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date : 2022-09-26 15:16:34
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Photo 1: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X Video Review by Techtesters

Zen 4 is finally here and according to AMD this new ryzen 7000 series processors are supposed to offer the biggest performance jump that AMD has made since the very first generation of ryzen CPUs there was about five years ago they're supposed to heavily compete with the top tier processors that Intel has to offer and they're supposed to become the absolute best option you can buy for gaming and for productivity and those are some pretty big statements so we did a bunch of benchmarks in the last couple of days and we tested 20 different games across three different resolutions to see if these claims are actually true so let's begin this video is brought to you by Corsair and their brand new dominated Platinum RGB memory these super fast ddr5 6000 memory kits are specifically made for AMD and their ryzen 7000 series CPUs they feature a stylish aluminum heat spreader with dhx technology that keeps them nice and cool under load offering a smooth and stable performance with a lot of room for overclocking and they also come with 12 customizable capellix LEDs that you can control with their IQ software and easily sync up with your other Corsair components so check them out using the links in the description down below for those of you that might have missed all the recent news today AMD is launching four new processors and if we compare them to the previous generation the overall core count didn't really change that much so the ryzen 5 7600x is still a six core 12 thread CPU like the 5600x was the ryzen 7 700x is still an 8 core 16 thread CPU just like the 5700x was the ryzen 9 is 7900x is still a 12 core 24 thread CPU like the 5900x was and the 7950x is still a 16 core and 32 thread monster just like the 5950x was and all of these scores are created somewhat equal so there are no efficiency cores and they're all pretty much performance they also run at much higher clock speeds than before and the TDP has gone up but it is still lower than Intel's Alternatives have a very nice upgrade is that all these new CPUs now have integrated Graphics but the biggest and the most interesting change has to be the new platform so after five and a half years AMD has decided to just ditch am4 socket and move to am5 which means that if you plan to buy these 7000 series processors you will need a new amb AI motherboard as well as ddr5 memory
now the x670 and the x670e motherboards are launching at the same time as these CPUs but as far as I know cheaper b650 and b650e Alternatives should come out in a couple of weeks as well just make sure you don't confuse them with the b660 which is actually an Intel board anyway I have both the ryzen 9 7900x and the ryzen 5 7 600x here which I'll cover in my next video so make sure that you're subscribed to my channel so you don't miss it and even though the ryzen 9 box is much larger than the ryzen 5 one there is nothing else in there just a CPU and a lot of foam which I think is completely pointless so if you don't plan to add a cooler there is absolutely no need for a box of this size as you can see there are no more pins on the actual CPU the new platform has an LGA socket
Photo 2: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X Video Review by Techtesters
so the pins are on the motherboard instead I am mostly going to focus on how this ryzen 9 compares to the fastest consumer CPU from Intel the i912 900k as well as the fastest AMD CPU from their last generation which is the ryzen 9 5950x and for my ryzen 9 testing I use this ASRock x670e Tai Chi motherboard that is combined with some Corsair ddr5 6000 memory and I used an RTX 3090 Supreme X from MSI and a freshly installed Windows 11 on all three benches if you want to know the exact specs I will leave them in the description down below and you can check them out I did kind of try to make sure that the benches are as comparable as possible and if we look at the cinebench R23 result putting the 12 core 6900x against the 16 core 5950 X really shows how much of a jump AMD has made with this new generation even with four cores less this CPU managed to score 16 percent higher multi-threader performance than the last gen 5950x and 10 higher than the 16 core I9 12 900k and in the cinebench 20 Benchmark the result is pretty much the same with the 7900x being 17 ahead of the I9 and 10 percent ahead of the 5950 X into BMW blender render test the 7900x is again in the lead but the I9 is not that far behind but the difference between the ryzen CPUs and the Intel CPUs is that AMD manages to maintain the performance in a longer workload while the I9 kind of boosts really high at the start but kind of drops in performance after a while so if we look at the longer render Benchmark the 7900x is
now 22 faster than the I9 and about nine percent faster than the 5950 X which is an excellent result maximum load power consumption is up from the last generation with the 7900x using 189 Watts on average in that longer blender run compared to 135 Watts for the 5950x while intel was using even more power while having the lowest result in that Benchmark single thread performance is up by a massive amount as well so the the 7900x was beating the 5950x by about 23 percent and the I9 by about three to four percent and even though Intel had made a huge performance jump with their 12 gen CPUs AMD just managed to catch up plus go a bit further but unfortunately the raw CPU performance doesn't always directly translate to gaming performance because there are games that simply prefer Intel and there are games that simply prefer AMD and then you have games that are somewhere in between the two if we look at Spider-Man remastered the 7900x looks great on 1080p outperforming the I9 by a couple of frames and the 5950x by almost 17 but on 1440p and 4K resolution that difference mostly disappears in the division 2 the 7900x does win at 1080p but loses some ground at high resolutions yet again in God of War it's actually the other way around with the 7900x being a bit slower than the 12900k on 1080p but actually slightly faster at the 4K resolution and the same applies to outriders the 7900x is a bit slower than the I9 at 1080p but a bit faster at 4K resolution in World War Z the 7900x is just behind the I9 on all resolutions but these differences are really too small to consider and the same goes for Assassin's Creed Valhalla with less
Photo 3: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X Video Review by Techtesters
than one percent between the two rivals on all resolutions in Troy Total War we only see a small Gap at the 1080p resolution and that's pretty much it and then some games do show a bigger Advantage for AMD so if we look at Far Cry 6 for example the 7900x beat the I9 by just over four percent at 1080p resolution even though at 1440p and 4K there's actually very little difference between them in Anno 1800s the 7900x is beating the I9 by five and a half percent at 1080p resolution and it is very similar at high resolutions In Dying Light 2 AMD takes a near insignificant lead on every resolution and the same goes for both the shadow of the Tomb Raider as well as Wolfenstein Young Blood both have slight advantages for AMD but not enough to call them significant in cyberpunk 2077 though the 7900x did make a big jump from the previous generation but it still lost to Intel by almost eight percent on 1080p it does catch up nicely at high resolutions but I would say eight percent is still quite significant in Watchdogs Legion the 7900x is seven percent behind on 1080p with smaller gaps at 1440p and 4K and in both Assassin's Creed Odyssey and control there's a bit of an advantage for Intel across all three resolutions and the same can be set for Borderlands 3 although the Gap is somewhat small here now Doom Eternal on the other hand is interesting because it actually showed a slightly bigger Gap at 4K than at 1080p which is not something you would expect to see still you would probably never really notice a difference between 216 and 223 FPS while gaming it is also not a clear-cut decision if you're into competitive FPS games
now in Rainbow Six Siege the 12900k did slightly better across all resolutions on average but on 1080p AMD did have better one percent lows and on the other hand the 7900x did better in CS go by a larger margin at both 1080P and 1440p so if you compare it to the 5950x it is obvious that ryzen made a big jump over eight percent in 1080P gaming is a generational Improvement that AMD should be proud of and there's a small benefit at high resolutions as well
now I am not saying that you should upgrade if you already have a 5000 series CPU but it is a very good step forward on the other hand it is really hard to summarize the results when you compare it to the i912 900k because it completely depends on which games you test with so if we look at the 20 games that I've tested on 1080p the 7900x was ahead in eight games and the I9 was ahead in 12 games but only six of those games showed a difference of four percent or more and three are on the AMD side and three are on Intel side so on average there is actually only a half a percent of difference between the two
now on 4040p it is about the same it is a draw in two games AMD wins six Intel wins 12 but only three of those titles show a gap of three percent of more and keep in mind three percent is not something that you will really notice while gaming and even though on 4K resolution you're really unusually GPU bound the CPU Choice did make a tiny bit of a difference in some games still none of these games showed more than
Photo 4: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X Video Review by Techtesters
four percent one way or the other and most just showed two percent or less so once again I don't think it really matters so after those raw CPU benchmarks I kind of expected a bigger win for AMD here while in reality it ended up being very close to Intel and before you start just commenting how other reviewers got different percentages in their reviews there is actually a few things to keep in mind here so first of all percentages don't paint the complete picture as they will 100 depend on which games you're testing so if the majority of the titles you test with prefers AMD the Gap will be larger in amd's favor and then vice versa secondly I tested games with an Nvidia GPU while amd's marketing numbers were based on an AMD GPU which in theory should benefit from amd's Sam feature funnily enough they actually use a Nvidia GPU for their own CPU benchmarks anyways I chose an Nvidia GPU because they kind of still dominate the high-end GPU market and this is a very very high-end CPU I still plan on making another slam dedicated video when the new gpus come out and then see how much of a difference will Sam actually make for these ryzen 7000 series processors specifically we'll need to see if the new motherboard prices will end up being competitive or not you cannot just look at the CPU MSRP and make your decision so a 7900x is a 550 CPU while you will have to spend 570 dollars for an I9 so it's more or less the same but if the new AMD motherboards end up costing a lot more that might sway some people to the other side also while AMD is only compatible with ddr5 memory Intel still gives you an option to save a bit of money with ddr4 kits although I think that's more of an issue for the cheaper ryzen 5 here and I'll cover that more extensively in my next review so in the end I think that both Intel and AMD have an excellent very competitive product I know it's not the most popular opinion to praise both but I think it is well deserved here in multi-core performance intel was chasing behind ryzen for years and last year they finally made a huge leap with their 12th gen CPUs and managed to take the crown and similarly AMD just made a huge leap with these Zen 4 processors and instantly closed the Gap in terms of gaming performance and also overtook Intel once again when it comes to productivity and then buy a lot and people will always have their preferences and they can always pick out things that will justify their choice whether it's productivity whether it's a specific game choice or simply blue versus red color but either way both brands are Miles Ahead than they were a year ago and that is exactly what happens when you have such Giants competing on the mark market and just pushing each other to do better and better with each and every product we all benefit here and that is exactly why we are all waiting to see what's going to happen in the next few weeks because Intel is expected to launch their 13 gen CPUs and both Nvidia and AMD are expected to launch a bunch of new graphics cards so if you don't need to buy a PC right
now this week I do recommend that you sit tight and wait a little bit longer to see how all

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Test rigs:

AMD 7000 Series
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X
Motherboard - ASRock X670E Taichi
Memory - 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5-6000 (2x16)
Cooling - Corsair H115i Elite Capellix
PSU - Seasonic Prime Platinum 850W
OS - Windows 11 PRO

Intel 12th Gen
CPU: Intel Core i9-12900K
Motherboard - ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 HERO
Memory - 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5-6000 (2x16)
Cooling - Corsair H115i Elite Capellix
PSU - Seasonic Prime Platinum 850W
OS - Windows 11 PRO

AMD 5000 Series
CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
Motherboard - ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero
Memory - 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4-3600 (4x8)
Cooling - Corsair H115i Elite Capellix
PSU - Seasonic Prime Platinum 850W
OS - Windows 11 PRO

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- All boards were set to their defaults, with only EXPO/XMP memory settings applied.
- Core Isolation was disabled (the default for Windows 11 with all 3 setups)


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9:57 - Summary - Ryzen 9 7900X vs Ryzen 9 5950X
10:23 - Summary - Ryzen 9 7900X vs Core i9-12900K 1080p
10:58 - Summary - Ryzen 9 7900X vs Core i9-12900K 1440p
11:13 - Summary - Ryzen 9 7900X vs Core i9-12900K 4K
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