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date : 2023-03-14 16:09:08
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Photo 1: Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV Video Review by Techtesters

Last year Phillips announced that they will be entering the monitor Market with their completely brand new gaming brand called avnia and this right here is the very first Avenue monitor to come out it is a 34 inch Ultra wide Quad HD V8 panel with 165 Hertz refresh rate and a mini LED backlight which means it should offer plenty of brightness to make its display HDR 1400 label possible making a bit of a different approach with their marketing this time around and they are saying that this whole brand focuses on a more diverse user base specifically pointing out women Gamers which apparently means that they made it white they added some rdb in the back and they gave it a name that very much so sounds like a fancy bottle water anyway as a woman for fifteen hundred dollars or Euros I do expect a lot more than just a few fancy extras so let's check it out design wise it definitely is a very nice looking 34 inch Ultra wide it combines a white color with some silver gray elements it looks pretty elegant with slim side and top bezels and there is a very minor natural curve present so it comes across as decent and very professional looking which I personally do like the build quality is quite good the stand itself is made from metal and it is sturdy with some white plastic covers but there is a bit of a wobble going on if you touch the Channel now this is not completely unusual for an ultra wide monitor some have it more some have it less so just make sure you put it on a sturdy desk so it doesn't wobble all the time the stand is also pretty deep about 30 centimeters or so so make sure that that desk also has enough space for it it is height adjustable you can swivel it and you can tilt it but you cannot rotate it 90 degrees which makes sense for a monitor of this format that being said you can vase amount it if you want to and position it any way you like connection wise you get one display port two HDMI 2.1 ports a USB hub and a type c port with up to 90 watts of power delivery so you can use and charge your laptop and use some peripherals using a single cable which is actually great unfortunately there is not a single Cable Management option present on the stand so the cables can be visible from the front there are two 5 watt speakers built in which actually sound okay ish I wouldn't use them for gaming or for listening to music for example but they will be completely fine for that occasional incidental use the OSD is controlled with a joystick on the back that works perfectly fine but the avnia OSD itself isn't very intuitive and it is really hard to get used to navigating it definitely something they need to improve on in the future that being said the RGB was done pretty well just like on Philips ambilites TVs the RGB on this monitor changes based on what is going
Photo 2: Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV Video Review by Techtesters
on on the screen itself and with plenty of really bright LEDs it does add something to the experience of course if you're not into RGB you can also turn it off completely has a pretty standard format for an ultrawide Monitor and with a DPI of around 110 it offers the same sharpness as a standard 27 inch Quad HD monitor but let's talk about to panel performance starting with the brightness as you would expect from a display with mini LED backlight it gets very bright even in SDR mode it does 763 nits which is Extreme even for a mini LED backlit monitor it is not something most people will benefit from as 700 nits gets a bit too much for a typical room but it can be very helpful if you're gaming in a super bright environment in HDR mode we measured over 1500 nits which puts it in second place just behind the Rog pg32uqx and just ahead of The Cooler Master gp27u and since this is a mini LED and not OLED it can also maintain that high brightness across the whole panel so even with a full white image you're getting well over 1000 nits in comparison a typical OLED can do maybe 200-ish knits or full white image and then only if you're lucky the minimum white level is 57 nits which is not the lowest measured but it is more than dim enough but when it comes to color performance dysavnia is pretty disappointing I've tested lots of Philips monitors in the past and they generally had really accurate colors out of the box but in its default setting the colors here are just all over the place some colors are really oversaturated some are under saturated and very few actually look right great tracking looks off too with most Shades being much darker than they should be and you can see that subjectively too out of the box it just doesn't look right which is really frustrating as this is something Phillips should have seen and fixed before these monitors love the factory and while this is the first apnea monitor it is basically the same brand as Philips and AOC monitors that have been around for a very long time so I did kind of expect better there is an srgb mode built in but that one is not accurate either in the game one setting things do look a bit better it is still far from perfect but it's an improvement and subjectively things do look a lot more natural in this mode so if you're just playing games I would say this is the setting to go for in terms of color range avnia does okay it doesn't have the widest gamut but it covers the entire srgb spectrum and 93 percent of P3 so with manual calibration you can actually make this an okay option for some photo and video editing it is just disappointing that it doesn't manage to offer this out of the box especially when you consider the price tag of this monitor as a VA panel it does have good contrast it is not OLED perfect but it is a clear
Photo 3: Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV Video Review by Techtesters
upgrade over IPS gaming monitors especially in HDR mode where local dimming kicks in and it is even better it is just a shame they don't allow local dimming in SDR mode as that could have improved the contrast in SDR mode even more the uniformity of the panel is good that's usually something that large VA monitors often do struggle with so the result is more than fine and the viewing angles are okay for Ava panel you can see some color and brightness shifts if you move too much but it is completely fine for a single user sitting straight behind this monitor IPS monitors do handle this much better but let's talk speed this is a gaming monitor after all and avnia is according to the marketing a gaming brand so let's start with some good news the input lag is quite low the total latency is similar to some 4K 144hz monitors like the m32u and the eve spectrum and it is a few milliseconds faster than the mini LED gp27u proper Esports monitors are faster but for a medium speed Ultra wide that this input lag is completely fine the bad news is that the response times of this monitor are pretty bad with overdrive off most transitions take 10 milliseconds or more with some even around 30 milliseconds and you can really notice the ghosting when doing anything on the screen even when just scrolling down websites things do improve a little bit on the fast overdrive mode which is the factory default but the majority of transitions still take more than 10 milliseconds with several taking 20 milliseconds or more setting overdrive to faster is a very slight improvement over Faz but it is still performing Pretty poorly it is now okay-ish for regular pcus or some slower content but the ghosting is still present when you turn the overdrive to the fastest mode some transitions are a lot better but others have just horrible overshoot so I really don't recommend using this setting at all since the first three modes are kind of the same and then the initial response time jumps up and does get a lot better on the fastest mode it does feel like they might be able to find a more optimal setting somewhere in between there definitely something they should look into and push with a firmer update because right
now you can either choose between three very similar pretty slow settings and then one setting that just goes way too far and honestly after seeing these response times I just think that V8 panel they use just isn't going to be fast enough and even with a more optimal setting it is just never going to be really competitive it just makes me wonder why they didn't go with a nice and fast color accurate IPS panel instead and then use that mini LED technology to fix the only major IPS downside which is the contrast
now they're using the mini LED to improve the brightness and contrast of a VA panel that already has good contrast and they're not doing anything about va's biggest weakness which is speed and then this is actually pretty
Photo 4: Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV Video Review by Techtesters
slow even for a VA panel when it comes to power consumption I measured an average power draw of 43 Watts which isn't bad for a panel of this size with this type of backlight
now Peak power consumption in HDR content with the whole display showing a bit over 1000 nits is closer to 94 Watts which was expected so overall I think avnia did put a lot of good ideas into this monitor the design is really nice and they're going to launch more products that match the overall aesthetic and everybody likes a nice matching setup you get all the connections you need including a type c with power delivery you get a stand that offers good flexibility and a super bright interactive RGB on the back that can really light up your background if you're into that kind of thing and it can get really bright which together with local dimming does give some really impressive HDR images as long as they move slowly because the response times and ghosting are really big issues in my opinion and for lots of people that play all kinds of different games this will be a deal breaker especially when you take the price in consideration they originally planned to release this at around two thousand dollars or Euros which would be way too much even if it was a super fast Monitor and
now they already dropped the price to around fifteen hundred dollars but in my opinion even that is too high where you can get a 34 inch cutie OLED for around 1100
now yes apnea can go a lot brighter but the Cutie oleds are way faster they have better out of the box colors they have wider color gamut and they are cheaper
now I don't think they can really fix the speed of this panel but even if they make some improvements to the color accuracy or add a more balanced response time setting without excessive overshoot it would still be too expensive to compete with the Cutie OLED alternative so I really hope they take this advice and drop the price even further that being said they are launching their own cutie Olin model as well and I'm really curious to see how that one will do anyways this video was brought to you by Corsair and their Elite LCD XD coolers these Premium All-In-One water coolers combine excellent performance with a fully customizable LCD screen that can showcase anything you have in mind with a low noise pump and the AF Elite fans they can easily keep up with the latest and hottest of processors out there while keeping your system quiet you can install them on a variety of sockets including the latest Intel and AMD ones and once the installation is complete you can use the IQ software to control the RGB effects or sync them with the rest of your Corsair gear check them out using the links in the description below that is all I have for today I hope you enjoyed this video do let me know what you think of this Avenue Twitter and if you would ever consider it thank you all for

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