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date : 2023-03-24 19:00:21
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Titre Original: An Unbelievable 240Hz Gaming Monitor! AOC 25G3ZM Review (Flat 1080p VA)

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My mind's telling me no but my gaming my gaming is telling me yeah okay my singing is genuinely terrible I'll apologize for that okay but I just felt the lyrics were actually quite appropriate with this review because we're looking at the AOC 25 g3zm a monitor that Sports a 24.5 inch full HD 240 hertz VA panel and indeed I never thought I would actually see myself actively recommending a VA panel over an IPS alternative for hardcore Gamers but here we are furthermore it actually comes in at a ridiculously cheap price tag in the UK can be found between 160 pounds and 180 pounds and that not only undercuts 240Hz IPS panels but even undercuts 144hz panels be it v-a-t-n or indeed IPS so in this video I'll be explaining as to why you should consider this monitor over some of the Alternatives out there on the market so jumping straight in I'd also see nothing wrong with its input lag in all seriousness it has a tested 2.3 milliseconds which is one of the fastest I've tested to date however you will be able to see another figure which sits at 6.1 milliseconds
now for some given reason and very much like a few other AOC monitors that I've reviewed there is a low input lag modes that can be enabled or disabled through the OSD there are no disadvantages of having low input lag mode enabled at all times so frankly I feel that this option should just be completely eliminated from the OSD because the monitor should just run at its best performance at all times
now subjectively having played a lot of Counter-Strike I will say that my mouse clicks actually responded very quickly I had no issues whatsoever when it came to finding people's heads and I just felt that the monitor was very much responding extremely quickly to my user input
now while that's all very impressive what about when it comes to the monitor's response time well here there's a few different overdrive modes you can select 3D monitors OSD and the higher you go the lower the response time will get however you will also potentially incur some inverse ghosting now to demonstrate this via the osrtt tool I got some objective numbers with the overdrive set to off you can see at the bottom left hand side of your screen the average initial time which translates to average D2D sitting at 5.68 milliseconds which isn't too bad however as we go too weak you can see that the average initial time drops down to 4.99 milliseconds
now where things get actually very interesting is on the medium overdrive where the average initial time sits at 3.6 milliseconds which is seriously impressive to say the least
now as we look towards the RGB overshoot which you can see towards the middle of your screen you can see
now on the strong mode overdrive that there's a lot more red on your screen and I'll explain this very shortly however you can see here that the average initial time drops even further to 2.35 milliseconds which is absolutely extraordinary specifically for a monitor
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of its price point
now I will say subjectively having played some Counter-Strike Global Offensive with this Monitor and running it in terms of its strongest mode overdrive I didn't feel that they actually hampered my shots indeed the inverse ghosting that was present wasn't so bad that it was actually making me feel that I couldn't use this preset far from it I actually felt that I was quite in tune while playing the game and indeed while using this monitor's overdrive setting
now of course if I was going to be playing something a bit more graphically intense such as let's say Destiny 2 then I'll dial it down to the overdrive mode set to medium therefore meaning that I'll get pretty much no inverse ghosting and as a result still get a pretty impressive average initial time of 3.6 milliseconds
now to further re-emphasize my point you can see the UFO ghosting test and through the different overdrive modes indeed the inverse ghosting is kept down to a minimum although you will note a little bit of inverse ghosting on the strong or boost mode overdrive specifically in lighter scenarios
now on that note the latter mode is MBR and that is motion blur reduction and the boost mode preset is effectively maximum level that it can run at which is great because it actually does give you a much clearer image as you can see from the UFO however it will limit your brightness which I'll touch upon later down in this review
now while we're here I would like to also point out that the VA smearing is kept down to a minimum at least towards the higher overdrive modes here you can see that in terms of the awful weak preset that the smearing is a little bit more notable and indeed you could even potentially notice it in terms of its boost mode presets but given that I was recommending medium or indeed the strong word preset you can see that the VA smearing is almost counteracted by the inverse ghosting and as such was a non-issue at least for my gaming needs
now aside from Hardcore Competitive Gaming we should also talk about adaptive sync Technologies and indeed I would actually never recommend running adaptive sync Technologies if you're a hardcore gamer because you don't want to cap your frames and you might incur a little bit of extra input lag although very very minimal
now here in terms of this monitor it has AMD freesync technology and in this respect I was actually able to certify it with my Nvidia year RTX 3080 while connected over a DisplayPort because I was able to run the Nvidia pendulum demo without incurring any sort of black screen issues or indeed flickering
now it's worth noting that the vrr range of this monitor grows from 48 Hertz all the way up to 240 hertz and that's because it doesn't have a native g-sync module but many monitors at this price point do not have it either so there's no major complaints
now the monitor does also not have any sort of HDR signal input which really doesn't bother
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me in the slightest but it is something I thought to highlight in case that was a feature that you were looking out for so the gaming section out of the way how does this flat VA panel actually look like well it has got a dedicated srgb emulation mode that you can enable through the OSD although it will severely limit your brightness
now in this respect while put across my calibrators I noted a 95.9 gamma coverage and 105.8 Gamma volume you can see below how it compares to the srgb standard and indeed being a little bit overzealous towards the warmer tones
now as for the average delte it sits at 1.54 and a maximum of 3.32 which isn't too bad in the grand scheme of things but not as low as I would have wanted specifically if I'm doing serious Imaging work or indeed video grading
now the tested contrast ratio came in at a stalkingly high 3367 to 1 with a measured white point at 6175 Kelvin at 100 all of which are very impressive furthermore it sits very close to the 2.2 gamma curve making it actually very impressive in this department now if you're a gamer you might want to run it outside of this srgb mode in order to unlock a wider color gamut and indeed over here via its War mode presets you can see here that The Gather coverage and Gamma volume have increased across all of the ranges
now in comparison to the srgb standard it is unsurprisingly less color accurate with the average LTE coming at 3.23 and a maximum delity of 7.06 higher is worse and closer to zero would be ideal
now the measured white Point does shift slightly at 6296 Kelvin at 100 therefore giving you still pretty good white however you can see here that the gamma curve does shift off the 2.2 standard and therefore makes it a little bit less appealing in this department
now I did allude to srgb mode limiting the brightness and indeed it locks it at 117 nits which isn't too bad but in my opinion is a little bit too dim equally the monitor's peak brightness only sits at 350 nits I would have actually liked it to get a little bit brighter because in a bright sunlit room some people might be actually ramping up the brightness to over 85 percent but of course that is all very subjective as for the minimum brightness it gets all the way down to 70 nits and as for the boost mode or the MBR 20 modes that you will set through the osc in other words to reduce motion blur it will cap the brightness at 37 nits and indeed this will only be applicable if you're going to be using this monitor in a completely pitch black room
now moving past Peak Lumin as we get onto brightness uniformity and across the board it actually does a very good job and I appreciate this is somewhat panel Lottery equally when it comes to backlight bleeds it's pretty much non-existent on this VA panel indeed this is one of the key selling
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points of va technology over IPS Alternatives purely because that if you're going to be consuming a lot of dark movies or indeed playing Dark games you might want to appreciate a panel that doesn't suffer from any sort of bleed around the corners and in this respect the 25 G3 ZM actually doesn't suffer from any sort of clouding either which is seriously impressive
now moving past all these tests I would like to have a quick word about the monitor's build quality and here it has got a three-side borderless design with a relatively thin bottom bezel yes it does have a black and red scheme to it which won't be to everyone's cup of tea but I don't really mind it as for the stand is relatively sturdy although it's made out of plastic so therefore can be a little bit wobbly specifically if you can be let's say raging on your desk but in this respect does provide great ergonomics you've got height tilt pivot and swivel adjustments all of which are greatly appreciated of course if you don't want to use the built-in stand or for example you want to upgrade it you can do so via Visa compatible stand
now aside from this I would like to point out that the monitor does not have any built-in speakers which doesn't bother me in the sliders however you do have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack output which can be handy if you want to plug in your headphones directly into the monitor on that note if you do want to adjust the volume you will want to go to the monitors OSD it can be accessed through these physical buttons found on the bottom right hand side of the monitor but they're not exactly illuminated nor do they have a good sort of engraving in other is black on black and therefore can be a little bit hard to see what you're actually pressing but once you get your head around it you'll find a very comprehensive and very intuitively laid out OSD which allows you to access certain settings for example the overdrive modes that I referenced before so in all that in mind it brings me onto my verdict and quite frankly I can see myself actively recommending the AOC 25 g3zm because it really ticks every single box a hardcore competitive gamer will be looking for 24.5 inch flat VA panel that runs up to 240 hertz with an input lag and response times that are actually very impressive and furthermore a monitor that's actually very affordable at roughly 160 to 180 pounds in the UK not only undercutting its Rivals but also 144hz Alternatives potentially therefore bringing 240 hertz up to the masses as a result of all of this it certainly gets my recommendation and gets my Best Buy Awards
now I'd be curious to know what you guys make of it down in the comments section below and of course if you would like this independent detailed review definitely do consider dropping a like subscribing and hitting that Bell notification all of which will be greatly appreciated as such I've been totally dubbed

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