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date : 2022-08-09 00:00:30
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I LOVE These Headphones! Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Review
The Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless are over-ear ANC Bluetooth headphones! Find out how these do by watching an audiophile's review.
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ANC: 08:34
App & features: 09:14
Design & build: 12:28
Verdict: 13:46

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Sennheiser Momentum 4 Video Review by TotallydubbedHD - photo 1

Back in late 2019 i reviewed the sennheiser momentum 3 wireless and i was left seriously impressed by their sonic reproduction but was less disappointed in other areas fast forward to 2022 and we've got its successor the momentum 4 wireless
now these over-the-ear bluetooth headphones can be found for roughly 300 pounds in the uk and in this review you can see if they're actually worth their price tag and furthermore how they compare to rivals and of course its predecessor so to kick off this review i want to talk about connectivity this is quite important
now the headphones over bluetooth support the spc aac aptx and aptx adaptive codecs now while the latter is certainly appreciated and therefore gives you a better audio fidelity at least over a wireless connection it is a shame not to see the ldap codec or similar codex like it and the reason i say that is because in my case i've got a samsung galaxy s10 plus which uses an older qualcomm chipset and as such means that i cannot utilize aptx adaptive and instead i am downscaled to aptx it would have been really great to see sennheiser actually integrate ldac given these headphones price and of course some of its competitors
now past bluetooth codec i had no problems when it came to lip sync delays or video lag and furthermore when it came to connecting up to my phone i had no problems walking around 10 meters through walls not literally but at least when my phone was placed let's say in my bedroom while i was in the kitchen
now i should also point out that these headphones support bluetooth multi-point which allows you to simultaneously pair up to two different devices handy for those people with a laptop and then a smartphone
now i've been told by sennheiser that you can simultaneously pair up to two different devices using aptx adaptive which is something that i can't quite verify but i'll just have to take the manufacturer's claims here in this respect it's actually quite rare because some other headphones out there on the market when simultaneously paired up to another device will degrade their audio codec to the likes of sbc or aac now aside from connecting over the air what about when it comes to a wired connection well these headphones do have a 2.5 millimeter jack input and of course have got a cable that has a 3.5 millimeter jack output
now the only question over here was that could i actually take calls whilst using a wired connection and as far as i can tell you can't
now you can have the headphones on and therefore allow you to still benefit from active noise cancellation while plugged in via wired connection however when it comes to taking calls you'll have to unplug the cable
now on the plus side however you can have these headphones connected over a wired connection or a wireless bluetooth connection while charging via the usb type-c port
now that is quite a rarity and that's why i'm quite highlighting it in this segment of this review because most other headphones when connected over to a power source will automatically switch off be it in a wired or wireless format but thankfully that's not the case with these sennheiser headphones and therefore allows you to benefit from charging them while simultaneously using them
now this does perfectly bring me onto battery life and these headphones are rated to run for 60 hours at least with active noise cancellation enabled which is absolutely insane
now i can't certify for them running for 60 hours without stopping but in my case i was burning them in for a long period of time and i had active noise cancellation enabled while these headphones were sitting in my cupboard in this case they pretty much didn't drop below 70 over the long period of time that i had them burning in and i can say that was countless hours
now that means that the battery life is far superior than what else that i have personally encountered and in comparison to what the other manufacturers claim this sennheiser headphones are certainly impressive in this department
now of course that usb type c port does allow for fast charging so if you do plug in for around five minutes or so you'll get a couple of hours of playback and if you do want to fully charge them it'll take you roughly one to two hours so with all of that out of the way we
Sennheiser Momentum 4 Video Review by TotallydubbedHD - photo 2
get to arguably the most important part and that is the sound quality
now these headphones have got a rating of six hertz all the way up to 22 kilohertz and i've got 42 millimeter dynamic drivers now that combination is absolutely sublime at least to my own ears
now bearing in mind i did my test over a wired connection and also well connected over to my samsung phone using the aptx codec so therefore not the aptx adaptive codec and yet despite being limited in terms of overall codec support i was left jaw dropped
now let's break it down in terms of the sound frequency range first off in terms of the bass
now the sub bass does extend really well specifically if you enabled the bass boost function on the app which we'll touch upon shortly and i'll share my own eq
now here i felt that i was really engaged with listening to edm r b or dmv music it just really left me excited and isn't the same thing that i could have said about previous generation sennheiser headphones as for the mid bass it still retained that sort of sennheiser pedigree of that controlled sound and yet there was plenty of umph in there so much so that actually reduced the bass by one notch in order to counteract that so therefore reducing the base by one notch allowed me to have a little bit more of that presence on the mids rather than having that more of an emphasis on the mid bass tones suffice to say i was left very impressed across the low end frequency tones and that's not the same that i've ever said about some other sennheiser headphones now as for the mid-range you might automatically think well here it's going to be recessed it's going to be pushed back because of that little bit of emphasis on the bass tones well that is definitely not the case the mid range over here is still class leading in comparison to the other headphones that i've reviewed the only ones that really spring to mind are ones from edifier stacks and also technics the mid-range over here do a really good job and the sennheiser still have that well classic sennheiser sound they're very much forward in their mid-range tones and they excel both on the lower and upper mid so both for male and female vocals you're not going to have any problems i was left really engaged when i was listening back to my music and i certainly found it a thoroughly enjoyable experience
now as for the heist they extend pretty well at the top end although will sound a little bit rolled off in comparison to audiophile grade wired headphones but in the bluetooth market they're certainly impressive but what really stood out more than anything for me was the overall sound stage the imaging the tonality the instrument separation the overall width and depth that one attained and also the lack of a reverb as such in comparison to some of his competitors was absolutely class leading i can't think of a set of better bluetooth headphones that provides such an engaging soundstage reproduction it just left me jaw dropped if i compare them to the likes of the technics headphones these headphones suffer from a bit of reverb if i compare them to the likes of let's say the neurophone or the sony or bose headphones these all these headphones sound a little bit more close and don't have that same sort of instrument separation as the sennheisers and then if i compare them to the likes of the edifier or stacks these headphones just don't quite compete when it comes to having that bit more of that wide sound signature frankly here are the sennheiser momentum for wireless in the soundstage reproduction and thanks to their 42 millimeter dynamic drivers are absolutely unmatched and in a league of their own so what about when it comes to recording well everything you can hear right
now is coming directly from the headphones and what i will say subjectively is that the recording quality is very impressive however when you are treated with some background noise so right
now i'm playing my friend's song it's called priya j like me it's coming from my bookshelf speakers you can hear a lot of priya jay's vocals specifically if i go quiet

So what i'm trying to recreate there is that in sort of a controlled environment that these headphones will pick up a lot of ambient sounds
Sennheiser Momentum 4 Video Review by TotallydubbedHD - photo 3
just for comparison here are the bose nc 700s which i often use as a reference point now the bose headphones do not have the same sort of recording quality as the sennheiser headphones however when it comes to be treated in a real world scenario in other words there's a bit more ambient sound those headphones are focusing on my voice even when i go quiet

Hopefully there you'll be able to hear the differences between the sennheiser and the bose headphones and ultimately what i'm trying to portray over here is the sennheiser headphones won't do as well in a real world scenario while some of its competitors such as the bose nc 700 will be far superior when it comes to actually taking calls so moving swiftly on we get on to active noise cancellation and heroes very much intrigued to see if they would be an improvement over their predecessors well i can safely say that there's a massive improvement here sennheiser has improved the overall algorithm of anc and therefore means that they're actually very competent at blocking out sound i'd say they're pretty much on par with the likes of the technics headphones are previously reviewed however in compression two class-leading anc headphones out there on the market such as the likes from bose sony or neurophone they can't quite compete ultimately here sennheiser have definitely upped the game but they still can't compete with the anc flagship headphones out there in the market
now i did say i'll talk about the app and here it is here you can see if it's connected or not and the battery life and then you can also see the connections that you have got so for example if you've got two devices connected simultaneously via bluetooth multipoint you'll see them over here
now as for the equalizer you have got different presets or you can create your own in my case i've reduced one notch from the base left mid at the default level and add one notch to the treble and then i've enabled bass boot and left the podcast disabled of course it's all very subjective and to do with your own hearing profile but that's what i felt to get the best sort of sonic reproduction
now as for soundcheck it allows you to create your own personalized equalizer but in my case i just didn't feel like it really did a good job but of course if you're inexperienced for example it can be handy to actually create a little audio profile that is more tuned to your ears now as for the sound zones it basically detects where you are and enables or disables certain functions speaking of which here active noise cancellation can't exactly be disabled at least not from what i'm aware if i were to scale over here this is what i would imagine as being disabled there's no on and off toggle yes you have the adaptive toggle but it doesn't seem to really disable a anc not from what i could tell so in my case anyway i run anc and maximum level i had no problems in terms of sound or in terms of any sort of leakage or for example static sounds but nonetheless it's just something i'd like to point out and yes there is a transparency mode which can be enabled at a touch of a button and that can be quite handy here you do have wind noise reduction off auto and max i found auto to be the best and then you've got auto pos functionality is when transparency mode is enabled then you have also got these side tones whereby you've got up to 50 or 100 of level of cytos and that's for you to hear back yourself when you're on a call which prevents you from shouting now on that note here you have got the comfort call setting
now that effectively means that when you're hearing your recipient you're going to hear them almost like you're listening to them through a set of bookshelf speakers if you were to disable the option it goes into a more traditional bluetooth sense or bluetooth headphone sense it means that you can hear them a little bit closer to your ears it really depends as to what you like but in my case i actually preferred using comfort called of course it depends on the scenario
now as for on ear detection you can enable or disable it equally with smart pause and you can enable or disable the auto power off
Sennheiser Momentum 4 Video Review by TotallydubbedHD - photo 4
which can be quite handy if you've forgotten to switch off your headphones when you've placed them down finally over here you can see the codec supports that is currently in use
now my main complaint over here is through the app and you might have seen that there's no option to actually customize the touch base control nor the physical button
now indeed these headphones do have touch based inputs and in my case i found them very very responsive no problems whatsoever when it comes to operating them but they're a little bit too sensitive sometimes if i were to stretch out my hands and for example just want to have a little bit of a stretch i might accidentally touch the side panel on the right hand side panel that is and then here it would pause or let's say skip a song or something here i wish that sennheiser would integrate an option of customizing it and i have been told by sennheiser it's something they're currently looking at equally the physical button initiates your voice assistant in my case i don't use a voice assistant so it'd be great to see the customization of the physical button as well through the app but at last that's not quite the case at least not at a time of filming and it's just something you should be mindful about so past the app i should talk about its design and build quality and first off on the former the headphones are available in a black and white finish as for the latter the headphones have got a really nice build quality and it certainly stands out in comparison to some of its competitors and here i'm thinking of the likes of sony or also the likes of edifier
now the headphones themselves have got rotating cups and therefore makes it really handy if you want to take them with their carrying case however unfortunately they can't be folded inwards so therefore you can't exactly take them and transport them in a small little rucksack as conveniently as some of its competitors
now the overall weight of the headphones is 293 grams at least according to sennheiser and in my case i had no problems wearing them over a long period of time thanks to its little ingenious little headband design where there's a little bit of a gap at the top it meant they didn't dig in they're also very easy to clean due to the material used at the top of the headband and as for the cushiony ear pads there's no problem when it came to wearing glasses so therefore reading glasses or sunglasses and furthermore the overall clamp force at least was perfect to me they didn't feel too loose nor did it feel too tight just a right little blend and therefore meant that the headphones could be used for hours on end without any sort of discomfort so with all that in mind it brings me on to my verdict and these headphones aren't exactly faultless the anc algorithm could have been improved the call quality could be a little bit better when it comes to dealing with a noisy environment the touch controls are a bit too sensitive and the lack of customization at least at the time of filming is quite disappointing and then the fact that you don't actually have the ldap codec in this day and age is a little bit well surprising and baffling given that the target market of these headphones yes you've got aptx adaptive but there's a bit more of a limited audience with that nonetheless these headphones are absolutely sensational when it comes to the raw sound quality and are pretty much unmatched when it comes to the bluetooth anc market at least in my opinion as a result i can definitely see myself recommending them for those people who want a decent anc performance and phenomenal audio quality over a wireless connection as a result they get my best buy award
now i'd be intrigued to hear your thoughts of the headphones down in the comments section below and if you've liked this independent detail review and want to see more definitely do drop a like subscribe and hit that bell notification all of which are greatly appreciated and allows me to continue delivering honest reviews like this one as such i've been totally dubbed and i'll hopefully see you next one take care of yourselves and goodbye