Tronsmart Halo 100 Video Review by Sean Talks Tech

Tronsmart Halo 100 Video Review by Sean Talks Tech
Video Review for the product Tronsmart Halo 100, published on Youtube with the title "Party Speaker with Big Personality! Tronsmart Halo 100 Review!" by Sean Talks Tech
vidéo test Tronsmart Halo 100 par Sean Talks Tech
Video Review published by Sean Talks Tech
date : 2023-01-30 14:00:23
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Party Speaker with Big Personality! Tronsmart Halo 100 Review!
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Party Speaker with Big Personality! Tronsmart Halo 100 Review! In 2022 itself, Tronsmart have release a number of bang speakers and also other smaller speakers that emphasize a lot of their ability to drive loud music at parties with nice dancing LEDs, and this year, we?re looking at a new release from Tronsmart, also in the portable party speaker genre.

The speaker today was sent over to me by Tronsmart for review and although they were sent over to me, no money has exchanged hands, so this review is based on my experience and opinion about them.

0:00 - Intro
1:16 - Design & Build
2:38 - Ports
3:21 - Controls
4:16 - Battery Life
4:34 - Volume
5:18 - Features
6:07 - Tronsmart App
6:49 - Sound Signature
8:20 - Sound Test
9:22 - Latency Performance
9:40 - Gaming Latency Test
10:25 - Verdict

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So in 2022 itself trunks might have released a number of Bank speakers and also other small speakers that emphasize a lot on their ability to drive loud music at parties with nice dancing LEDs and this year we're looking at a new release from transmart also in the portable party speaker genre so the speaker today was sent over to me by transmart for review and auto dealer to me no money has actually enchants and this review is based on my honest and unbiased opinion so this speaker here retails for about 499 Malaysia ringgit and that's about 119 US Dollars however alongside the launch of their speaker you can get this at only 99 US dollars or about 430 Malaysian Ringgit so if you're interested in buying this speaker definitely check out the links in the description below the design this time is more of a loudspeaker type of design unlike the Bang series that we've checked out previously that were designed more like a Boombox this time around you're gonna have an upright style design and more space to add more drivers inside so at the front of the speaker you're going to get this large metal Grille with the transmart batch at the front here and the perforated holes all around the front of the speaker which makes the speaker a lot see-through because the main thing that transfer wants to Showcase here is the dancing LEDs inside as you can see and with this Grille the LED can definitely shine through nicely so at the top of the speaker you're gonna get this control pad here which we'll talk about later and you're going to get a strap as well with the Halo one here so you can bring this around it feels kind of like PU leather with a very comfy felt interior so it's easy for you to carry it around so this speaker itself isn't that light coming in at about 2.9 kilograms so you definitely need the strap to carry it around so the main design of this speaker is at the front where you're gonna get a combined total of 60 watts of power driven from one front roofer here and there's two smaller mid-range twitters here and also a single Tweeter at the top and inside here there's also a large 5.6 inch passive radiator inside the enclosure so there's also LEDs inside the speaker drivers which you can see dance along with your music which is super cool as well and at the back of the speaker there's also a flap that hides the port and that's pretty much the design of the speaker so inside this flap itself you're going to
Tronsmart Halo 100 Video Review by Sean Talks Tech - photo 2
get a couple of ports here pretty standard stuff and you're gonna get a USB type A to use this speaker as a power bank or you can also plug in a USB a drive for you to play music of that you're gonna get a type c charging port to charge up the speaker a 3.5 auxiliary port for you to use the speaker plugged in and also a Micro SD card if you want to play songs of the card so do take note because I do see the inside transplant website they do hide their terms they're saying that you know it's very subtle and it recommends that you do not play music while charging the speaker to ensure that the battery doesn't get damaged so that's something to take note off so the controls here is also pretty straightforward and here you're gonna get a power button to power on off the speaker next day again again LED button so that you can switch between find different color styles or dancing modes and you can also hold it down to turn off the LEDs altogether to save battery life and there's also a sound pulse button at the top here soundpulse EQ so you can turn that on or off and next day you're gonna get an M button which is a mode button for you to swap between bluetooth auxiliary micro SD card and you're also going to get a pair button to daisy chain this with two other speakers together and below that you're gonna get some audio controls for volume player pause and also track skipping you can also call out your assistant by double tapping the play or pause button so nice thing about these controls is that they are all individually so it's super useful if you use this speaker in the dark in dark party so you can see them and control them easily so in terms of battery life the speaker takes about five and a half hours to charge up and with that you're only going to get about 18 hours of playback time of course this depends solely on your volume that you play at and whether or not you play this speaker with LED turned on either way this is still a plenty impressive battery life for any length of party so in terms of volume a comfortable sound for me started around 30 and it should fill a small bedroom with no problem anything from 10 to 15 in my opinion is not really audible so real volume really started after 20 so about 50 volume you should be able to cover a living room size space with people talking and it's actually a pretty
Tronsmart Halo 100 Video Review by Sean Talks Tech - photo 3
good volume to cover a space like that and around 60 you should be able to host a party in about a thousand square foot space even outdoors with people talking so this speaker actually gets really loud and works really well in pushing sound in big Open Spaces I don't have the chance to use this in any outdoor party scenarios but just by boosting the volume a little bit over 70 percent I don't see that there will be a problem to projectile far and wide so the Halo 100 has a nicely laid out list of specs to justify its price and this speaker comes with a Bluetooth 5.3 chipset which supports the SBC codeine only and as mentioned in previous reviews for this type of party speakers first audio quality may not be your immediate priority hence a decent SBC codec with a well-tuned set of speakers inside is the way to go and speaking also is rated for ipx6 water resistant so you can use this even under rain and there wouldn't be much of an issue and I would strongly recommend not dunking this into a pool since this is still not considered as waterproof and this speaker also features a microphone support if you happen to want to make phone calls with it it also comes with two device multi-point which is a really cool feature for a party speaker to have this feature on top of that you're also getting app support with this speaker so with that let's talk about the Tron smart app a little bit and the transmit app is actually very simple and easy to use with a few key features to highlight so at the home page here this is where you're going to get your volume controls your battery percentage and also controls for your audio playback and the second tab this is where you're gonna get controls for the different EQ presets and there are no customizable eqs here so if you want to play around with those bars you can do it here and the last time this is where you're going to choose between the different playback modes you're going to get dual speaker pairing controls and also different LED light styles to choose from and at the home page here there's also a settings at the top right corner where you can update your firmware or check the user manual for the speaker so that's pretty much all the features you get with the Tron smart app so let's talk about the sound signature of the Halo 100 and I will classify them as loud and clear and this speaker does get quite loud for its size and despite its ability to
Tronsmart Halo 100 Video Review by Sean Talks Tech - photo 4
go loud it doesn't get muffled or cracked and still retains its composure really well so that's a very good thing and the base here isn't that crazy considering its size you get the best effect of the base when you're sitting close to the speaker or when you play the speaker really loud as you move away from the speaker the bass note kind of loses its power and doesn't travel that well you get very little emphasis here with the sub bass there's a hint of it but with some songs that I know rumbles really low this speaker won't reproduce this really really low notes and it performs slightly better with the mid base and the upper base but the game base is good just not as strong as a subwoofer so meteor is surprisingly good and as compared to the bang SE I must say that the Halo 100 is tuned way better compared to the bank SE and has a really clear and crisp vocal notes without sounding recessed muffled or unclear so the high tier is actually very good thanks to the dedicated Twitter units right up here and this project really well at really high volumes you actually feel there's too much trouble in this ear pierce a little bit with some songs however this is easily remedy with either turning off the sound pulse EQ or just swap to a different EQ in the air overall I think it's one of the better sounding speaker releases from Tron smart recently and if I could choose between the different bank series or the Halo 100 I'll definitely go with the Halo 100.

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So latency with games like pubg is decent it's not lag free but when you game in real time there's really no problem with enjoying the game watching videos and YouTubes on this feels very nice and snappy as well anyways let's take a look at latency performance of this speaker




So overall I think this is a very good release from transmart and it's nice to see them focusing a lot on outdoor party speakers and I would think this is a good option if you're looking for a speaker like that or if you want to choose one of the bank series I definitely recommend the bang mini if the styling of the bang is more the type that you're looking for so that is it for this review if you find this video helpful smash that Thumbs Up Button share this video everywhere if you haven't yet subscribe do consider subscribing and I'll see you in the next video