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date : 2022-08-02 15:00:02
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Titre Original: FROGUN Review - I Dream of Indie Games
Frogun Video Review by I Dream of Indie Games
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Hello tadpoles it's silent signs from i dream of indie and today we are taking a look at frog gun from developer mole gato and publisher tophat studios froggon is a 3d platformer that draws clear inspiration from the ps1 and 64 era of gaming in this game we play as a young girl named renata whose parents are world famous explorers on this particular expedition they say that she cannot join them because it is too dangerous and turns out that was a bit of foreshadowing because they go missing themselves and it's up to renata to find them in some riveting gameplay do you see what i did there it's a frog game brace yourself the puns are coming i certainly hope her parents didn't croak but it's up to you to find that out as you explore this landscape using your frog grappling gun the frog gun which for some reason i want to call frogan i think it's just the way it's spelled the game leans heavily into this grappling mechanic and as such the jump in this title is pretty weak for a platformer and by that i just mean it feels like there is a good bit of weight to the jumps renata can't jump very far or very high there's no double jump feature and a lot of the navigation is going to depend on you mastering that grappling mechanic fortunately or maybe unfortunately depending on how you look at it there's really not a whole lot else controls wise to master other than the jump and the grapple you can kind of fine tune the aim of your grapple and that's about it the game is divided up into five zones in each of these zones you'll have a series of levels followed by a race and then a boss battle these zones range in themes from ice level to volcano level to ancient ruins riddled with booby traps kind of your standard fare as far as platformers go certainly wouldn't feel out of place in a crash bandicoot game within each level you will find no shortage of collectibles from coins to gemstones and skulls and just about everything in between if you do enjoy collecting them all as they say this game will probably be totally up your alley that is if you can master the mechanics there are
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both time-based and collectible-based bonuses that you can acquire at the end of a level you can also unlock new hats and accessories for renata and even some upgrades like extra health so while mostly linear the levels do leave a little bit of room for exploration and discovering all those collectibles and bonus areas which is fantastic and i definitely had fun with the basic levels where the game lost me is the races let me tell you about these races so the whole concept is you are challenged by this punk treasure hunter that just wants all the gems so he takes off and you have to beat him and for some reason when you touch him he does damage much like an enemy except unlike the enemies you can't jump on his head so you can't really stun him unless you throw something at him but then he only gets in your way anyway half the time and it's just very annoying you do have to both complete and win the race in order to proceed to the next level and it just was not my favorite honestly i had a more challenging time with these races than i had with the actual bosses while some of the bosses were annoying it was mostly just a fair bit of luck and the majority getting used to their patterns a tad pull bit annoying but certainly nothing foreign to the genre by any means also consider yourself warned by the fifth zone of this game there is a pretty significant difficulty spike yes it is kind of end game stuff so i suppose that makes sense but things get hard fast and i'm not amphibian i tried to make it work apart from my frustrations with the race levels this last section of the game is probably equally frustrating mostly because of this forced mechanic of almost like a substitute for a double jump where you can grapple twice on ledges it's when it works fine but when it doesn't work incredibly frustrating especially when it sets you back a good bit there are checkpoints in all the levels but that difficulty spike we mentioned makes them feel pretty darn far apart by the end i want to be clear that i don't think frog on is a bad game in fact i think it's a very well
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thought out and very well made product it just has those few little pain points that i think could be very easily resolved and result in an even better one my biggest qualms or i guess more likely constructive criticism would be for the races turn off the damage caused by the other racer it just seems unnecessarily frustrating for no apparent reason there's enough of a challenge in beating him without that and also with the targeting of the frog gun it feels like it could snap two targets just a little bit better and that would ease some of the frustration in those more perilous jumping portions especially towards the end of the game falgon does have a two player coin collecting battle mode which adds a little bit of value to the title as well you can unlock different arenas and face off against a friend collecting the most coins and valuables while it's not necessarily something i would go to the game for it is nice to have that little bit of co-op built right in so you can share froggon with a friend for options you can change the resolution you do have some fun screen filters to choose from to make this title look even more retro if you so choose you can also adjust camera sensitivity which i didn't find to be too much of a problem at 100 percent and you can turn off auto aim which i was already struggling enough with the aiming in some sections so i wouldn't necessarily recommend playing with that too much and for the particularly ambitious there is even a built-in speed run mode if you've watched this far into the video you can probably already see why i wanted to play this game in the first place frolgun is undeniably adorable it definitely has the charm and effectively emulates the look and feel of a 3d platformer of the day's past from the enemies to the platforms themselves even our main character all of them look like they could have been ripped straight out of 1997 and i mean that in the best possible way while i was fully expecting for these adorable graphics to be my favorite part of the game it actually ended up being the soundtrack it is absolutely fantastic it is unforgettable i loved every track in this game they
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are super addicting even the frustrating levels were made better by the awesome music the music is definitely synthy and a little bit chippy i'd say it almost leans a little bit further back in the past than the era that it's kind of emulating here but i don't have a problem with it it's freaking great it can sound like whatever error in gaming it wants as long as it continues to be that good it did not bug me in the slightest unlike the enemies in this game which brings me to the sound effects there are quite a few that get a bit repetitive like the sound of collecting coins but honestly you're collecting a lot of coins so that would kind of be expected everything works really well together to create this kind of experience of playing an older game in a modern time my only issue is i wish the game did play a little bit more modern it's okay to look and sound like a retro platformer but with those modern sensibilities that we have
now embraced in gaming you get some of that here but some of the frustration is left in and i think skewing a little bit closer to modern games in the gameplay wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing i don't want to be hopping mad when i'm playing a platformer but some folks do and i think for those who enjoy that type of challenge you may really enjoy this title



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Greetings Indie Warriors and welcome to our review of Frogun on Steam/PC! Frogun is a 3D platformer from developer Molegato and publisher Top Hat Studios, Inc. Frogun is also available on Xbox and Playstation consoles as well as the Nintendo Switch.
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"Join Renata as she adventures across a world of mystical ruins with the titular FROGUN! Frogun is an old-school platformer with the soul of the PS1/N64 era, in which your frog-shaped grappling hook is your best friend!"

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