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Titre Original: The 'Affordable' 144Hz 4K HDMI 2.1 Monitor! HP Omen 27u Review
HP Omen 27 Video Review by TotallydubbedHD
Video Review for the product HP Omen 27, published on Youtube with the title "The 'Affordable' 144Hz 4K HDMI 2.1 Monitor! HP Omen 27u Review" by TotallydubbedHD

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We've got quite a tasty 4K gaming monitor on review it's the HP Omen 27u it Sports a 4K 144hz IPS panel it also has HDR 400 certification and AMD freesync technology and better still disabled HDMI 2.1 Port is in utilization all of this coming in at a somewhat affordable price of 600 pounds in the UK and 700 in the US
now in this review you can see if it's actually worth its price tag and how it compares to some of its competitors before jumping into this video I would like to thank Philips for actually sponsoring it more on them further down in this video
now to kick off this video I do want to quickly touch upon inputs and here it's got DisplayPort 1.4 HDMI 2.1 and HDMI 2.0 now here over DP 1.4 I was able to Output 4K at 144hz at up to 10 bits which is pretty impressive but better still over HDMI 2.1 I was able to tile put the same resolution and refresh rate but up to 12 bits
now of course for console Gamers you'll be limited to 4K 120 and that's due to the limitations of of course your Source device
now with that out of the way let's talk about its gaming performance and let's jump straight in and talk about input lag and this is actually quite intriguing see here I had it objectively tested at 4.4 milliseconds which is actually the slowest that I've tested to date equally in comparison to other 4K gaming monitors it doesn't fare all that well now while 4.4 milliseconds is disappointing it's nowhere near as shocking as the initial 8.4 milliseconds that I had tested using my regular testing methodology see all the other monitors that you've seen over here we're using an Acer monitor as my reference point and this is then for benchmarked over a CRT so therefore giving me a accurate input like figure now here this monitor was then tested in comparison to an AOC gaming monitor which is the first time that I've actually used it in order to give me a reference point
now in this respect the only reason I want to point this out is because I felt that 8.4 milliseconds objectively and by the way I ran the test six times over didn't seem to reflect my own subjective opinion about this monitor see here I'm someone who shoved over 2 500 hours on competitive Counter-Strike and from my own opinion I felt that the input lag of 8.4 milliseconds wasn't reflecting my actual input of this monitor see 4.4 milliseconds seemed to be a bit more in line with what I would expect it's not exactly a monitor I would use for hardcore Competitive Gaming and yes it is slower than comparison to some of the faster gaming monitors out there namely let's say non-4k monitors but it's nowhere near as bad as 8.4 milliseconds which I would be able to easily note and I know we're talking about milliseconds but for someone who's reviewed over 200 different panels and again played over 2500 hours of competitive Counter-Strike I can safely say that I can note is the difference between a faster or slower input lag
now with the mind-boggling input lag testing out of the way let's talk about its response time
now here it's very much linked with the overdrive mode that you select on the omen 27u you go from Level 1 all the way to level five level five being the fastest mode although this will also incur a significant amount of inverse ghosting versus let's say the lower level modes now in my case I actually liked using this monitor on Level 3 mode while playing a game like Destiny 2 while dialing it to the level 4 modes because the amount of inverse ghosting was present but not too severe for me to throw off my shots
now let me put this into perspective and put it some numbers across your screen
now here you can see a screenshot of the osr TT tool and at the bottom left hand side of the screen you'll see average initial time this is tested on the level 1 mode at 144 Hertz and you can see it at coming in at
Photo 2: HP Omen 27 Video Review by TotallydubbedHD
6.11 milliseconds
now if we switch over to level two you can see this drops down to 5 5.22 milliseconds then moving over to level 3 mode you can see here it drops down to 4.36 milliseconds which is actually pretty impressive for a gaming panel
now I'd like to shift your eyes towards the RGB overshoot which can be found towards the middle of your screen you can see here in capacity to the other levels it's actually starting to turn a bit off green or indeed orange so here
now we shift over to level four and yes suddenly you've got a lot more red on your screen which effectively is trying to translate as RGB overshoot coming in
now you can see here on the flip side that the average initial times does drop down to 3.51 milliseconds and on the level 5 mode where we've got an even more amount of overshoot you can see here it drops down to a stupidly low 2.96 milliseconds reiterating the point that if you do want a good visual experience go on to level three and if your eyes can take it or if the game is less graphically intense you might want to go to level 4 modes
now to further solidify the test and to explain what I'm meaning over here you can see the different level overdrive modes whereby at level 4 mode you can see a little bit of trailing occurring behind the UFO while at a level 5 mode it becomes pretty unbearable and indeed that does reflective Real World Experience
now on the right hand side you will be able to see mprt modes and indeed over here there's a little bracket which is label three and this is because it's in relation to the level overdrive modes in my case I had it tested with the level 3 overdrive mode with mprt dialed up to its maximum level this is actually quite a rarity because normally you do not see overdrive modes able to be selected when mprt mode is enabled so here you can see that the UFO is a lot clearer and indeed in real world applications you'll be able to note that your game or indeed character models will be a lot clearer because the motion blur has been reduced now Note with my camera there is a lot of flickering that occurs but in real life in other words using your eyes you won't notice any of the flickering so do not worry about this problem
now it is worth pointing out that mprt mode cannot be used simultaneous easily with adaptive sync Technologies and therefore you can't run it with Nvidia g-sync nor AMD freesync
now this does actually perfectly bring me onto the VR Technologies in my case I had no sort of flickering or black screen issues on the Nvidia pendulum demo and equally when I was playing Destiny 2 at 4K at 144hz with HDR I was also able to run Nvidia g-sync therefore giving me a good tear-free gaming experience although it's worth noting that this does not have a native g-sync module and as such cannot benefit from the full VR range instead it sits from 48 Hertz up to 144hz
now this should only be a course for concern if you are going to be dropping below those 48 Hertz and as a result you might want to be looking at a monitor that does have a native g-sync module in order for you to get an even smoother experience
now I did mention HDR in testing and indeed the monitor does have display hdr400 certification from my own test it did hit over 400 nits
now here the monitor says HDR performance is actually not too bad in comparison to other HDR 400 monitors and the reason behind that is because your raw color accuracy seems to be retained in other words it's very nice to look at and the image does seem to pop a little bit more in HDR in comparison to SDR however make no mistake it's no competition to monitors that have HDR 600 certification or full array local dimming of course you're gonna have to Splash out more for said monitors specifically at the 4K 144hz resolution and refresh rate but
Photo 3: HP Omen 27 Video Review by TotallydubbedHD
it's just something I thought to point out in order to set your expectations in check speaking of which you would expect this monitor to Output 4K at 120 hertz and indeed it does for modern day consoles thanks to the inclusion of a full bandwidth HDMI 2.1 ports
now I had it also objectively tested using the osrtt tool and you can see on your screen that on level 1 mode it's very similar to the 144hz results whereby average initial time sits at 5.91 minutes seconds shifting to level 2 mode it goes to 5.17 milliseconds going on to level three which is the recommended mode at least in my opinion it goes to a 4.37 milliseconds going over to level four whereby you'll incur some inverse ghosting it goes down to 3.65 milliseconds and then at level 5 mode it goes down all the way to 2.96 milliseconds
now note these were tested at 120 hertz and here you can see the visual experience and the UFO ghosting test indeed yet again I would suggest level 3 mode but if your eyes can take it then you might want to dial into level 4 mode
now on the side I would like to point out that with my RTX 3080 that has an HDMI 2.1 Port I was able to Output 4K at 144 Hertz while also simultaneously running HDR and Nvidia g-sync all of which are certainly appreciated and therefore further re-emphasizes the point that this is a full bandwidth HDMI 2.1 port and can be definitely utilized for console Gamers now pass this gaming perform moments what about when it comes to image quality well here the motor has got a 27 inch flat IPS panel with some slight matte coating on it
now in this respect the monitor does also have a dedicated srgb mode although it's not labeled that in the OSD but rather mentioned as standard
now in said mode via my calibrators I noted a gamut coverage of 96.4 percent and 99.5 percent in gamma volume in comparison to the srgb standard which is pretty impressive and you can see below how it Compares equally it's color accuracy Saturday averaged LT of 1.15 and a maximum of 2.83 thus being perfectly usable for serious image editing work or video grading as for its tested contrast ratio it sat at 1053 to 1 while it's measured white point in comparison to the 6504 Kelvin targets sat pretty close at 6799k at 100 equally its gamma curve was pretty similar to the 2.2 standards
now while its srgb mode will be appealing to editors out there for gamers you might want to run on its native mode presets because it has a wider color gamut
now here you'll be able to see on your screen the DC ip3 results indeed over here you can see that the average delt sits at 3.71 and a maximum of 7.22 and you can see here how the gamut coverage and volumes are effective specifically positively in the Adobe RGB and DCI P3 spaces
now the white Point does shift at 6601 Kelvin at 100 therefore being even tighter but you can see here that the monitor does not hit the 2.6 gamma standard where the DCI P3 mode really shines effectively what I'm trying to convey over here is that for image editors or video editors in the DC ip3 space or adobe RGB space might want to look elsewhere but for gamers out there the overall image saturation and the color pop that you get in said mode in other words native present 2D standard mode preset will certainly be appreciated
now you might have noticed the brightness figures on your screen so let's talk about them here in HDR I noticed up to 452 nits therefore faster passing the 400 nit standard required for display HDR 400 certification SDR brightness is still also very high at 420 nits while it also does get all the way down to 65 nits
now on the subject of peak luminous this does bring me onto brightness uniformity and on my tested panel which I appreciate is somewhat panel Lottery it actually did fare pretty well only doing a little bit worse towards the bottom left hand side of your screen however in terms
Photo 4: HP Omen 27 Video Review by TotallydubbedHD
of backlight bleed it was actually not that impressive you can notice over here that bleed comes from every single four corner and while this didn't exactly throw me off if it's something of a concern to you in other words if you are consuming a lot of dark scenes or for example playing a lot of dark games then you might want to look at some VA Alternatives or even TN Alternatives in order to alleviate any sort of backlight bleeds
now moving past these tests let's talk about build quality and here the monitor has got a full side borderless design which is certainly aesthetically pleasing although it's worth noting that due to this the stand only limits you to height and tilt adjustments only therefore you cannot pivot or swivel it like you'd find on some Alternatives out theirs however you can replace this with a Visa compatible stand in order to give you the full sort of controls that you might desire speaking of which via conveniently placed joystick button placed behind the monitor you can access the hardware-based OSD and indeed over here allows you to customize the monitor to your heart's content giving you a plethora of different options from disabling the power LED that's located at the front of the monitor to adjusting the overdrive modes as I did mention before better still HP also provide the omen gaming Hub which gives you the ability to adjust further settings you'll find the same sort of ones that come from the hardware-based OSD but gives you even more customization when it comes to the RGB lights and yes this monitor does have some backward and bottom firing lights in this respect the one that is positioned towards the front refracts off the stand which therefore means that you can actually see the light projected on your desk which is a cool little inclusion by HP but of course it's not something that I actually use so I actually fully disable all the RGB lights
now elsewhere the monitor does also have two built-in speakers and therefore provides some sort of audio although I will definitely suggest getting a set of bookshelf speakers or for example a headphone DAC or a headset in order for you to get a better audio reproduction and yes if you do want to root audio directly from the monitor there is also a 3.5 millimeter output Jack
now as for other features the monitor has got a USB type-c input which can be useful if you want to plug in your peripherals directly into the two USB type A ports that can be found on the monitor although it's worth noting that this does not have a built-in KVM switch which perfectly leads us onto today's video sponsor Phillips indeed the manufacturer of Premium monitors provides numerous productivity Solutions some models have USB type-c connectivity allowing you to simultaneously charge your laptop and display an image others have that sought after built-in KVM switch which enables you to plug in your peripherals straight into your monitor and seamlessly switch between sources elsewhere daisy chain technology allows you to use a singular Source cable for two monitors effectively freeing up a display output on your graphics card to find out more about Philips Solutions follow the link in the description below so with all that in mind it brings me onto my verdict of the HP Omen 27u and on the whole it's actually a pretty good monitor see here it's got a 4K 144hz IPS panel which is very color accurate has got good response times has also got that fabled HDMI 2.1 Port has got a bunch of different features built in and furthermore is actually pretty affordable at least as far as 4K gaming monitors go with with HDMI 2.1 as such it gets my value Awards
now I couldn't quite give it my performance or my Best Buy Awards purely because of the input lag figures that I attained again reiterating the point that I had two different input lag figures and therefore it's just something that you should be mindful about
now I'd be curious to know what you make of the omen 27u down in the comments section below and I would like to thank Phillips yet again for sponsoring

The HP Omen 27u is a 27" 144Hz 4K gaming monitor with HDR, Adaptive Sync and HDMI 2.1. Find out how it performs by watching my review!
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Thanks to Philips for sponsoring this video! More info about their products: https://www.philips.co.uk/c-e/so/monitors/docking-monitors

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