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date : 2023-03-05 19:00:09
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Photo 1: Philips Evnia 27M2C5500w Video Review by TotallydubbedHD

An affordable 240 hertz curved VA gaming monitor at least that's what were promised coming in at 430 pounds in the UK it's called The Philips evnir 27 m2c 5500w I can't believe I actually remembered that but who on Earth comes up with these names anyway in this video we're going to see if it's actually worth its price tag and how it compares to its competitors so to kick things off let's jump straight in and talk about its input lag and here I had it objectively tested at 2.9 milliseconds and 7.5 milliseconds
now in case you're wondering why there's a discrepancy in that because for some god-given reason Philips include an input lag on and off mode no idea why but anyway with it on is what you're probably going to want to use because it gives you the lowest input lag and indeed over here you can see how it compares to some other 1440p gaming monitors including High refresh rate ones
now in terms of my subjective opinion I must say the input lag is pretty impressive indeed my mouse clicks when I was playing a hardcore competitive game such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive wasn't feeling that it was hindered by the gaming monitor instead it was probably my poor aim or indeed the fact that I was running a curved monitor when in reality I'm not really used to it so what about when it comes to its response time well here I had it objectively tested by the osrtt tool and with the overdrive set to off I had a whopping 10.14 milliseconds average initial time which you can see at the bottom left hand side of your screen and it translates to the average G2G so yes pretty poor but then we switched over to the fast overdrive and you can see that the time reduces to 8.98 milliseconds moving over to the faster preset here's where things get interesting an average initial time of 5.64 not too shabby but not exactly great for 240Hz monitor so what about on terms of its fastest mode preset well hey Presto we've got 2.9 milliseconds and that is pretty impressive well yes but until you look at the RGB overshoot towards the middle of your screen you can see a lot of red and orange and yellow as we switch over to the faster mode preset you can see it's all green what does this mean well effectively on the highest mode preset you've got some inverse ghosting which you'll be able to see via the UFO ghosting test indeed it is noticeable and even in a potato looking game like Counter-Strike Global Offensive it did throw off my vision and thus my shots meaning that I really had to run on terms of its faster mode presets in order for me to get a good visual experience
now aside from this I should point out that the monitor has got some VA smearing which is unfortunate specifically towards the low overdrive modes this is certainly not present on the likes of the Samsung Odyssey G7 its nearest competitor
now for you to get a clearer image you might want to enable MBR and indeed that is the plethora of other UFOs that you can see on your screen
now MBR 20 whereby you can adjust the different increment levels is certainly appreciated but to steal you can actually adjust the overdrive mode within MBR as well which is quite rare but it's absolutely great to see
now in this respect you have also got MBR sync now as you'll see for your own eyes it
Photo 2: Philips Evnia 27M2C5500w Video Review by TotallydubbedHD
is completely pointless and I don't really understand the inclusion of it because it doesn't exactly do what it says on the tin in other words reducing the motion blur so in other words if you do want to lower the motion blur and get a clearer image then you'll certainly want to go with the MBR mode instead of the MBR sync mode
now just to expand on all of this and adding my subjective opinion while playing a game such as Counter-Strike and as I did mention before running in terms of its fastest mode preset did incur some inverse ghosting but on the flip side I felt that the monitor was responding phenomenally well and therefore meant that I was actually signing towards using the fastest mode preset while playing a hardcore competitive game but again here if I wanted a better visual experience I'll dial it down to the faster mode presets but suddenly here the monitor's response time seem to be hampering My overall experience and thus not responding as I would expect at least for a 240Hz monitor aimed at the competitive crowds so effectively what I'm trying to say over here is that I know they had a worse visual experience but a faster monitor or a slower monitor but then one that actually looked a little bit better
now with all of that aside I should point out that MBR and MBR sync do not run simultaneously with adaptive sync technology so thus Nvidia g-sync or AMD freesync this is a slight shame but is somewhat normal behavior as is the case with a lot of its competitors then this does actually bring me onto vrr whereby you have got a range of 48 up to 240 hertz at least in my case I was able to run the Nvidia pendulum demo while connected over DisplayPort to my RTX 3080 I didn't incur any sort of flickering or black screen issues
now it is worth bearing in mind that if you were to drop under 48 Hertz due to this monitor not having a native g-sync module thus not benefiting from the full VR range you might notice a little bit of stuff drink so of course here it really depends in terms of the GPU power or indeed the frames that you're pushing in said game
now furthermore I was able to run Nvidia g-sync while simultaneously having an HDR signal and playing at 1440p at 240 hertz which is certainly a great combination at least when you're playing more casual games I would never recommend running adaptive sync Technologies while playing hardcore competitive games because you just don't want to cap your frames and or incur any bit of input lag
now in this respect the overall experience was pretty good but I should also point out that the HDR experience was actually really impressive
now the manufacturers claims that you will have display HDR 400 certification and more often than not that means a pretty poor HDR experience but in this respect my monitor was actually tested at 667 nits which is absolutely ridiculously past the HDR 400 certification so yes it gets really bright and as a result of that when running an HDR signal you'll actually get a really good experience and one that will compete with a lot of its competitors and ones that are actually a little bit more premium in terms of the price tag that they're coming at
now with that in mind I would like to point out that this monitor does accept a 4K signal input while simultaneously running HDR which is all very
Photo 3: Philips Evnia 27M2C5500w Video Review by TotallydubbedHD
much appreciated at least if you're a console gamer I can't quite attest to it because I don't have a modern console but in this respect it should work equally you should be able to attain 1440p at 120 hertz Now for PC Gamers you'll certainly want to be plugged in over DisplayPort and that's because due to the monitors limitations of HDMI 2.0 it means that you cannot achieve more than 144 Hertz at 1440p while at DisplayPort you can achieve the full 240 hertz refresh rate ads said resolution
now in the gaming section out of the way we get onto image quality how does it actually look like well it runs 1440p at 240Hz has a VA panel with a matte coating on it and a 1000r curvature
now I would like to point out that it does have an srgb gamma clamp which is certainly appreciated although accessing it is a little bit mind-boggling for some given reason you have to enable adaptive sync Technologies which is certainly the first I've ever come across and potentially this might be addressed by a future firmware update via Phillips but at least at a time of filming that's not the case
now with that in mind for the first time at least for the last decade here you can actually adjust the brightness levels with the srgb gamma clamp enabled woohoo finally Phillips we got there but there is a caveat to this you cannot actually adjust the RGB game values in other words the red the green and blue if you want to adjust it in terms of having a custom user profile then you're just not going to be able to because for some given reason Philip Slaughter would be a great idea just to completely take it out of the OSD with that said the srgb mode is pinpoint color accurate
now put across my calibrators I noticed a 98.4 percent srgb Garrett coverage and a gamut volume of 109.5 percent here the average delte sits at 1.3 with a maximum of 3.68 so yes I would certainly consider this for some serious image editing work or indeed video grading
now as for its tested contrast ratio it gets up to a whopping 3329 to 1. indeed faster passing the manufacturer's claim and indeed completely trumping any sort of ips panel as for its measured why points it's not as impressive given the 6504 Kelvin Target it hits 5768 Kelvin at 100 on the flip side the gamma curve is absolutely excellent hitting the 2.2 standards pretty much throughout
now if you're not going to be editing any photos and you want a wider color gamut you might want to disable the srgb gamma clamp and indeed this motor has got a wide color gamut extending towards the Adobe RG B and DC ip3 modes although it doesn't hit these standards in the slightest it should be worth mentioning that the figures that you can see on your screen are based on the srgb modes thus it's no surprise over here that you can see that the color accuracy is off as for the gamma curve it is actually pretty close but it isn't exactly on point in comparison to the 2.2 standard that I showcased before now you might have noticed the brightness figures on your screen so let's just quickly dive into them maximum brightness sitting at 667 nits which is certainly appreciated although the minimum brightness sitting at 106 nits is pretty bright to say the least for those people wanting to play in a completely pitch back room this might be actually quite disappointing
Photo 4: Philips Evnia 27M2C5500w Video Review by TotallydubbedHD
on the flip side the MBR 20 brightness sits at 170 nits and therefore is perfectly usable even in a bright sunlit room
now moving past Peak luminance I should point out that the brightness uniformity of my Tesla panel wasn't too bad across the board and similarly when it came to the backlight bleeds here you do notice a little bit of bleed coming in towards the corners due to its curved nature but it isn't too bad and given the Fantastic contrast ratio of this monitor it can certainly be used for playing darker games or indeed if you're going to be watching movies that have certain darker scenes
now moving past the test I would like to have a quick word about the molitor's build quality and here it's got a three side borderless design and as I did mention before it's got a 1000r curvature
now as for the stand it provides you height swivel and tilt adjustments all of which are appreciated for you to get the best sort of ergonomics of course if you do not want the sturdy stand you can replace it via Visa compatible stand for example if you have it on a monitor arm
now as for the rear design of the monitor it certainly does look the part yes it doesn't have those fancy and completely nonsensical RGB lights but instead actually has a lot more of a mature type of look to it no complaints whatsoever
now on the flip side the monitor does not have any built-in speakers which really doesn't bother me in the slightest but if you do want to Output audio directly from the monitor then you've got a 3.5 mm to Jack which sits alongside some USB type A ports which can be handy if you're plugging in your peripherals directly into the monitor
now on that note if you do want to adjust the volume while outputting audio via that 3.5 millimeter Jack there is the OSD which can be accessed via little joystick button found behind the monitor
now the OSD is very snazzy looking but unfortunately when it comes to functionality is disappointing it's a little bit convoluted in terms of accessing said menus and furthermore is a little bit slow to respond which is quite a shame but hopefully Philips might be able to address this via future firmware updates so with all that in mind it brings me onto my verdict and while The Fearless monitor was very promising from the get-go specific given its price point and the specs that it offered it doesn't quite hit the mark at least not for a hardcore competitive gamer see in this respect this response time is quite lackluster at least specifically in comparison to its main competitor the Samsung on cg7 which would still be my top pick if you want a 1440p curved VA 240 hertz monitor the
now aside from this you have got excellent IPS monitors on the market from the likes of AOC Asus and even Alienware all of which I can actively recommend
now the reviews of some of these monitors will be down in description below for your own consideration
now I'd be curious to know what you make of this Philips Monitor and in terms of if you own it what are your experiences
now if you've liked this independent detail review definitely do consider dropping a like subscribing and hitting that Bell notification all of which are certainly appreciated and allows me to continue delivering honest reviews like this one as such I've been totally dubbed and I hopefully see you in the next

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