Lone Ruin Video Review by I Dream of Indie Games

Lone Ruin Video Review by I Dream of Indie Games
Video Review for the product Lone Ruin, published on Youtube with the title "LONE RUIN Review | Won't Ruin Your Day!" by I Dream of Indie Games
vidéo test Lone Ruin par I Dream of Indie Games
Video Review published by I Dream of Indie Games
date : 2023-01-11 15:00:07
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LONE RUIN Review | Won't Ruin Your Day!
Greetings Indie Warriors and welcome to our LONE RUIN review on Steam/PC! LONE RUIN is an action roguelike that is also available on the Nintendo Switch.
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Magic meets cyberpunk in Lone ruin a roguelike bullet hell where a blue-haired spellcaster explores the dangerous ruins of an abandoned city hoping to reach the center of its incredible power slinging death to Flying skull baths bouncing eyeballs of legs and giant worms to name a few of the many enemies that you'll encounter at the start of each run you are presented with eight spell options by Pink horned Specter and three of those spell options are upgraded versions of the original your choices and spells range from a barrage of shards to chain lightning to a small Scythe my preferred was the chained lightning because it had auto aim which allowed me to focus on dodging while mashing away at my spells and waiting for their cooldowns to pass outside of these spells offered at the start of each run you encounter more as you venture through the various battle encounters like a black hole spell that allows you to drag enemies while doing damage which was one of my favorites or the Nova Splash which deals damage in a circle directly around you in addition to your spells you can collect or purchase various artifacts to enhance your gameplay experience for instance you can get an ankh that surprise surprise revives you once after dying or you could get a double-edged sword that allows you to deal double damage at the expense of taking double damage lone ruin also equips you
Lone Ruin Video Review by I Dream of Indie Games - photo 2
with the ever important Dash which is the most important mechanic in my opinion and the one I hunted down upgrades for the most speaking of upgrades you can upgrade your dash and you can upgrade your spells these effects include having a wider radius reduce cooldown increase charges and more we have some upgrades not being the clear right choice as it depends on your preferred play style lone ruin is made up of a series of rooms with each room offering two routes to take with differing rewards after six rooms which can be from enemy encounters to shops depending on your choices you will encounter a boss there are a total of three bosses in the game more on that in a second all in all I had a fun time with lone ruin the cyberpunk aesthetic in the color scheme is tantalizing and the dark dubstep as the Internet calls it is simultaneously energizing and soothing the visuals in particular were my favorite I hoe out for a good pixel art any day and lone ruin delivers in its 2.5 pixelated art style all right and
now it's time to talk about the things I wasn't so crazy about that would be the lack of tutorial the length of the game and the replayability let's start with tutorial issues so I know that's the entire conversation and there's Arguments for and against all games having tutorials I believe that at the very least
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lone ruin should have had some kind of a simple tutorial in general I find the tutorials make gameplay experiences Smooth by explaining mechanics that could take players quite a while to find out and if you're a roguelike that's dependent on people dying over and over some core mechanics definitely should be explained immediately for example it was until about halfway through my gameplay session that I realized I could sell my spells and artifacts directly from my inventory or sell them at all this was a major Revelation as I often ended up grabbing spells or artifacts that I later realized I didn't want or that took up a slot I would preferred for another item that I encountered later on in my run had I known this I could have simply sold what I had in order to pick up the newer potentially better item in terms of the length of the game I found it to be disappointingly short unknown on the girth I hate to offer this critique to Indie Games since I know it's very easy for a consumer such as myself to ask for more versus is making it as a Game Dev but I will say that the roguelike genre tends to encourage repeat play and there are many indie games that deliver considerably more gameplay than lone ruin does in fact I was extremely surprised when I beat the third boss and the game just ended the credits
Lone Ruin Video Review by I Dream of Indie Games - photo 4
started rolling I thought the game had just begun to prepare to move on to a secondary a new world but nope it was done this isn't to say that the time I spent with lone ruin wasn't fun because it absolutely was but that ending felt more like a cliffhanger than a proper conclusion an appetizer with a missing entree in some ways we might even say this complaint is probably more compliment than critique because in essence my complaint is give me more finally the replayability was limited for me due to the small scope of the game yes you can change the difficulty or switch over to survival mode which theoretically adds more gameplay but in practice the survival mode felt like the less attractive option that I had little interest exploring further after a couple of tries also while increasing the difficulty can extend your gameplay experience in my opinion it's an artificial extension at best there's no new elements added the enemies are the same and they hit harder there are more of them and you have less Health my final thoughts are that lone ruin is a short fund experience with a stylized art design and musical composition if you're itching for a new roguelite and you don't mind that it's on the shorter side I recommend trying lone ruin out



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