1More Aero Video Review by OSReviews

1More Aero Video Review by OSReviews
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date : 2022-11-07 07:35:48
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REVIEW: 1MORE Aero - Spatial Audio True Wireless Earbuds ($99) - App Controls, ANC!
Closer look @ 1MORE Aero True WIreless Earbuds
Find it here (website): https://onemore.pxf.io/4e4bj9
OR Amazon: https://amzn.to/3UcJlcj
Other models: https://amzn.to/3BQQIjc

Real-Time Spatial Audio: With spatial audio algorithm and head-tracking technology, 1MORE Aero can track your head movement to always keep you in the center of the sound. And there is no limit to a specific soundtrack or device.

Smart Loudness Technology: It allows you to thoroughly appreciate every detail in your favorite song even at lower volumes, from the fullest bass to the clearest treble, and everything in between.

Create Your Peace Room: 1MORE Aero earbuds adopt QuietMax active noise cancellation technology to provide up to 42dB of noise-canceling depth. You can enjoy distraction-free, immersive listening wherever you are.

Suitable for All Music Genres: 12 studio-grade EQ presets from Sonarworks are created in the 1MORE MUSIC app for various music genres, allowing the Aero to easily handle anything from rock to classical.

Crystal-Clear Voice Calls: Six built-in microphones with an AI-powered DNN algorithm distinguish between your voice and background sounds, ensuring stellar call clarity wherever you take your calls.

Cinematic Listening Experience
Take your immersion to deeper level. Widely compatible with various audio sources and devices.

Sync Every Movement with The Sound (Head Tracking)
Precisely detect the listener's head movements in real time, creating a sense of space and realism.

Rich Details At All Volumes (Smart Loudness Technology)
Automatically compensate for the missing details in low and high frequencies w. Smart Volume optimization via Sonarworks.

Extraordinary Sound Quality
Produce a fuller and refined sound w. 10mm drivers.

Adaptive ANC
Intelligently detect the surroundings and adjust to the optimal noise cancellation effect (mild, strong, weak).

Wind Noise Resistant
Suitable for the beach, outdoors and on windy days.

Transparency Audio Mode
Keeps the real world at your fingertips and hear the surroundings without removing the earbuds.

Noise Free Calls
Efficiently separate your voices from background noise in any environment.

Find the ideal EQ to make your playlist enjoyable in the 1MORE MUSIC app. 12 studio-grade EQ presets from Sonarworks are created for various music genres, allowing the Aero to easily handle anything from rock to classical.

1MORE Aero features a decent battery, giving you up to 7 hours in the buds and up to 28 hours total with the case. If you do run out of juice, you can get an extra 3 hours of playback with a 15-minute quick charge. Plus, the 1MORE Aero also features Qi technology for easy wireless charging.

A DEEPER IMMERSION INTO SILENCE - With proprietary QuietMax noise canceling technology, the Aero provides up to 42dB of noise-canceling depth at a wider frequency range of 40Hz-4000Hz. Turn the loud train or plane travel into a moment of focus, allowing you to enjoy a distraction-free, immersive listening wherever you are.

A 10mm driver unit provides booming bass while the diamond-like-carbon diaphragm with ultra-high acoustic velocity and sensitivity helps to produce a more full and refined sound. All frequencies are well reproduced, down to the low bass.

Precisely tuned by a 4-time Grammy Award-winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi, 1MORE Aero will provide a balanced sound signature, presenting a natural, precise sound and an enriched listening experience.

As a versatile noise canceling headphone, the 1MORE Aero comes with five different listening modes that can handle everything from everyday background noise to the loud rumble of a commute or providing awareness of your surroundings.

The Aero earbuds feature upgraded touch controls which are customizable via the 1MORE MUSIC app. You can customize the controls for each earbud separately making it easier to control music playback, volume adjustment, phone calls and more.

1MORE Aero earbuds allow for simultaneous connection to two devices and seamless switching between music, videos, calls, and more with ease. That means if you?re playing music on your laptop, you can answer a call on your phone immediately without having to reconnect the device.

The 1MORE Aero is rated IPX5, meaning each earbud is well-protected whether you're sweating in the gym or encountering a sudden downpour.

Spatial Audio
12 Studio-Grade EQs from Sonarworks
6 Microphones for Enhanced Call Clarity
Smart Loudness Technology
Wide Frequency Active Noise Cancellation
28 Hours of Total Battery Life
Superior Sound
Transparency Mode
Qi Wireless Charging

1MORE Aero Wireless Earbuds with Spatial Audio on Any Device, 42dB Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, 10mm Driver, Customizable EQs, 6 Mics for Clear Calls, 28h Battery, Wireless Charging

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Hey all here OS reviews
now as we're diving into holiday season there's a slew of new announces from various Tech Brands including one more today we're checking out their newest Aero tws true wireless buds so it's a mid-range pair that's a little cheaper than what sound core's Liberty fours and the airpods and bows of the world are selling at these do pack quite a few interesting features namely they also support spatial audio which is a trend that we also saw introduced with the aforementioned Liberty fours from soundcore just a few weeks ago seems to be a feature that more brands are trying to experiment with so there is a built-in gyroscope that can track your head as you're tilting it left and right and as a result it will be able to tweak the music to sound like it's coming from one side versus the other they pack an active noise cancellation as well as built-in audio transparency some of their custom EQ mode so they have tuned with additional sound Engineers along with Qi wireless charging so pretty promising set of features some addition no remarks their ipx5 rated so they will be Splash proof for rain and they have fast charging so about five minutes of charging will get you up to three hours of playback time very lightweight at less than five grams per side and in terms of battery life they will last for around seven hours of continuous music listening and up to 28 hours with the battery case combined comes in both black and white colors presentation is done quite well very similar to other one more products with all the spec designs listed out additional packaging contents are inclusive of the type C charging cable some spare silicon tips and just a quick user guide a closer look here at the design of the case overall it's very clean almost like an egg what's interesting here is that the door actually opens from the front similar to The Sound core VR P10s that we reviewed the other day so you can actually pop it open like this which does look really dramatic and I have to say quite cool from a design perspective what's also neat here is that the bottom tips of the buds are backlit here's a quick comparison with the form mentioned soundcore vrp 10s which shares a very similar design aesthetic I would say but
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the one mores are just a little bit larger in terms of their stem and then here is another contrast with the sound core Liberty fours which again are a little bit more expensive but also pack in the aforementioned spatial audio those models will sell for 50 to 80 dollars more and they also have ldoc certification for high-res audio through Bluetooth whereas these ones are lacking the Hi-Fi certification but again provide you still with a pretty full set of features aside from that Kodak
now inside very clean and we have just the buds themselves which like I said very familiar compared to some of their other buds that we've seen recently with a streamlined design that has the touch controls in the front which are quite responsive and then on the back here mesh of the speaker which you can tell here is accented in red looks quite dramatic and there's also a proximity sensor that can detect if you're wearing them or not to automatically play and pause the music overall it's a good wearing experience doesn't feel too loose but also light enough that you can wear continuously for a couple of hours without noticing really any stress or strain one more companion app remains quite similar to before but you're able to take a look at the battery percentage on the buds as well as the case ANC and audio transparency effects however the strength of both of these modes can't be further controlled we'll talk about the efficacy later on in our video under custom settings you can remap what a double tap and a triple tap will correspond to including play pause as well as other things like volume controls you can all bring back and it is quite easy to use we also have the ability to optimize something called smart loudness depending on the audio track that you're listening to what the optimal sound in terms of volume output should be which is quite neat although again this particular collaboration doesn't extend to a personalized hearing EQ mode take a look at some preset eqs this time around including a 12 ones that are built from one more in collaboration with some of their Grammy award-winning artists as advisors so you're able to go into a default mode which already sounds quite good but you can further tweak into a bass boost reduce acoustic pop hip-hop vocal podcast modes per
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your liking if you're listening to different genres and it does make a noticeable difference which is great to find on here under custom EQ you can also change the sliders here of different frequency ranges aside from firmware updates you have just the spatial audio mode which on here you can just turn on and turn off and by default whenever you flick it on it will be calibrated to your current position the sound will seem like it's being emitted from in front of you and if you tilt your head to the left
now your right ear will be able to hear a bigger sound versus your left side will become a lot more dampened the vice versa if you turn to the right side and it's actually quite a convincing effect in fact I would say the strength and the overall efficacy is similar to the aforementioned Liberty fours some critics might say that perhaps the best effect is still reached using properly recorded spatial tracks versus on here it's really just more Dynamic depending on your position of moving your head and where you are in the room but it still is incredibly fun to play with it does make it seem like you are in that live environment granted I felt like turning my head up and down like nodding didn't really make too much of a noticeable difference so I feel like the tuning of spatial audio from one more it's more about the left and right side positioning versus with sound core it gives you a little bit more of an up and down movement as well but all in all really not bad and it does provide you with a little more immersiveness at least in my opinion of course you don't have to always use this function but on certain tracks it still is a nice feature to find
now finally you can tap on the one more logo here and turn on some additional settings including soothing sounds so this is their equivalent of nature sounds to help you fall asleep or meditate and you can find a handful of those options including fire sound sounds rain sounds settings for turning on and off the auto play and pause as well as a smart burn-in mode which again is a theory that is more rooted in audio file kind of the Hi-Fi community in that the speakers on any driver
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will sound their best after X hours of sound has been played through them so out of the factory you can play back around eight hours of this low frequency mid frequency and high frequency noises for the drivers to kind of be fully woken up moving into audio quality and performance next I would say that the pure sound quality of the one more arrows are quite good although I wouldn't say again they're necessarily Hi-Fi grade but at the same time they are very Dynamic packing insufficient base that when you're listening to a drum bead EDM or rock music it gives you a nice punch without being too overpowering it's definitely present and at the same time clear enough mids and trebles that it still immerses you in the music that you're listening to overall tws Wireless but Market has become a lot more mature or over the past I would say year or so these days it's kind of hard to find a pair that sounds downright bad differences are much more minute going from one to the other though I will say that they are lacking a low latency gaming mode per se so that's one thing that they could probably add in the future
now in terms of active noise cancellation efficacy this is another area which I feel like these are comparable to some of their recent buds which is not bad so things like engine sounds fan noises lower frequency sounds are to a great extent diminished and you don't have to crank the volume quite as high to listen to your music which is great they're not going to necessarily match one to one what Bose and Sony will deliver in terms of some of the higher frequency sounds but still it's obvious in terms of the difference when you flick it on and I do feel like they are good enough for the price point if you're trying to get introduced to one more you're looking for a relatively affordable pair of buds that has solid sound a clean attractive design that's comfortable to wear and a pretty rich set of features then this is definitely one that is I think worth taking a close also look at this holiday season you can check out more details of interested but for
now that's been my video thanks for watching here at OS reviews to spend the one more arrows