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date : 2023-02-15 15:59:00
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Titre Original: Forget the Z Flip 4! | Oppo Find N2 Flip (Global Edition) Unboxing & Review

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So today Kelly's we're going to be checking out a fresh bendy blower the Oppo finding 2 flip this is one of your more Compact foldables and it's oppo's take on Samsung's Galaxy Z flip 4 and the Mortal Razer reboot it was launched in China at the Arsen of 2022 and
now it's coming to blighty hip hip Bazaar I'm shooting this review ahead of the official Oppo Find them to flip launch so I don't know the UK pricing just yet I'm hoping it's going to be a grander under similar to The Zed flip 4. I'll bug all that information in the video description below so let's whip it on I'll take you on a full-on tour and for more of the latest and greatest Tech please do POG subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers so step one what do you get in the box and check that out it actually props the phone up when you pull the lid open very Posh so you have yourself one up or find in two flip you've got yourself one 67 watt supervooka power adapter One USB cable white we've also got a USB type here to type c adapter and Oppo has also kindly included a two-part condom style case thing that you can snap onto your fine N2 flip just to add a bit of extra protection similar to what Motorola included with its razor and that's your lot overall pretty good stuff I'll give a couple extra points for the Posh liftier box so here it is kitties the Oppo Find N2 flip Sports very similar Dimensions to Samsung's Galaxy Z flip 4. it's just a little bit wider overall just like Samsung's blower it is pleasingly dinky when it's all folded up but as you can see they're a much bigger cover screen so yes the Oppo Find N2 flip should happily fit in any bag or pocket or anywhere else you dare to cram it and as you can hopefully make out here as well the upper final two flip is a little bit skinnier than Samsung's blower that's because you don't have quite as much of a gap with that hinge and roll the light to the purple version of the Galaxy Z Fit 4 so it's good to see that Oppo is also offering the find N2 flip in a similar sort of purple Hue just a little bit lighter as you can see there and it does have a more glossy finish to that glass surface as well so as you can see there's already starting to pick up some greasy prints from a light bit of fingering oh and if you're not really a fan of color you don't like this purple model well no worries Oppo is also offering the Phantom 2 flip in Black
now both the cover screen and that weapon grit internal screen are protected by Gorilla Glass 5. I think the rest of it might be gorilla glass as well however unlike the Galaxy Z flip 4 the Phantom 2 flip is not water resistant as no official IP rating should be fine in you know like rainstorm or something but definitely don't go chucking it into a sink or a bath
now so far I'm certainly impressed with oppo's second gen flexion hinge which is found not just here on the Oppo Find them to flip but the regular finder N2 as well for one flexion hinges just really fun to see just don't see it too fast or it might sound a bit rude as I mentioned before this leaves pretty much no gap between the two halves of the screen which is really nice and it's fairly easy to open one-handed and you can actually look fairly Gris full while doing so as well it's not quite as tricky as some of the other ones I've tried out as usual Oppo reckons you can open and close this thing like a hundred thousand times before there should be any signs of wear and tear but what I'm most impressed by is the lack of crease in that internal display there's not absolutely no crease whatsoever it's a very very subtle bit of Cuisine going on in there which you can feel when you rub your finger over it but only just you can only really see it when you have to tilt the phone and just catch the lights you just saw so yeah overall pretty bloody impressive however the hinge is not quite as stiff as the one on the Zed foot 4 and what I mean by that is that the Galaxy Z flip 4 can basically be propped open at any angle you like the hinge will keep it in place whereas here on oppos finding two flip well you can only really open it to about 110 degree angle any further than that and the phone will just flop open kind of like my trousers whenever Mary Berry comes on the Telly hey she's sophisticated and she can bake a bloody good brownie I mean for some of us that's the perfect woman right there no worries if you're propping it up this way around though that hinge will deal with it absolutely fine as you can get a good angle for shooting a vlog or whatever you
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want to do
now we will certainly be taking a closer look at the cover screen and all that Shenanigans in a bit but first of all let's check out the software and what you got here on the finding two flip is a bit of Android 13 with color OS 13 slapped on top and up or confirmed that here in the UK it should come with at least four years of security and OS updates
now I've already done a full dedicated video on color OS 13 so it won't spinach is banging on about the various features and tools in this video you've got all the usual bangers here on the finding two flip including that always on display which just happily reminds you about how humans are screwing up the entire planet however you do have a few special bonus bits here on the find and two flip because it is a foldable smartphone that you won't get on regular Opel blowers so let's begin with that proper spacious 3.26 inch cover screen in not only is this Ruddy massive compared with the cover screens on most other phones of its elk but also as you can see there it's got a portrait rather than the more Traditional landscape effort so unlike a lot of other compact foldables it's really good for those widgets means you've got plenty of space in there text doesn't have to be super tiny so everything's clearly legible and when Oppo first launched the finding two flip I got really excited about the idea of that cover screen because take for instance the Motorola Razor reboot I recently reviewed you could open any app you wanted on that cover display just to save you the faff of unfolding the phone and everything so you can quickly change up the album that was playing in these are you could properly respond to a message however you can even stream a bit of YouTube or Disney plus if you really wanted to unfortunately with the squashed aspect ratio of course apps didn't look The Way They Were Meant to sometimes they were really awkward to use like good old Deezer so I thought hey the final two flip that'll finally solve that problem unfortunately it turns out I got excited rather prematurely because you can't open any app you like on this cover screen you've only got a small selection of widgets and these can be customized within that foldable features section just go to widgets and then you can select exactly which ones you want as you can see they're a very small selection so if you can't be bothered to actually unfold the phone to make full use of it just double tap at that lock screen this will activate the face unlock otherwise you can use that edge mounted fingerprint sensor as well and then you can scroll through those widgets including the time wall which is actually pretty handy if you're playing any music at the time the usual media controls do pop up on that cover screen as well as you can skip a track you can also pause and play but you can't change up the album or anything like that and if you swipe up the screen as well you can see any weird notifications and you can actually reply to any messages that pop through on the likes of WhatsApp as well but you are very limited in your responses here on the cover screen you can basically send an emoji or one of a small number of predetermined quick responses these are again set up in the foldable features menu by tapping quick reply you can add your own sponsors and reorder the list but you are limited to 20 characters per message
now obviously the find N2 flip is oppo's first attempt at a compact foldable so I'm hoping that the functionality of that cover screen is expanded over the coming weeks or months it just seems such a shame to have such a fantastically spacious cover screen with an aspect ratio perfect for running apps and then not actually being able to run any apps on it back and foldable features you'll also see there's a cover screen style section and this is where you can change up the wallpaper on that cover screen you've also got an always-on display option or alternatively if you're a fan of fluffy things you've got five interactive pets you can also Chuck on there so let's go with uh let's try the bunny so as you can see these little blighters are fully animated so they bring your cover screen to life my bunny appears to be pissed off about something for some reason come on mate you got a big old juicy character gets stuck into there actually that should please you maybe it doesn't like it when I poke him right in the face yeah not a not a fan alright well screw you bunny let's go all for a bit of cut action instead I mean this moggy seems mostly freaked out by me to be honest oh I'm pissed off as well I'm liking this Kitty though apparently a bit of a fan of Fit For A King likes his metal
now if you eventually get around to yanking up in the
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upper find them to flip you will unfully a rather lovely 6.8 inch AMOLED display with a 21x9 aspect ratio that's perfect for kicking back with some cinematic fear on Netflix or Disney Plus or whatever slightly less great if you're kicking back with some old school affair because you get some massive pillar box on either side but here huh it's a full HD Plus resolution 25 20 by 1080 pixels so despite the fact it's pretty spacious you get some reasonably crisp and detail chucked in there HDR 10 plus support no support for Dolby Vision unfortunately but like all premium Smart Ones these days you can expect very stunning visuals indeed nice Punchy colors as well you can actually change up the color output from the default Vivid to a more natural Hue if you prefer and that crease not noticeable at all certainly when you're viewing any content head on you do have to sort of tilt it to the side and as I say catch the Light to even begin to notice that fold and the selfie cam isn't exactly weeny and it is centrally positioned so it is slightly intrudes but not to some horrific degree the fight then two flips display Sports 120 hertz refresh so silky smooth when you are zipping about that UI however just like the Galaxy Zed flip you do have some anti-reflection film on the finding two flip it doesn't really do much to prevent Reflections to be perfectly honest and it does pick up greasy fingerprints and grime far too easily so it looks an absolute state in no time at all and you do have a stereo speaker set up here on the Oppo Fine and 2 flip so let's Crank That volume see what we're working with some serious gaming and Benchmark action so here's my review and for more lips and grits Tech please Zoo poke subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers and yep even with plenty of background noise going on pump this thing up to the maximum volume and you'll be able to hear what is going on nice and clear not too tinny either and that earpiece speaker actually posits with as well because often it's the bottom speaker that is doing the majority of the work if you hit up the final two flips sound settings you'll see you've got Adobe Atmos support on here it's set to Smart by default so I can change up the audio profile depending on what you're actually doing but a gaming listening to some music Etc and you've got your Bluetooth 5.3 streaming support here on the final two flip as well seems to do a bang-up job streaming to speakers and headphones which is just as well because as usual Bug roll headphone jack and no worries on the storage side even though there's no micro SD memory card support because you've got a choice of 256 or 512 gigs of internal storage and once you've deleted loads of the crapware that comes pre-installed on the Oppo Fine and 2 flip well that leaves you with loads of space
now the upper Finance tube flip is powered by a special exclusive version of mediatek's dimensity 9000 plus chipset
now the 9000 plus the original version was found on some beefy smartphones last year like the xiaomi 12 Pro and the Asus Rog phone 6D but apparently on this blower mediatek has optimized the chipset for a more compact form factor to make it more energy efficient it's backed here by eight gigs of RAM on my review model I did take the liberty of running some geekbench testing as well and as you can see there's some pretty respectable scores comparable to what I saw on the likes of the Google tensor 2 chipset in the pixel 7 and pixel 7 Pro that certainly means you can get a good bit of gearment on the go on the find N2 flip even in beefier titles like gentian impact and when I did boost the graphic settings up to the highest possible levels I did notice some drops in the frame rate when the action got a little bit intense but it stayed perfectly playable that's helped Along by the performance boost and features in color os's game and World which also adds a whole bunch of other tools and toggles and stuff that can really help you get the most out of your game and yes this one did get a wee bit Tossy up in that top half after I was gaming for more than half an hour but to be fair it didn't degrade the performance it even after I topped the hour mark and so far touch would have had zero issues with the 5G or the Wi-Fi connectivity here on the Oppo Find N2 flip I'll put another bang out a really good antenna but if you are tempted to get a compact foldable phone like the find N2 flip well one of the best reasons for getting this bad boy over its Rivals is the excellent battery life upper was someone managed to cram a 4 300 milliamp hour capacity cell inside of that slender bendy chassis and that's considerably bigger than the 3700 milliamp hour cell crammed into the Galaxy Z flip 4 and the 3500
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milliamp hour battery that would roll the stuffed inside of the razor and I thought I can easily make it through a full day on a single charge of this bad boy even if I'm using the camera lots if I'm doing a little bit of gaming lots of movie streaming lots of music streaming whatever you fancy basically there's definitely an improvement on Samsung's foldable where quite often I would get to about sort of nine ten o'clock at night and only have about five percent in charge of it and just be like desperately turning on all the power saving mods to eke out that last little bit of life and then when the upper final two flip is completely out of juice and it needs to be powered back up again you've got 44 watt wide charging support not the fastest around but not particularly lethargic lethargic and suddenly there is no wireless charging support on here though but anyhow let's finish up this Oppo Fine and two flip unboxing and Hands-On review with a squint at the camera tech and as you can see you've got a dual lens setup slapped on the front end here which is actually technically the back end once you open it up and everything the primary sensor is a 50 megapixel Sony IMX 890 and that is backed by a basic 8 megapixel Ultra wide angle what you're seeing right here is the dual screen preview so if you are shooting a quick snap of someone they can you know do their hair or pretend to look happy so they know they're going to look good in the final photo and of course you can always flip along to this little widget here if you want to shoot a photo or a video of yourself using those cameras so you don't have to rely on the internal selfie camera
now as usual you've got a wide selection of filters and everything to play around with including all of the hassle blad goodies usually get on Oppo smartphones these days likes the radiance mode Serenity and emerald and you've also got yourself that dedicated Pro mode if you want to mess around with the likes of the iso levels the white balance the focus the shutter speeds you can use this to capture either jpeg or raw images or a bit of raw plus as well and I was certainly happy enough with the test photos that I captured on the Oppo Fine N2 flip in my first few days with this Smartphone it doesn't seem to be thrown out by strong contrast the color reproduction is Perfectly Natural the four in one pixel building helps out in low life situations and Oppo has stuffed its marasilicon X mpu inside as well just like you'll find on those Oppo Fine X5 phones so low light photos in general come out very nicely indeed bright and pretty crisp as long as the focus doesn't up got plenty of bonus camera modes on here as well the usual portrait style Shenanigans of course with that adjustable bucket action you've got that nostalgic x-pan board as well which some people might get a kick out of as for your video Shenanigans well you can shoot up to 4K resolution footage but if you want to shoot at 60fps that will bump it down to full HD again and again I was happy with the test footage that the final two flip spaffed out at that 4K level plenty of detail packed into every frame the image stabilization is respectable and even at night that Maricel connects again helped to keep the video nice and bright certainly more attractive than what you'll get on a lot of rival smartphones and then the little selfie camera on the inside of the fine N2 flip is a 32 megapixel effort Sony IMX 709 although you only really need to use this for you know escape and zoom in and the light because if you do want to shoot a selfie you can do so with those rear cameras and if you want to shoot a video of yourself well you can use the internal selfie camera on that massive a 6.8 inch display and you can just prop up the smartphone like so and chat hands-free if you want this is particularly good for Skyping or zooming or whatever or alternatively you can use the external cameras as well to shoot a bit of vlogging action either way you're topping off at full HD resolution and there you have it you gorgeous sweet beasties that and a delicious little nutshell is oppo's Nifty find N2 flip and I've got to say as far as these compact foldables go this is one of my favorites right
now in 2023 mostly because the excellent bloody battery life but as a solid all-rounder you can't really go wrong my only real complaint is that that cover screen as delightful as it is does feel underutilized right
now so hopefully at some point they'll post some updates that allow you to do more with it anyway that's what I reckon what do you guys think are you tempted by the Oppo Fine and 2 flip be gritty your thoughts down in the comments below please do POG subscribe and ding that notifications

Unboxing the Oppo Find N2 Flip foldable phone (global edition), with a review of the camera tech, gaming on Genshin Impact, battery life and more. The Oppo Find N2 Flip is one of the best bendy smartphones of 2023, a step up vs Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 4 in a few ways. In the UK it will release on March 2 with a price from £849.

Although it's a similar size to the Samsung Z Flip 4, the Oppo Find N2 Flip boasts an improved design with a more subtle crease and less of a gap. Battery life is a serious upgrade, offering a full day of play even with six plus hours of screen on time including LOTS of camera use. ColorOS 13 is as feature-packed as ever, including a gaming mode for Genshin fans. Speaking of which, the Oppo Find N2 Flip can run the latest Android titles no worries, although the Galaxy Z Flip does offer slightly stronger performance.

My only wish is for Oppo to improve the functionality of that massive cover screen. It's ideal for quickly interacting with apps like Deezer and WhatsApp and yet right now you only have basic media controls and reply options.

So are you tempted by the Oppo Find N2 Flip? Do you agree that it's one of the best compact foldables of 2023, even better than Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 4? Check out my full review for more on that bendy phone, and let us know your thoughts below!

Oppo Find N2 Flip Unboxing & Review Chapters:
0:00 - Bendy blower ahoy!
0:37 - What's in the box?
1:14 - Design
2:35 - Flexion Hinge
4:11 - ColorOS 13 & features
4:55 - Cover screen
8:11 - Internal screen
9:37 - Audio
10:46 - Performance & gaming
12:11 - Battery life
13:20 - Cameras
16:13 - Byyyyeeeee

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