which are still quite good on this model include having a nice built-in microphone as well as loudspeaker even though it doesn't use that for telling you notifications you can answer phone calls the other nice functionality here would be the onboard storage which the original models here came with eight gigabytes which was later expanded to 16 gigs in the newer models but this memory aside from being used for storing applications can also hold mp3 music locally meaning that you can use this as an MP3 player and replace something like an older iPod or even iPod Nano since it does also have built-in Bluetooth that you can use to connect to airpods and other wireless headphones aside from that one other use case that I think is still valuable on this first generation watch is using the series smart assistant so for example I can ask questions like Wikipedia Avatar and you can see that it will give you information about different movies different content that you're able to read some Snippets about without having to locate your phone it's not going to be able to play back videos at least natively and it doesn't have a built-in browser which all I think mostly makes sense but it still is a very robust integration of this smart assistant you could still turn the display white to act as a mini flashlight in the dark which is still quite convenient then sliding left and right you're basically swapping different watch faces this is an area where although the latest wash faces are no longer compatible with the first gen model there's still plenty of options that you can find using the iPhone's companion app so there's a few exclusives on here in fact that were launched at the time including this Mickey Mouse watch face 6 16 which is even gonna be able to talk to you it's quite cute especially if you are a Disney fan in addition to some other Toy Story Edition limited watch faces so there was also Force touch available on this original watch similar to some of the iPhones back with the iPhone 6 and 6s days so it could sense how hard you're pressing on the screen something has since been removed but if I really press down on their hard you'll feel a vibration and then you can customize this watch face in terms of what colors you want to display as you can see there from black and white and you can also choose between different elements like this particular widget showing date I can change to showing other status like heart rate control different home appliances if you have a smart home kit a different music moon phases as well as other information that you can all just tap away and customize what they're showing so this is of course something that we
now have pretty common on many any of the more polished smart watches even Amaze fit watches can do this but I think Apple were ahead of the curve in that particular sense this one is more of a digital option which shows you some cards such as your sunset time some different news feeds articles from Apple and news this will also give you an idea of
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the type of content and notifications that you can read so the full article you can't really completely see and one thing that I still think Apple watches could be better at would be integration with seamlessly transitioning content between the watch and the phone so for instance you can save this article for later but you can't really just tap to push it over to your iPad or iPhone and continue reading which is something that I would have liked to see but overall it is what it is Apple I think have done a relatively good job when it comes to the different plethora of watch faces more fancy animations really than many of the cheaper smart watches even if you're shopping for newer models for instance so aside from that again you can also press on the digital Crown there once to go into this main menu screen which is this cluster or beehive of additional apps by long holding again you are able to go into a list view which personally I think is a little easier to navigate now when it came to the fitness activity tracking this is also an area where I think the first generation Apple watch does a okay job at so again it has a heart rate monitor which will take a measurement every X minutes and it does have a pretty good pedometer for measuring your steps how much you're standing up things like that which can still be tracked and synced over to your phone more practical applications that are built in include reminders that you can set on the iPhone you can do a lot of these commands using your voice instead of manually poking in with your fingers for instance set a countdown timer for two minutes and it will do a countdown instead as well as workouts so this shows you some limited Sports and activities that you can track here include walking running as well as some freestyle so you can tell here that there is a little bit of lag as you are using it but just be a little bit more patient and you should be fine so the final apps which are still useful to this day include having the watch act as a remote control for the camera and some other things that you see here would be third-party applications that I have downloaded include some very basic games that you can try out so again this would be areas where it also shows how the Apple watch is definitely more powerful if compared to a generic Smart Watch so you are able to run some super entry-level games granted a very small screen to do that here's another basic application which uses the Crown Key a game which you can use to play Pong and then prevent the ball here from bouncing into your Zone in addition to some third-party apps like a built-in recorder
now speaking of integration with your iOS device once you pair the Apple watch it will download automatically to Applications one which is called watch and one which is Fitness so the watch one is quite self-explanatory but you're able to set profiles on here including the layout for different apps you can reshuffle the order on here what types of alerts and emergency notifications that you will get additional custom watch faces and dials so you can download more as well as play around with those settings on a larger display and of course extra sensors including blood oxygen monitoring spo2 those functions are missing as well as you don't get automatic detection of things like falling as well as irregular heart rate tracking so there we have it a pretty comprehensive look back at the original series zero Apple watch also known as generation one and I have to say there's still definitely use cases for something like this even though it is of course aging and it's crazy how fast time flies but still shows that for a basic budget Smartwatch this is kind of the experience that you

Revisited look at the original Apple Watch in 2023.
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The 1st-generation Apple Watch, retroactively referred to as Series 0, was announced during a special event on September 9, 2014, along with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This first series was released on April 24, 2015 in 3 editions, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. The Sport collection cases are made from lightweight anodized aluminum in silver, gold and space gray. The display is protected by strengthened Ion-X glass. And the matching fluoroelastomer bands have over 15 colors and also come shipped with Woven Nylon Bands.

The Apple Watch became the best-selling wearable device: 4.2 million were sold in the second quarter of fiscal 2015, and more than 101 million people were estimated to use an Apple Watch as of December 2020. Apple has introduced a new generation of the Apple Watch with improved internal components each September?each labeled by Apple as a 'Series', with certain exceptions.

The original Apple Watch uses the single-core Apple S1 system-on-chip. It does not have a built-in GPS chip, instead relying on a paired iPhone for location services. It uses a linear actuator called the "Taptic Engine" to provide haptic feedback when an alert or a notification is received, and is used for other purposes by certain apps.

The watch is equipped with a built-in heart rate sensor, which uses both infrared and visible-light LEDs and photodiodes. All versions of the first-generation Apple Watch have 8 GB of storage; the operating system allows the user to store up to 2 GB of music and 75 MB of photos. When the Apple Watch is paired with an iPhone, all music on that iPhone is also available to be controlled and accessed from the Apple Watch.Software support for the original Apple Watch series ended with watchOS 4.3.2.

The goal of the Apple Watch was to complement an iPhone and add new functions, and to free people from their phones.

Rumors as far back as 2011 speculated that Apple was developing a wearable variation of the iPod that would curve around the user's wrist, and feature Siri integration.

In comparison to other Apple products and competing smartwatches, marketing of the Apple Watch promoted the device as a fashion accessory. Apple later focused on its health and fitness-oriented features, in an effort to compete with dedicated activity trackers. The watchOS 3 added fitness tracking for wheelchair users, social sharing in the Activity app, and a Breathe app to facilitate mindfulness.

Originally at launch, the Apple Watch was marketed as one of three "collections", designating the case material. In order of increasing cost, the collections were:

Apple Watch Sport (Aluminium case)
Apple Watch (Stainless steel case)
Apple Watch Edition (Originally released as an 18kt gold casing with newer materials in later models)

Apple did not explicitly market the first-generation Apple Watch as being waterproof, stating that it can withstand splashes of water (such as rain and hand washing), but does not recommend submersion (IPX7). Apple introduced a higher level of water resistance with the release of the Apple Watch Series 2, and the device was explicitly advertised as being suitable for swimming and surfing.

For input, the Watch features a "digital crown" on one side which can be turned to scroll or zoom content on screen, and pressed to return to the home screen. Next to the crown (on the same side of the watch) is the Side Button, which can be used to display recently used apps and access Apple Pay, which is used for contactless payment.

The Watch also prominently features a touchscreen; prior to Series 6/SE, the screen included Force Touch technology, which enabled the display to become pressure-sensitive and therefore capable of distinguishing between a tap and a press for displaying contextual menus.

Additional sensors integrated into the Watch include an accelerometer, gyroscope, and barometer, which are used to determine device orientation, user movement, and altitude.

Apple Watch runs watchOS, whose interface is based around a home screen with circular app icons, which can be changed to a list view in the devices settings. The OS can be navigated using the touchscreen or the crown on the side of the watch. During its debut, the first generation Apple Watch needed to be paired with an iPhone 5 or later running iOS 8.2 or later; this version of iOS introduced the Apple Watch app, which is used to pair the watch with an iPhone, customize settings and loaded apps, and highlight compatible apps from the App Store.

The Apple Watch is capable of receiving notifications, messages, and phone calls via a paired iPhone. Siri is also available for voice commands, and is capable of responding with voice prompts.

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