OmegaBot Video Review by GRIMREAPERSAGE

OmegaBot Video Review by GRIMREAPERSAGE
Video Review for the product OmegaBot, published on Youtube with the title "OmegaBot Video Review" by GRIMREAPERSAGE
vidéo test OmegaBot par GRIMREAPERSAGE
Video Review published by GRIMREAPERSAGE
date : 2023-01-30 13:52:32
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OmegaBot Video Review
This is my Video Review for OmegaBot played on my PS5.
Published by Red Art Games @REDARTGAMES
Developer Simon Carny @simoncarny-omegabot9847
Released in UK 20/1/2023
Price in UK £9.99.


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OmegaBot is a tight action side-scroller with challenging robotic bosses. As the OmegaBot, dodge metallic dangers, acquire powerful weapons and blast your way through a ravaged world full of deadly machines. In OmegaBot, running out of energy means death.

Avoid various traps and deadly obstacles by using your weapons and abilities. Make your way through metallic forests, ruins of futuristic cities and other environments. And step away from the beaten path in order to find hidden secrets and maybe even new friends who will help you vanquish the curse that has stricken the land.


-Varied environments including metallic forests and ruins of a futuristic city
-Fast-paced but strategic combat
-Challenging bosses whose weapons and powers can be looted
-Colorful pixel art graphics

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What's up everyone this is grim reaper Sage here so this is the Omega Bot video review so this is the PS5 version it released on the 20th of the 1st 2023 um shout out to Red art games who are the publishing developer who gave me the code to review this so the uh overall score was 8 out of ten um so yeah so the pros are the enemies are cool looking and varied uh bosses are changing they're all got their own look as well which is cool you can change your skin which actually does affect it like gives you different options which is really good more than just cosmetic it's really easy to pick up and play there's literally like a couple of buttons there's no like million combos or anything story was
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quite interesting yeah yeah it's cute little robot um very nostalgic Vibes reminds me of growing up playing old mouse system games and stuff like that uh really cool pixel art style retro and all the rest you know it's kind of I like the old pixel arts and overall um it's pretty good value it's only antenna um yeah and you get a lot of stuff on it a lot of bosses and stuff like that uh so the two negatives is the old school difficulty can be frustrating as you'll see in a minute I can't every time you shoot you move back and like the amount of times I died on this guy and he's not even a boss because I'd get shot or I'd do the jump like after I kill him you see
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me do the jump and then you see me fail and then I have to redo it again so that's kind of annoying like it's old school game so um there's no real reason to replay it though however after you finish it like you can't redo the levels or anything at all so once it's done it's a one and done um overall though the old school difficulty could be frustrating for people nowadays uh again not a lot reason replay it but for a turnout has pretty cool bosses own moves it has a nice nostalgic feel and vibe to it and uh you know there's not a million buttons or combos to learn and yeah that will basically do for my video review um so as always I hope you enjoy them if you've got
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