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date : 2023-02-13 15:00:38
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Realme 10 Pro 5G Unboxing & Review | Coca Cola Edition!
Unboxing the Realme 10 Pro 5G budget smartphone, plus a review of the camera tech, gaming smarts, battery life etc after several days of full time use. This is the Realme 10 Pro Coca Cola Edition, a rebranded model with fresh themes and bonus bits - but the regular phone is a star in its own right, with decent specs, enough grunt for PubG and Genshin Impact, and impressive battery life.

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The Realme 10 Pro 5G is a 6.72-inch beast with an IPS screen that, sure, isn't as strong as OLED tech but ain't bad either. This Coca Cola Edition serves up some special wallpaper, animations etc, but the rest of the specs stay the same - including the 108MP main camera. This is good for everyday snaps although ambient photos are softer and blurry if there's motion.

Gaming is a respectable experience, with Genshin impact running as long as you keep graphics low. The Realme 10 Pro 5G is one of the best affordable phones for battery life too. Overall, an impressive package, whether you go Coca Cola or not!

Realme 10 Pro 5G Unboxing & Review Chapters:
0:00 - Banging on
0:33 - What's in the box?
1:24 - Design
3:21 - Realme UI & Coca Cola theme
5:10 - Display & Audio
7:11 - Performance & gaming test
8:03 - Battery life
8:52 - Cameras
11:05 - Byyyeeee

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Hello I'm Chris from techsper and today we're going to be checking out the budget friendly realme 10 Pro not just the Box standard realme 10 Pro this is the limited edition Coca-Cola version It's the exact same specs and Hardware as the original realme 10 Pro just with a design inspired by Fizzy Pop personally I would have preferred a glenmarangi limited edition maybe with some Miniatures band there in the box but here huh so let's whip out the real me 10 Pro Coca-Cola Edition see what that's all about and for more on the latest and greatest Tech please do POG subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers so straight off the bat linen really heavily into that Brandon even the inside of the lid is filled with Coca-Cola mantras and let's see what this is all about

So we've got a lot of stickers you can really profess your love for this sugary drink and there's a couple extra bits chucked in here too so you've got a can-shaped card which tells you exactly which number of the limited edition for new wheeled and some other random Guff there on the back and this fair enough I've got to admit is pretty bloody cool the Sim Porky pin is actually shaped like a Coca-Cola bottle top and what else do you get in the Box besides of course the realme 10 Pro well you've got yourself a 33 watt power adapter type c USB cable and a good or reliable condom case to keep your real me 10 Pros here from harm and I'm kind of surprised there's no Brandon on any of that lot to be honest it could have been painted red or something but whatever so here we are kitties here is this crazy ass smartphone in the flesh I've actually been using the realme 10 Pro as my full-time smartphone for a long weekend and I'm shocked that more people haven't come up to me and said oh you like Coca-Cola do you
now first off I'm quite surprised by how light the real me 10 Pro is mostly because I've come from it from the OnePlus 11. this thing only weighs 100 190 grams despite being a massive 6.72 inch unit so noticeably lighter than that OnePlus bit more comfortable to fondle one-handed even though you've got those flat edges no real Curves in sight and obviously reaching the folds extremities bit of a stretch it's a good thing you've got a proper one-handed mode on board real me reckons you get a boundless display here not quite you do have a bit of lip action down below for instance but the bezels are impressively skinny so thankfully this thing is a unit but at least you don't have any unnecessary girth added on and while you can certainly pick up the regular realme 10 Pawn quite a sparkly in your face design I wouldn't say it's quite as full on as this Coca-Cola effort not exactly a subtle bit of brand in there there's someone at the printed Factory seems to be on the source because that logo has been slashed in half realme has added a thick metal effect which apparently looks like brushed aluminum and yeah it's got that kind of Sheen to it but of course when you touch the back end of the real me 10 Pro it is quite clearly constructed from plastic at least that matte finish means it doesn't get all marked up and greasy and grimy and stuff obviously how much you like the design will kind of depend on your feelings towards this particular beverage personally gotta say it I'm more of an
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iron Brew kind of guy I definitely need a bright orange smartphone in my life I do really like the red rings surrounding the camera lenses though in fact if you like red chances are you'll probably get on with this fun oh and while this phone is protected against water infiltration apparently there's no official IP rating or anything so I'll certainly wouldn't go taking it into a bathtub a Jacuzzi with you but you know spill your Coke on the bugger it'll probably be all right now you've got the latest greatest Android 13 here on the real me 10 Pro but as usual this has been transformed with real me ui4 so while Android users should be able to find their way around no problem whatsoever you will notice a few changes here and there and of course on this Coca-Cola Edition you've got an extra bit of Fizz to sweeten things up so this is the Coca-Cola theme that is applied by default got a fairly nondescript wall here for just a few little Bubbles and a unique lock screen as well which just appears to be the real me cat mascot thing apparently being drowned in fizzy liquid you've also got an official Coca-Cola ringtone

Very catchy and you've also got an official Coca-Cola notification sound and this one I actually like very much

I basically guarantee every time you get an email you suddenly get very very thirsty indeed you've even got a unique charge and animation which is highly exciting stuff and then the rest of the real me 10 bro is basically your regular realme UI complete with unfortunately a heap of crappler all kinds of random stuff bunged on here snack video not really sure what that is or Roman bloody LinkedIn of course you got Agoda really Zone at Market just tons of stuff that you just want to get rid of unfortunately a lot of this crap you can just straight up uninstall from the apps tray for your storage needs you have 128 gigs of space quite a lot of that unsurprisingly taken up by apps as you can see although at least 20 gigs worth of that is genshin impact and the delightful news is you do actually have space inside of that symmetry for a Micro SD memory card if you want to expand and I do appreciate how real me has gone for a good old-fashioned Edge mounted fingerprint sensor on here as well which as you can see there Swift and responsive no worries at all I was backed up by a decent bit of Face Unlock as well so that's sizable 6.72 inch panel here on the real me 10 Pro is IPS Tech sadly it's not OLED but it is at least a reasonably decent IPS screen so no you don't get an always on display and the contrast isn't quite as sharp those blacks not quite as deep but are still perfectly happy kicking back with a bit of Netflix Disney plus whatever you got full HD Plus resolution visuals 2400 by 1080 viewing angles are certainly wide enough to comfortably watch something with a fellow family member and I had no problems on the maximum brightness scene what was going on when I was outdoors and the selfie cam orifice doesn't intrude too much in the action when you go full screen although it is centrally positioned rather than wedged away in a corner if you head into the real me 10 Pros display settings you can go to the screen refresh for it as you can see there it's set to Dynamic by default apparently this skills all the way from
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30 Hertz up to 120 hertz you can bump it on 120 full time and I certainly found the UI was perfectly smooth the time I've been using this however I have noticed in my time with the real me 10 Pro that the screen respond can be a wee bit mental so sometimes you'll try and just do a gentle wee scroll and instead their website or your social media feed will just absolutely shoot off and I can't of course recreate it
now on video the bloody figures behaving apps that eat perfectly
now but believe me it's been doing it a lot these past few days and the real me 10 Pro also boasts Ultra boom stereo speakers bit of a callback to HTC's boom sound phones of yester not really sure what qualifies them as ultraboom exactly so you've got original all type oh my God it's so tough seriously if you think Dark Souls is tricky well this little will eat your soul and then ship it out and then eat it all over again they're perfectly okay stereo speakers uh you know not the loudest uh when you crank up that volume and a little bit tinny to be perfectly honest but you know they're fine for just kick him out with some YouTube whatever and not only has the Bluetooth streaming been behaving itself but you also get a headphone jack hooray
now the real me 10 Pro is powered by all reliable Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 chipset backed here by eight gigs of RAM not only does this offer you full 5G support but the everyday running is perfectly smooth and I even found that gaming was respectable enough as well the likes of Genji impact you do have to have those graphic sets the lowest possible setting but the good news is that the frame rate remains fairly stable then even when the action gets a little bit heated I actually found the experience quite enjoyable overall when I wasn't getting my ass handed to me by some app absolute Wang with a giant hammer and realmi's gaming mode is back in Action here is basically the same as what you'll find on the likes of color OS and oxygen OS these days lots of great tools and features packed away in there including a performance mode which I maxed out to give gentian impact every possible chance of running well you've got to kind of focus Do Not Disturb mode as well to block out the rest of the bloody world what's really impressed me here on the real me 10 Pro these last few days is the battery life this thing lasts a hell of a lot longer than an actual kind of cook that's for damn sure you've got a 5 000 milliamp hour capacity cell crammed in there between that the energy efficient 695 chipset as well this thing will keep on going all day long no worries whatsoever even if you're up at the Cracker door they're not staggering to bed till well after midnight I found that even if I was doing a video chat for an hour in a day uh you know streaming about an hour or two's worth of Crunchyroll and YouTube lots of Deezer and podcast action in the background I found that I generally have at least 30 battery life for a minute and more stairs when I finally collapsed on just hopefully in my actual bed nothing too remarkable on the battery charging side of things 33 watt wired charging and of course there's no Wireless charge and it's to budget and plastic for that so let's finish off this real me
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10 Pro unboxing with a squint at the camera tech and as you can see just a dual lens set up here quite shocking and remarkable these days and the primary sensor is actually a 108 megapixel Samsung hm6 and there is one final bit of Coca-Cola Brandon which I've neglected to mention that is when you hit the shutter button any idea what that sound is well apparently it's the sound of a bottle cap being popped personally I just thought there was something wrong with the phone until I read that up anyway this phone uses nine in one pixel binning on Full Auto so the real me 10 Prosper sub 12 megapixel photos and they're sharp enough in strong light and although some of my more ambient picks were rather soft if still bright and Poppy definitely make sure your subject is static in dimmerlight too otherwise they will come out quite fuzzy still low light results aren't bad for a budget phone with the focus cope and well and strong contrast generally doesn't screw things over either you won't find yourself a telephoto lens on the real me 10 Pro as you would expect at a budget price but if conditions are good enough you can use the 108 megapixel mode instead to capture finer detail which is ideal for cropping into a shot without the end result being a fuzzy bag of ass and likewise there's no Ultra wide angle shooter on this phone either which is kind of annoying when you're trying to snap something massive the only other lens on here is a 2 megapixel depth sensor for your portrait shots but at least that means there's no pointless macro bollocks either and the portrait results on the realme 10 Pro are decent complete with the usual selection of very random filters you can also capture simple horror movies with the realme 10 Pro although video does top off at full HD resolution rather than 4K so those visuals aren't exactly pin sharp and they're viewed back on a laptop or a Telly stabilization is fine audio pickup is clear enough and even in quite ambient light my test footage wasn't tall swampy rubbish and yes if you absolutely must shoot some pictures of your own face instead of other people's well you've got a 16 megapixel selfie camera on the realme 10 Pro she's doing a remarkable job of showing how I didn't bother to shave this morning and yes you can shoot full HD resolution video with up front facing cam as well again the audio pickups are absolutely fine I've had no troubles whatsoever Skyping or zoom in with this thing and there you have it I love these that in a delicious little nutshell is the realme 10 Pro and I got a silver see the Coca-Cola Edition that's gonna be kind of love it or hit it depending on your feelings towards this particular beverage but if you don't happen to be a fan of Fizzy Pop well no worries you can pick up the real me 10 Pro in which we'll do it and also still very Jazzy but not quite so corporate hoary designs and I did enjoy my time with the real me 10 Pro it's a very respectively specked smartphone for a budget blower the camera text pretty decent with its obvious limitations but if you want to you can upgrade to the real me 10 Pro Plus which is even better spec if you've got a bit more extra cash I've done a full unboxing of that one on the channel so go check that out in the meantime please do let us know your