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date : 2023-05-09 15:49:36
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This right here is the master box td500 mesh V2 and it is a very nice mid-range case from Cooler Master that is supposed to combine a good amount of features with a pretty reasonable price it has a very eye-catching polygonal design with three addressable RGB fans and it should cost you about 100 without taxes in the US or about 100 euros with taxes here in the Netherlands which is a completely reasonable price assuming it performs well so in this video we're going to check exactly that and see if this case is worth considering at all so let's begin on the outside it definitely looks a bit different than most ATX Tower cases the front mesh panel has polygonal shapes that continue into these fine lines on the tempered glass panel to complete and Round Up This Very geometric look build quality wise it feels more than alright the chassis and the right side panel are made of steel with some plastic detail like the frame on the front panel but even that plastic is very well done the tempered glass side doesn't have any buttons or screws and it is very easy and very safe to remove it and put it back in its spot using these click mechanisms instead which actually I find very useful especially since you don't need any tools to do it you just pull it out and you just click it back in on the top of the front panel you get two USB 3 Type 8 ports a power button combined audio jack and RGB controller button and one USB 3.2 Gen 2 type c connection and of course if you prefer a black case you can get it completely in black or you can go for a white version like I have right here internally it is done surprisingly well the ventilation pattern on the PSU shroud matches the back and the top of the case and I really like that you get this cover on the PSU shroud that lets you pick if you want to showcase your power supply or
Photo 2: Cooler Master TD500 Mesh V2 Video Review by Techtesters
not and you can also remove the whole top panel to make the fan or radiator installation more accessible and much easier but there is also some room for improvement so you get the rubber grommets on the side which are color matched but you do not get them on top and to be honest I would have liked the side next to the motherboard to be a bit cleaner than it is you also get three RGB fans pre-installed in the front of the case but there is no outtake fan by default
now you can technically move one of the fans to the back but then you lose out on the RGB effect that you can see from the front so I really think they should have just added an extra fan to the back the whole inside is quite spacious too you can fit a GPU up to 41 centimeters in length and a CPU Cooler up to 165 millimeters in height and there's also enough space for a 280 or a 360 millimeter Radiator in both the top and the front of the case so generally speaking you can fit most regular components and make most regular builds easily in this case
now behind the motherboard there is about two centimeters of space for cable management and you also get the hooks to secure the cables too which is fine for a typical build but it will get a bit tight if you fill every fan SSD and hard drive spot that this case offers and on the back you also get this RGB and fan controller that you can connect for fans to so with the front three fans you can only add one more fan so keep that in mind if you're going for more RGB fans than this but let's see the build I have right here so I really wanted to go for something that matches both the white aesthetic of the case and also the mid-range-ish price point of the case so I went with the RTX 470 TI gaming X Trio graphics card which
Photo 3: Cooler Master TD500 Mesh V2 Video Review by Techtesters
you can actually get in this nice white silver color and to match the GPU I went with the z790 edge Wi-Fi motherboard also from MSI with an Intel Core i5 13600k processor in there to cool it down I use the new Cooler Master hyper 212 Halo CPU Cooler that costs about 45 ish euros and it should be more than enough for this I5
now unfortunately I did did not have any affordable white memory around so I used these a bit on the expensive side but very pretty Corsair Dominator Platinum modules for the power supply I used asasonic vertex and since this is a typical black power supply I decided to leave the cover on but if you're going for a nice matching white power supply you can just take the cover off so while gaming this whole system ended up pulling about 400 to 450 watts of power straight from the wall and with the fan set to 40 decibels at 50 centimeters of distance which is what I would consider an acceptable noise level for a system under load The Thermals ended up looking very good the CPU is well within limits at 79 degrees Celsius and the GPU was running even cooler than I expected it to 68 degrees on the cores and 79 degrees on the memory while pulling 273 watts is what I would call more than comfortable and this is just with the three included fans so if you don't want to invest into another fan you also don't have to add one because the temps are just fine as it is but as I said before I would still consider adding one more fan to the back especially if you do go with the CPU that is a bit more power hungry because it will look better but more importantly it will get rid of the heat more quickly which is always a better option so all in all I think this is a very decent case it offers enough of useful features without adding unnecessary ones it is very easy to build
Photo 4: Cooler Master TD500 Mesh V2 Video Review by Techtesters
a system in it and it is reasonably priced or at least that is the case here in the EU because currently in the US the stock seems to be the problem and the only listing I could find is on Amazon for 250 dollars which is just ridiculous the V1 is selling for 100 and this one should theoretically have the same price but even at 100 or Euros there are just so many cases to choose from with plenty of mesh models with multiple rdb fans that will pretty much be completely fine as well so what it will come down to for cases like this one is that the price is what it is supposed to be and that you just really prefer the design over other cases on the market and I think this is exactly what Cooler Master was trying to achieve with this polygonal geometric design because it is different and it does stand out a bit from the other cases at the similar price point so if you really like this look and you really want to have it and it is selling for what it is supposed to cost uh just go for it it is a completely fine case
now this is all I have for today but before I go let's check out the sponsor of this video this video is brought to you by seasonic and their brand new vertex power supplies these fully modular power supplies are extremely efficient and very quiet due to their fan design and their hybrid fan mode that stops the fans completely under 40 load they come with a variety of connections for any kind of systems you have in mind including the new 12 volt hyper power cable for the latest RTX graphics cards and as a little bonus you get a cozy 10 year long warranty check them out using the links in the description below thank you all for watching and sticking to the end if you like this case review and you want to be up to date with all my future videos

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Build Components:
Case: Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 Mesh V2
GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Gaming X Trio White
CPU: Intel Core i5-13600K
Motherboard - MSI Z790 Edge DDR4
Memory - 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB White DDR4-3600
Cooling - Cooler Master Hyper 212 Halo White
PSU - Seasonic Vertex GX-1000
OS - Windows 11 PRO 22H2

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