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date : 2022-08-20 15:00:12
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Titre Original: Seriously, Best New Premium Headphones of 2022 | Sennheiser Momentum 4 Review

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Now sennheiser is still one of the biggest names around when it comes to audio and their latest true wireless earbuds and headphones have been absolutely fantastic so i was very keen indeed to get my head i guess on the latest sennheiser momentum fours these are premium headphones through and through boston all of those top end features you'd expect like adaptive active noise cancellation you've got super long battery life and a nice comfortable design
now i've had the momentum for headphones for about a month
now been using them quite a lot in that time i've taken them on a couple of trips with me they've served me very well indeed so here's my full momentum for review and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers
now first up while these are a pair of premium headphones don't expect much in the way of frills or flair from that design it's definitely a minimalist cut down finish with very simple aesthetics you know you got the sennheiser brandon the logo either side of the headband and apart from that they're pretty plain but plain doesn't equal budget you know these don't look like a basic pair of headphones although if you do like a choice of colors well you're basically limited to just black or white here it would have been nice to have some more vibrant options uh but never mind maybe next time probably one of my favorite aspects of the momentum for design is the way that headband just tucks itself snugly against your skull it doesn't stick out for miles like some headphones which is really not good luck especially when you don't have any hair to kind of mask how far they jut out you've also got 180 degree rotating cups which again a lot of premium headphones don't have for some reason so that's really convenient they're nice and durable as well these things have taken a bit of a battering these last few weeks and they're still looking pristine i can't see any scratches or dents or scuffs or anything anywhere on those surfaces they can get a little bit greasy from the constant taking on and taking off but you know a quick wipe down and they're looking box fresh again gotta say though the sunny momentum fours aren't particularly light headphones in fact they're some of the heavier headphones that i've tested probably in 2022 but thankfully despite this weight they are still quite comfortable to wear for extended periods and that's because of the generous amount of padding stuck away in the headband there in fact you've got these really nice large earcups as well which completely envelope your
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lugs rather than pressing down on them and that can obviously give you a bit of earache after a while so yeah you can rock these things for hours at a time no worries now like pretty much all premium headphones out there you do get an app to control the momentum fours as well this is the sennheiser smart control app it does often take a little while just to get connected to the headphones but once you're in there it is a cracker you've got full control over the various devices that the momentum fours have connected to you can also play around with an equalizer which we'll touch on later you can set up various sound zones to automatically change the headphone settings such as the active noise cancellation depending on where you're actually at and you've got full manual control over that anc as well or you can just stick it on adaptive and that the headphones themselves do all the work and there's lots of other handy settings buried away in here as well so lots of stuff to play around with and like basically every pair of headphones out there the seti momentum fours also support touch controls at the moment these aren't customizable via that smart control app but that might be something that's added in later hopefully these are thankfully pretty intuitive and comprehensive as well you can tap to pause your music another tap will resume you can swipe forward to skip forward the track swipe back to skip back a track and you can adjust the volume you can also quickly activate the likes of transparency mode if you want to chat with someone otherwise they also support auto ports you can just whip the headphones off have a chat with someone whatever you are listening to a podcast or an audio book will be paused dead in that spot and then when you pop the headphones back on they'll just auto resume nice and simple as for the audio quality well no surprise that sennheiser has absolutely nailed it on the momentum fours you've got 42 mil drivers packed inside of these absolute beasts and as i mentioned earlier the sound is completely configurable via the smart control app i see that right configurable configurable that's a tricky word there is actually a soundcheck feature which you can go to which will give you a personal preset based on your own particular hearing or alternatively just dive straight on into the equalizer and you can manually tweak the bass the mids and the trebles yourself it's certainly not the most comprehensive setup out there but it's easy if you just want to quickly boost the bass boost the treble whatever you want
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you do also have a bass boost feature down here and it doesn't matter if you're all about the bass all about the treble because everything just sounds magnificent via the sending momentum for wireless headphones crystal clear audio it doesn't matter what genre you're into it'll all sound fantastic you've got full support for all of the top core decks including aptx adaptive so even though these are wireless headphones clearly you'll still get an incredible amount of detail spacked into your ears when you're enjoying some high-res audio tracks on the likes of deezer or tidal and naturally no sort of syncing issues when you are watching video either the audio and the video perfectly married up just bear in mind that there is no 3.5 mil jack here on the mommy fours mommy fours sounds a bit weird but yeah you can't get connected that way as for the active noise cancellation while you do actually get some pretty good isolation just by wearing the headphones uh straight off the bat anyway but then with the anc on board as well this does help to drown out any other background grumbles that are going on likes of traffic sounds plain sounds especially and it is fully adaptive that seems to work nicely as well so it won't be quite as full on interface when you are just chilling in a cafe in your own house when you go out and you're on a busy high street or something it will ramp all the way up and at that maximum level it is very effective maybe not quite as good as the very best out there from the likes of buzz but certainly if you do do a lot of traveling these are more than up to the task if you find yourself in train stations on the london underground stuff like that you can still enjoy an audiobook a podcast something like that something a bit quieter without having to ramp up the volume to cut through all of that background bollocks you've also got a wind noise reduction feature which can be activated again via the smart control app and this works charm i found that i got little to no feedback at all even when things were quite blustery when i had that anc active and there is as usual a transparency mode on board as well which you can quickly flip to if you do actually want to be aware of everything that's going on around you and this doesn't sound weird and artificial or anything it's perfectly fine
now what you're listening to right now is a recording shot on my macbook using the sennheiser momentum fours as a headset and as you can hear those
Photo 4: Sennheiser Momentum 4 Video Review by Tech Spurt
four beamforming mics clearly picking up my voice but not much of a test because this is a quiet studio environment so let's get some really loud traffic noise going on in the background okay so
now a massive speaker really close to my head it's beaming out those really loud traffic noises and as you can hear the sennheiser momentum still doing a really good job of clearly picking up what i am saying despite that ridiculous noise
now last up the battery life and this is yet another area where the sennheiser momentum 4 wireless headphones really really do excel sunny reckons you'll get 60 hours of full time use these things from a single charge and by the way that is with active noise cancellation turned on and as far as i can tell that's accurate because i've literally topped them up twice the entire time i've been using them for about a month
now and neither of those times did i charge them up fully either literally bunked them in for an hour or so just to make sure they had enough power to get me through you know a long weekend away from home so certainly if you do find yourself away from home a lot not only have you got that excellent noise cancellation you've also got the fantastic battery life to boot and when they do need a recharge well they just take type c usb so the same charger as your smartphone and they don't seem to take forever to charge up you know bung them in for an hour or two that'll give you hours and hours and hours and hours of use no worries at all and that right there's my review of the sennheiser momentum 4 wireless headphones and i've got to say if you kind of couldn't tell already from all of the endless gushing that has gone on in this review i really do like them a lot they're my favorite pair of premium headphones i've tested in the last few months and you know they don't do anything particularly special or outlandish that you won't find on other headphones they just get all the basics perfectly right they're really comfortable to wear the touch controls are perfectly intuitive the active noise cancellation does its job perfectly the audio chops are really really sound and the battery life is brilliant so that's what i reckon anyway what do you guys think definitely be great at your thoughts down in the comments below please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a ready wonderful rest of the week cheers everyone love you



Reviewing the Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones, some of the best Bluetooth 'phones of 2022 boasting adaptive active noise cancelling, Smart Control support and incredible battery life. The Sennheiser Momentum 4 headphones sport a premium UK price but they're worth it for audiophiles who want ANC, comfort and simple, smart design.

I've been testing these cans for a month now, taken them on a couple of trips, and I would happily recommend to anyone with the cash to spare. They don't do anything new or revolutionary, but they get all of the basics right with very few flaws to pick out.

The Sennheiser Momentum 4 True Wireless headphones will be on sale soon in the UK. Full release date and asking price will appear here once announced!

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