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date : 2022-12-14 12:45:00
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Realme 10 Pro 5G Review: The FLAT Designed, MORE Affordable Version!
In this video, we take a look at the more affordable Realme 10 Pro 5G. At just RM1299 (US$299), it comes with a beautiful design and brilliant flat display. Is it worth it? Let's find out.
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Realme 10 Pro Video Review by Lim Reviews - photo 1

Hello everybody welcome back to another video with Lim reviews
now today's video I'm going to share with you all about the real me 10 Pro
now I already covered the bigger brother the realme 10 Pro Plus 5G in another video and you guys really seem to like the device a lot however I think you should not forget about the little brother the real me 10 Pro this time around we do not have a real me 10 so this guy the real me 10 Pro is actually the entry level to the real me 10 Series right so in terms of pricing the real me 10 Pro is going for rm1299 here in Malaysia it comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM and it carries 256 gigabytes of internal memory so in terms of your internal storage it's actually quite a lot and if you find that that's not enough we can always expand it with a Micro SD card slot all the way up to one terabyte always good to see expandable memory right so with that said let's Jump Right In and find out what the real me 10 Pro is really all about first things first in terms of the design the design here actually looks very very nice we have this kind of flat frame all around and it kind of puzzles me these days like you know the more premium models always get a curved kind of body a curved display whereas the you know more entry-level phones always get the flat surface me personally I like the flat surface actually more than a curved surface so definitely I would say that I prefer the design of the realme 10 Pro over here other than that it comes with really nicely made materials
Realme 10 Pro Video Review by Lim Reviews - photo 2
you feel this sort of like stainless steel aluminum kind of feel all around the device and I really like that we have a very smooth matte ish back panel here that is you know does not stick any of your fingerprints to it so it's definitely great there and if you shift the device from side to side you will notice a slight shift in the colors pretty pretty cool there although this is not something entirely new that we've never seen before in terms of the camera cut out we have very clean camera cutouts here it's just basically the two lenses on the top left corner and other than that it's just a very clean design moving on to the frame towards the right side you will notice that we have the fingerprint scanner you also have your volume rocker if you move down this is where you get your type c part you have your stereo speakers and you still have that headphone jack at the bottom guys again the more affordable models always come with the headphone jack and glad to see that here on the real me 10 Pro
now moving on let's move on to the start of the show and that's actually at the front that is the display
now we do get a 6.72 inch AMOLED display that refreshes at 120 hertz so everything here is going to be buttery smooth very very fluid other than that it has a very very thin bezels on the sides and Romi is actually really proud of that they say that the bezels on the side here guys the ones on the sides are actually just one millimeter and it's supposed to be the 10 Us in its category so very impressive side bezels
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here you do get a little bit of a forehead actually it's very slim at the top there and a bit more of a chin so just take a look at the proportions once again I definitely would appreciate if everything is a bit more symmetrical but again for this price point I think it's actually quite impressive right so that's just the display again very impressive stuff there let's talk a bit more about those cameras at the back
now in terms of the cameras you only have a two camera setup here and that's being led by the 108 megapixel main sensor and you have a 2 megapixel portrait lens right the 108 megapixel sensor here is actually the same unit as the real me 10 Pro Plus so just in terms of day-to-day shots you're not missing a lot if you purchase this model over the Pro Plus
now taking photos during the day is actually quite decent here you do have a good amount of detail good amount of colors you know everything is actually quite nice is not too saturated and in terms of the color temperature I found it to be actually quite quite accurate based on what I was seeing during the day again the performance is very similar to the one on the real me 10 Pro Plus so check out these pictures here and let me know what you think anyways I've only been testing the real me 10 Pro Plus here for slightly more than a week so I will be taking more photos and sharing it on my Instagram
now moving on let's talk a little bit about what's powering this device well we do have a Snapdragon 695 5G processor again it is quite entry level but you
Realme 10 Pro Video Review by Lim Reviews - photo 4
guys are actually quite familiar with this processor already we have seen it on multiple phones these days and it does give entry level kind of experience just in terms of your gaming you can't really play like super graphic intensive games but if you are using your phone just for the daily kind of activities you don't play a lot of games you take this camera photos you do a bit of browsing you know social media the Snapdragon 695 here is actually a very power efficient processor alright so last but not least what do you get in terms of the battery life for quite a slim device here well we do get the standard 5000 mAh battery it supports 33 watt fast charge and real me says it will do 0 to 50 in less than 30 minutes so again quite decent here on the real me 10 Pro ultimately at the end of the day what do I think about this device well I would say that if your budget is very strict and it's under 1 300 Ringgit you want a decent amount of storage you want a great looking display here and that very nice design premium feeling design and you want an entry-level device that will be able to support 5G when that hits Malaysia well I think it should strongly consider the real me 10 Pro but if you want a bit more power you know you want a slightly better Ultra wide cameras and all that do check out the real me 10 Pro Plus with that said that pretty much sums up my quick look at the real me 10 Pro if you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment down below if you want to support