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date : 2022-08-18 15:00:17
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HONOR 70 Global Review: World's First Sony IMX800 is INCREDIBLE! ?
Find out how the HONOR 70's world's first 54MP Sony IMX800 stack up against the Sony IMX766 in this video! Tons of photo comparisons to show you the differences!
HONOR 70 is currently available in Malaysia for RM1,999 (8/256GB). Purchase links below!

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HONOR Malaysia Official Link: https://bit.ly/3Qrwilw

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0:00 - Introduction
0:49 - Sony IMX800
1:08 - HONOR 70 vs OPPO Reno8
1:33 - Sony IMX800 vs Sony IMX766
5:34 - Ultrawide Camera Test
6:31 - Selfie Camera Test
7:27 - HONOR 70 Design
8:05 - HONOR 70 Display
8:42 - Performance & Gaming
9:14 - Battery & Charging
9:31 - Final Thoughts

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HONOR 70: Killing the competition with the Sony IMX800!
HONOR 70: World's First Sony IMX800 dethrones IMX766!
HONOR 70: Outstanding Sony IMX800 on a Mid-Range!

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Honor 70 Video Review by Lim Reviews - photo 1

Hello everybody welcome back to another video with lim reviews
now in today's video i'm actually very excited to share with you a brand new phone from honor that is actually the honor 70.
now whenever you think about the brand owner do you think about their strengths in mobile photography their design what do you guys really think about the brand owner whenever you see them let me know down in the comment section below anyways i'm actually very excited about this device and that is for one main thing and that is because it houses the world's first sony imx 800 sensor
now usually on most mid-range smartphones approximately 2500 ringgit we always see a lot of brands and manufacturers using the sensor the sony amx 766. people are always calling that a flagship sensor in fact you might see it in even more expensive smartphones today but owner is here to change all that with the imx 800.
now a little bit about the sony mx800 it is a 54 megapixel sensor it has a slightly larger sensor as well that means it will be able to absorb more light compared to the sony amx 756 all right so in today's video we're going to find out all about that sensor how good it really is and of course we're going to talk a bit more about the brand new honor 70 as well
now to do that the first thing that we're going to do here is to kick things off by comparing the camera so i actually found another phone that i have lying around and that is in the form of the oppo renault 8.
now this phone is housing the sony imx 766 so we'll be putting both devices side by side to see how they really perform not just in terms of low light conditions but also in terms of daytime conditions we're going to see what the difference really is in terms of the imx 800 sensor let us begin

all right guys so to do the comparison i actually extracted the photos from both devices put them into my laptop so i can see the real differences on a larger screen so let's just begin really quickly with the first photo that we have right here
now this first photo is of a dinosaur taken at night notice that on the opponent 8 this is the sony imx 766 by the way we have a pretty decent shot over here but once you take a look at the honor 70s in the sony mx800 you'll see that there's a lot more detail being captured
now don't just focus on the dinosaur which comes with a ton of detail just take a look at the trees behind the colors of the trees are also more apparent on the honor 70s so that's a definitely good start with that
now moving on to the next photo i actually do another close-up shot of the dinosaur's head and again you can see here that it just captures everything so much more crystal clear on the honor 70. this is a very good shot here moving on to the next shot this is a picture of a couple of giraffes again take a look at the body of the giraffe over here you will see that not just the body of the giraffe is more clearer but the ground the platform that the giraffe are standing on is also slightly clearer on the honor 70. next shot
Honor 70 Video Review by Lim Reviews - photo 2
here is a shot of a platform in this case i noticed that again it's not just the object itself that is very clear at night the entire background itself the trees at the back we are also seeing more details on the honor 70 and i'm definitely a very pleased so far with the sony amx 800 sensor moving on to the next shot this is one taken of a couple of animals just chilling over there again if you notice the sony amx 766 tends to take a pretty good shot here but when you put it side by side with the sony imx 800 you will tend to see that know the animals and everything it just looks so much clearer and sharper guys so that's something that is very consistent in terms of nine images coming out from the honor 70 which is the sony mx-800
now for this final shot this is actually a very dark environment i went out like about three a.m at night and actually all the lights were actually turned off here but you can see that the honor 70 is still able to capture very detailed tree leafs over here guys so this is the main difference here just in terms of night mode it is consistently capturing a lot more detail and it's just so much sharper to the point where i would think that it's actually better than other flagships not just mid-range smartphones guys so very very impressed with the performance coming out of the sony mx800 now let's take a look at a couple of daytime shots because this would be a bit more challenging daytime shots typically both phones are able to do quite well we already know the sony amex 766 from the oppo for example it does a proper job so let's see what kind of differences the sony amx 800 can bring what kind of upgrades all right so the first shot here we have of these two cars just a random cars on the street and notice right away that you know on the honor 70 you can see just take a look at the front car here you'll notice that it's more detailed the contrast levels are more balanced compared to the one on the oppo renault 8.
now moving on to the next shot here again this is just taken off a you know a random what should i call a random kind of like beach or something like that yeah so anyways let's take a look at this shot here again you can see more detail in the stairway if you take a look at the trees at the back there is a more realistic kind of green it's a darker green because that's what actually is being seen with my own eyes moving on to the next shot here this is taken off i'm not quite sure what that item is but this shot actually i would say that both shots look quite good here however i just want to point out that the skies look a little bit more accurate on the honor 70s so you're going to get more accurate consistent colors as well on that sony amx 800 sensor
now moving on to the next shot here this is one that i took of a pavement and just noticed the rocks by the side of the road guys it's a bit more you can see more shadows of the rocks on the honor 70 here again it's
Honor 70 Video Review by Lim Reviews - photo 3
just very consistently giving us much more detail
now for the next test i wanted to see like in terms of this larger sensor where we get a nicer background blur so in the case here again you can see of this close-up shot we can see that we have a very nice background blur for both images but i kind of prefer the one on the honor 70 again because it's just more pronounced now moving on to this next shot here you'll notice that both flowers actually look quite nice but the flower on the honor 70 here tends to look a little bit more sharper a bit more clarity and the background blur is also slightly softer on the honor 70 thanks to that larger sensor all right so
now that we're done comparing the night shots as well as the daytime shots it has been proven that the sony amx 800 does provide more kind of upgrades compared to the 766 not only is it much more clearer and detailed at night but in the day you will notice that it also maintains a lot of clarity for the image as well as a very nice kind of soft background blur
now we're going to move on and talk a little bit about the ultrawide sensor because it's also a pretty interesting case here so since i actually have the oppo renault 8 again i'm going to do a side-by-side comparison straight up i must say that it's great to see that honor 70 put on a high resolution 50 megapixel ultrawide sensor it's also slightly wider it's 122 degrees compared to just 112 on the oppo if you take a couple of photos here you'll notice that it is wider on the honor 70 it is also able to capture much more detail not just better colors but also better clarity better dynamic range all on the honor 70s so again not much of a competition here but i just want to show you guys how capable if you have a very high resolution ultrawide camera all right last but not least we're going to talk a little bit about that front facing camera both devices actually come with 32 megapixel selfie cameras but um i'm going to talk a bit about about the honor 70 because that's the main phone that we are going to be testing today now i took a couple of shots and again i was actually quite impressed with how it was able to detect myself the subject itself away from the background so i took a couple of selfie portraits i don't really take a lot of selfies but i'm going to share a couple for you guys to see you can see that my hair itself was very very you know distinguished from the background it does not blend together the background and i think that is something quite challenging that not a lot of phones can do but it's actually achievable on the honor 70s so kudos to honor 70 for that all right so down with the cameras i just want to sum up my thoughts with the cameras here um i definitely am very pleased to see the sony amx 800 being released by honor we have this 54 megapixel is a great sensor if you're looking for a very very high performance kind of camera quality uh you can actually try and check out something like this right so
now that we're done with the cameras itself
Honor 70 Video Review by Lim Reviews - photo 4
let's talk a little bit more about the phone what's so special about the honor 70 well first things first let's check out the design itself the design itself reminds me a lot of the huawei p50 pocket
now we have this very similar kind of fancy design in the back it looks like a couple of diamonds at the back and if you just look towards the bottom we have sort of like a sparkle kind of thing going on it's very flashy it's also very slim guys it's super super slim and it's curved on the back as well as on the front so it makes it quite easy to hold in your hand it's also not very hefty so that's definitely good if you don't like kind of heavy phones apart from that it's built very nicely here so overall it does feel like a very premium device
now moving on let's talk a little bit about the hardware specifications what else do you get here well in terms of the display at the front you do get an oled panel it is a dynamic 120hz refresher display that means it can vary its refresh rate to help you save a little bit more on battery apart from that it also has the 1920 pwm dimming feature that means it will reduce the amount of flicker that goes to your eyes that will protect your eyes a little bit more in terms of the touch sampling rate it's a 300hz display here so everything should be fairly sensitive on the display itself overall i would say that the display itself is a slightly too curved for my liking but it does give you that very very high screen to body ratio which is almost bezel-less if you ask me
now moving on what's already powering this device well we do have the snapdragon 778 g plus
now this is four to five percent slightly higher performance compared to the 778 g which is what you see on devices like the samsung a73 so in terms of performance you can expect it to be pretty good as well uh gaming wise because this is a snapdragon powered device so most of the games to support your high or ultra graphics don't have to worry too much about that efficiency wise it's also quite good here so you shouldn't really have any issues with just gaming or not using the phone on the daily everything is very snappy and smooth on the honor 70. all right last but not least let's talk a little bit about the battery in here we do have a 4800 mah battery and it does support 66 watt fast charge this basically means that you can charge the battery from 0 to 60 in just 20 minutes guys and that's actually quite quick if you want to go all the way to 100 it will take approximately 45 minutes all right guys so that pretty much sums up my first take with the honor 70. overall i'm actually quite impressed with this device here again my main favorite feature is all about that sony amx 800 sensor if you are in the market looking for a mid-range smartphone approximately 2500 ringgit i'll put the actual price on your screens then you can actually check out the honor 70 because that sony imx 800 is really something that you should check out
now with that said don't forget to leave any questions if you have down below thank