Hard West 2 Video Review by I Dream of Indie Games

Hard West 2 Video Review by I Dream of Indie Games
Video Review for the product Hard West 2, published on Youtube with the title "Hard West 2 Review - I Dream of Indie Games" by I Dream of Indie Games
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Video Review published by I Dream of Indie Games
date : 2022-08-04 17:00:14
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Hard West 2 Review - I Dream of Indie Games
Greetings Indie Warriors and welcome to our review of Hard West 2 for Steam/PC. Hard West 2 is a turn-based tactics game set in the Wild West from developer Ice Code Games and publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment. Hard West 2 will be released on 8/4/2022 on the PC.
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"Hard West 2 is a journey to the heart of darkness in the American West. Take control of a supernatural posse and catch the mysterious Ghost Train. Outsmart, outcheat and outgun your enemies in this turn-based tactics game set in a Wild West world where nothing is as it seems."

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Text of the video

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Howdy indie gaming fans you know what nope not gonna do it i grew up in the suburbs of new england i am as far from the west as i possibly could be but i am the ex-hardcore gamer and today i'll be talking to you about hard west 2. hard west 2 is a western themed turn-based strategy game or as it's more commonly referred to these days a tactical game think like x-com so yes i did say there was a western theme to hard west 2 but there is a bit of a twist everything does start straight forward enough where you play as a group of outlaws that are trying to do a train heist unfortunately in doing so they find themselves up against a man named mammon who just so happens to be the devil himself that's right fans of the original hard west will have already known that the series actually has a supernatural twist to it so after a short battle with mammon and his hell spawn the gang decides to do a game of cards to determine their fate obviously he wants their souls and so he cheats to win and they all end up becoming cursed they wake up somewhere where they don't know where they are but now they all have powers so
now the gang bands back together while recruiting others along the way to try to find mammoth again to finally destroy him and get their souls back so yes it's not the most original story out there but it was interesting enough and it does make a nice change of pace from the usual fantasy and sci-fi fair that you get with this type of genre i want to get something out there right away with this game that will probably pertain to a good portion of people watching this video if you are a fan of the original because you played it on the switch right
now as it stands hard west 2 is only planned for pc
now that's not to say that it won't eventually come to the switch but right
now it's only on pc and that's what this review is for along those same lines for those of you that are looking for a more console like experience and want to use a controller unfortunately hard west 2 does not have native support for it as always there is still the ability to use steam's remapping ability to emulate a mouse and keyboard on your controller but unfortunately this just makes things more cumbersome and awkward than they need to be and leads to a more frustrating experience okay
now that i have that out of the way how does the game actually play for those of you that are used to using a mouse and keyboard when starting a new
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game you are given the choice of three different difficulty levels for your playthrough you can either do easy hard or nightmare easy is perfect for those that want to be able to have more of a story driven playthrough and not really worry about the challenge or if you're just new to the genre hard difficulty is the way the game was intended to be played according to the developers a true tactical challenge for the turn-based combat enthusiast and then obviously nightmare is the hardest difficulty level to give the ultimate challenge as you get higher up into the difficulty levels the enemies will do more damage you will start with less luck more on that later and when you get to the nightmare difficulty level the chance to hit system is more complex the gameplay itself is split into two different categories tactical combat and the world map so let's start with the world map needless to say this is how you travel around in the world of hard west 2 and get from battle to battle there are no turns when you're traveling around and you just click to where you'd like to go you'll start off with only a little bit of the map revealed and as you explore around the fog will be lifted it's in this portion of the gameplay that you're gonna find different towns and other points of interest as you go there you'll be able to interact in different ways such as talking to the town's hulk or buying things in shops by talking to these people it will expand and progress the story they might tell you where to go for the next battle or maybe even have some other form of a side quest the side quests much like the main ones come in different forms it might be something as simple as finding an item for somebody or maybe it's taking out somebody in a bounty there are also many points in the game where you will have decisions to make either through actions or dialogue that can affect how people think about you there is a loyalty system that is put into place where people start off not really knowing or being loyal to you and based on your decisions you can build that up that will allow them to do more throughout the game for example some particular side quests can only be completed by certain people and they're only willing to do it if their loyalty level is high enough there are a bunch of other little intricacies that i could go over but i really know that you want to hear more about the main part of the gameplay and that's the tactical combat things start off to be pretty familiar to those that are fans of the tactical genre you have different
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members of your posse that each have their own action points that can be spent and you'll take turns to try to take out the other enemies on the map each member is unique with different offensive and defensive abilities and the stronger that they are the more points that it will take to use them before each battle starts you will confirm a loadout of all the posse members to determine which weapons and consumables that they will have there are a bunch of different weapons to pick from and each posse member can hold two at a time this means that in the middle of battle you can swap to whichever one will be better for the particular situation that they are in so
now what makes hard west 2 more unique there are various mechanics in play that actually mix things up a little bit and made things a lot more fun for me to play first up i like the fact that in hard west 2 you can do things in any order that you'd like what i mean by this is that in a lot of tactical games once you shoot with a character their turn is over but in hard west 2 you can do things in any order that you'd like so you can start where you move one character switch to another character have them do a couple abilities then go back to that first character and carry out some more actions as simple as this sounds it really opened up a lot of the strategies that are available to you while doing the different battles another aspect is the previously mentioned luck mechanic simply put like other tactical games each action and ability has a certain percentage of success depending on what difficulty level you're playing on and various actions that happen in the battle you will have luck points that you can then spend to increase these percentages finally the last major mechanic that really helps hard west 2 stand out from games that at least i've played in the past is what they call bravado whenever you kill someone with one of your characters they have enabled bravado and all of their action points will come back notice i said killed somebody and i didn't say killed an enemy because yes you can even get it through friendly fire there is no limit to how many times you can do this so if you can continue to string together a bunch of kills you'll keep getting your action points back this is really helpful in the battles where you're vastly outnumbered and it really forces you to think about what you're gonna do next so you can string together a bunch of kills oh yeah one last thing that i almost forgot to mention a lot of characters do
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have trick shot abilities which are a lot of fun to use basically this just means that you can shoot different objects to get a ricochet shot to hit an enemy you normally couldn't it's a lot of fun and really adds another layer of strategy to your battles well
now that i've spent so much time talking about the gameplay how does the game actually look and run i'm happy to say pretty great as i had no issues running it on my rtx 2060 at the 2k resolution with maximum settings i was able to get a consistent 70 to 100 frames per second and with the requirement of only a gtx 750 people with various forms of hardware should have no problems being able to run this game even the recommended card is only the gtx 1050 ti which is a few generations behind at this point it's not the best looking or most detailed game out there but i feel that within the genre it still holds itself pretty well thankfully when it comes to the sound department those high production values that you've seen in other aspects of the game are also there both the sound effects and music are super high quality with the effects being nice and crisp and the music sounding like something straight out of a western and on top of all of that there's even a plentiful amount of fully voiced dialogue for as well done as the voice acting is my only complaint is that it isn't for all of the dialogue and sometimes you will hear certain sayings repeated over and over i think that there's a lot for fans of the tactical genre to like about hard west 2 and i highly recommend it to anybody but even if i haven't convinced you the developers were smart enough to include a free demo on steam so download it
now and check it out for yourself






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