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date : 2022-07-21 18:59:54
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So last year was a massive steaming pile of doggy dump for many reasons just one of which being that google didn't actually bother to release its affordable pixel the pixel 5a here in the uk but in 2022 google is making amends the pixel 6a is hit and blighty for 399 quid boston the same tents as smart as the pixel 6 flagship but in a more compact 6.1 inch form factor but of course to reach that lower price point some sacrifices have been made but anyway enough banging on let's whip the pixel 600 out the box test out the game and chops the camera all that good stuff and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do plug subscribe and dig that notifications bell cheers so first up what do you actually get in this delightfully dinky box i'm guessing not too much and indeed it's very tidily packed that's for sure you get one pixel 6a type c to type c usb cable as usual a usb type c to type here adapter you've got a quick start guide which basically tells you how to power the phone on if you've never actually used the smartphone before and a very cute wee porky pin to actually get your sim in there and that is it no adapters you will have to actually provide your own as usual but here better for the environment hey chaps so here in all of its splendor is the google pixel 6 here and i've got to say i really missed these a series smartphones because they're so pleasingly dinky here's the pixel 6a side by side with the original pixel 6 and it may not look like a massive difference 6.1 inches versus 6.4 inches but believe me when you've got it in your mids it does make a difference to the comfort and also just one-handed use is so much easier and although i still struggle to reach up to the top ends of this phone because i've got tiny stubby fingers at least you've got that one-handed mud if you really need it so yeah 6.1 inches still more than enough to satisfy and feels great in the hand phenolfna
now google is offering the pixel 6a and a choice of three different colors you've got charcoal chalk or sage so basically black white or kind of a pukey green that i'm not entirely sold on my favorite of the trio certainly this chalk model here i just love the clean crisp finish of it and as usual just like with the original pixel six series you've got a two-tone finish it's got this gray strip up top kind of reminds me of the new kia niro ev random car reference there for you once again you've got a 3d thermoformed composite back end oh very posh so i'm expecting the pixel six here to be pretty rugged and hardy as well just like the original pixel six just a simple bit of google branding right there in the middle apart from that nice clean design and at least the camera bump isn't quite as sticky outy as with the previous pixel so hopefully it should be easier to remove any cac that gets embedded in these sharp corners meanwhile up front it is the older gorilla glass 3 and you don't get a pre-installed screen protector on there but all the same i'm hoping the pixel 6 is displayed will remain scratch free for the foreseeable i'll certainly be abusing the ruddy eck out of it for my in-depth review so stay tuned to see more on that and in better durability news the pixel 6 is also ip67 water and dust resistant quite rare at this price point there's just a handful of other phones that likes the iphone se 2022 spit spit spit but also for that sort of level of protection so on to software and unsurprisingly the pixel 6a is running google's latest freshest android 12 and it will be one of the very first smartphones to get a bit of android 13 action later in 2022 plus on top of that you've got the added bonus of at least five years of guaranteed security updates because of course it's a google branded blower it certainly helps that google doesn't spaff out dozens of new smartphones every single year therefore it can keep the older ones bang up to date much more easily so you've got all those great android 12 features including quite a few pixel exclusives like that at a glance up top and i was never really a fan of acne glands back in the day but certainly in recent times it's become a lot more useful this can display all kinds of pertinent information including any upcoming events you've got particularly handy if you're about
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to take a flight or anything as you can get your board and passes right there from at a glance if you've got a nest doorbell then you'll love the latest addition as well the fact that you can actually get a little notification pop up on at a glance when somebody rings your doorbell give that a tap and you get a live feed direct from that camera so you can see who's lurking outside and probably slightly less useful for the uk but you can even get earthquake alerts magnitude 4.5 and above i don't even think that one that hit wolverhampton and knocked a few chimney pots off reached that sort of level and the pixel 6a basically comes with all the great features found in the pixel 6 like that fantastic call screening feature you can get live transcriptions on the go you can also get live subtitling on the go for pretty much any video that you watch here on the pixel 6a potentially handy if you're trying to watch a tech video from someone with a northern accent who speaks a little bit too fast for his own good and of course those fantastic privacy tools including the ability to knock off the camera and the mic for all apps just with a quick flick like so and on the subject of privacy and security the google pixel 6a once again packs in that titan m2 coprocessor which securely stores all of your confidential data just helps to prevent any nasty types from hacking into your smartphone and nicking it all the first new pixel exclusive feature is projected wait times as well so if you dial a toll free number here in the uk in other words anything beginning or 800 you'll be given a estimated wait time right
now and projected wait times for the rest of the day if you decide you can't be bothered you're going to do it later on and if you do find that you are stuck on hold at any point well there's gonna be a new hold for me feature on the pixel 6a as well just give that a little tap and then you can get on with your day and then when an actual human being picks up the phone will vibrate and buzz and make all kinds of a fuss uh just to alert you to the fact unfortunately these features do not seem to be active right
now as i'm unboxing this pixel 68 ahead of the official release but hopefully they'll come in soon i'll be able to include them in my in-depth review and to actually unlock the pixel 6 here you once again have a row and in display fingerprint sensor it's just your basic optical effort and of course anyone who has used a pixel 6 for a pixel 6 pro has probably grappled with the display fingerprint sensor on that thing it wasn't the most responsive and it did bulk up pretty often but thankfully touchwood after a few days of use here on the pixel 6 here this in display fingerprint sensor seems to be an improvement even when my hands are a bit moist or a bit dry it doesn't seem to struggle to actually figure out who i am but of course the big question is will it continue to not suck well stay tuned for my in-depth review for a full answer on that one for your storage you've got 128 gigs of space packed into the pixel 6a and only about 14 gigs of that is used by system files of plenty of space for your media your apps whatever else you want to cram onto this thing unfortunately that's not expandable via microsd memory cards as usual and there's space in the pixel 6a sim tray for just a single sim but you can also download an e-sim if you want to go that way that's particularly handy if you happen to be traveling that your sim isn't supported in the country you're going to you can just get a temporary sim for a few days to last year
now not exactly much shock and surprise when it comes to the pixel 6s 6.1 inch oled display it's an absolute cracker as usual got a full hd plus resolution here 2400 by 1080 and that coupled with the fact that it's quite a dinky display compared with a lot of modern smartphones means that those visuals are super sharp you've got super wide viewing angles nice sharp contrast as well those blacks are perfectly black you got full hdr support of course when you're streaming a bit of video and on the default adaptive color mode visuals are really poppy and bright and punchy as well it's just pure eye candy the fact that the selfie cam orifice isn't
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exactly super tiny so it does slightly intrude on the action when you go full screen it's pretty much the only negative thing i can say about this panel the audio brightness seems up to snuff and on the maximum brightness level this thing is powerful enough so i could clearly see what was going on even when i was out and about on a really bright sunny day i do actually have one more complaint and that is the fact that it is only a 60 hertz display which really appeals in comparison to most rivals at this price point which are at least 90 hertz some of them are even 120 hertz that lovely silky smooth flicking about the place experience and of course in supported apps just everything looks really nice and fluid you don't quite get that here on the pixel 6a the pixel 6a also supports a stereo speaker setup but is it any good let's find out on paper the free buds pro 2 do sound very similar to the originals but with upgrades where it counts namely the updated dual driver design and improved enc and considering the smallest stature of the 6a that's really not bad at all it's certainly imbalanced stereo output as you might expect this bottom speaker definitely pumps out a lot more audio than the top speaker which is slightly more tinny but on that top volume definitely a respectable level certainly do the job if you are caught in a pinch your bluetooth buds have died or whatever because of course you don't have a 3.5 mil headphone jack on this thing boo hiss certainly no complaints on the bluetooth 5.2 streaming situation either it seems absolutely fine no crackles or breakups at all does the job even when you're in quite a congested area like central london as the situation is probably helped by google's dual antenna setup so yeah definitely if you do a lot of streaming then job done now despite its more budget friendly asking price the pixel 6a is still powered by the exact same tensor chipset of google's own creation that was powering the flagship smartphones and in this reblog that is backed by six gigs of ddr5 ram benchmarking was blocked on this pre-release handset unfortunately but capturing the everyday experience is as smooth as you like certainly loading up apps super super fast you can have tons of them buzzing away in the background and it doesn't seem to slow down proceedings at all if on the other hand you're a hardcore gamer well that's where things kind of fall down on their arse a bit because the pixel six is tensor chipset does crumble under pressure you can play more intensive fair like gentian impact on this blow but you'll have to keep the graphics set to sort of low to medium if you try bumping them up any higher well the performance is going to really start to struggle that's for sure the frame rate is going to drop and it's just not going to be a very nice experience and also the pixel 6 here does heat up rather fast as well which is a bit of a concern and i'm not just talking about when you're gaming here as well i have noticed that if you've got a screen on for around half an hour to an hour even just messaging you know browsing the web doing basic tasks like that that ascend does get rather toasty again just like it's more expensive flagship brothers good news is if you want to play the likes of pub g call of duty mobile those play absolutely fine even on the slightly higher detail settings no worries at all and you've once again got the gaming tools on board it's another pixel exclusive feature just allows you to quickly block all your notifications you can take a screenshot if you want get a read on the current frame rate if you want to see just how bad it really gets in generation impact then these handy little shortcuts pop up whenever you drag them out just from the side of the screen like so unfortunately the gaming dashboard is deactivated by default and to activate it is an absolute freaking ball like you've got to go into like the notifications then the system scheduling section it's really hidden away and i don't know why you do it google it's bloody weird and no worries when it comes to jumping online either you've got up to wi-fi 6e support and full 5g support as well i had no issues streaming video out and about or here on my home wi-fi as well beautifully smooth let's blow it despite the fact that it's pretty dinky finds room in there for a 4410 milliamp hour capacity battery which is
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pretty impressive stuff and a lot of compact smartphones like the previous zenfone and the iphone se 2022 spit spits bit do suffer from rather piss-poor battery life but thankfully that in the case here on the pixel 6a been using it as my full-time smartphone for about four days now and every single day it's lasted me until i've been tucked up with teddy and yes every single one of those days it has been down to pretty much the dregs we're talking around sort of 10 to 15 but that is with around six to seven hours of screen on time you know lots of video streaming lots of camera play all that good stuff of course despite google's insistence that this pixel blower supports fast charge it's not particularly fast it does take a good hour and a half usually to charge up to full again and there's no wireless charging support either unlike those more expensive pixels so let's finish up this pixel 6a unboxing video with a squint of that camera tech and slapped here on the back end you'll find a 12.2 megapixel primary sensor with optical image stabilization and if those specs happen to sound at all familiar that's because it's the exact same primary camera sensor found on last year's pixel 5a but don't just chuck down your cheese and onion pasty and disgust and snow off to another video because those are still some pretty solid optics and of course they're backed here by the tensor chipset's isp so fingers crossed that'll make for superior photo and video quality as you can see there the actual camera ui hasn't changed up at all you can swap between the primary sensor and the secondary 12 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter with a quick tap like so and of course you've got various camera mods to play around with including the obligatory portrait mode you've got the night sight for when it's really dim light and a couple of other bonus bits including across the old google lens and if you fancy a proper eye full of the photo and video results spaffed out by the pixel 6a well my full camera review should be going live around the same sort of time as this unboxing so go check that out but here's a few little teaser shots just to get you in the mood on the video front you can once again swap between the primary and the ultra wide angle lenses like so and you've got your slow motion and time-lapse modes right there on the main screen as well you do shoot in 4k resolution at 30 fps by default you can also boost that up to 60 fps for a more naturalistic feel and then if we head back to camera and hop around to that front facing shooter it's an eight megapixel snapper so i'd expect fairly sort of standard results from this the pixel sixes were never great when it came to the selfie shot so fine as long as the lighting was good but in dim light not so hot and if you want to shoot some video with that selfie snapper well you should full hd resolution there's no 4k option here sadly but the audio pickup seems pretty strong and those visuals ain't too bad at all and not right there are kitty wings all wrapped up with a pretty pink ball is my google pixel 6a unboxing and tour
now as i say my in-depth camera review of the 6a it should be going live about the same sort of time you're watching this right
now let's go check that out for an in-depth look at the optics the photo and the video quality and all that shenanigans also hoping to do a full side-by-side with the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro if that'll float your boat i'm going to continue to use the pixel 6 here as my full-time smartphone as well so stay tuned for an in-depth review as well but what do you guys reckon this is what i'm very intrigued to hear are you tempted by the pixel 6 here certainly that 400 pound price point it has a lot to offer i'm loving that more compact form factor and the full ip rate and water and dust resistance as well a couple of features which are hard to find at this sort of price point of course you've got that slick camera tech you've got gorgeous all the displays strong media chops and that guaranteed software support too on the flip side not so hot when it comes to gaming certainly come over some rivals likes the poko f4 gt for instance and you've got the 60 hertz display a few little areas where it doesn't quite match up to its rivals so anyway that's

Unboxing Google's Pixel 6a mid-range smartphone, packing the same main camera sensor as the 5a but the fresh Tensor chipset from the 6 and 6 Pro. This early review covers the gaming smarts, battery life and best new Pixel 6a features after a few days of using as my full-time phone. My in-depth camera verdict should be live mere minutes after this video and stay tuned for a comparison vs those flagships!

So far I'm really enjoying my time with Google's budget-friendly 2022 blower. It's one of the best compact smartphones, with a 6.1-inch OLED screen that's still stunning. You've got a water resistant IP67 design, while battery life has also been good. I've managed to make it through every day with some juice still remaining, despite quite heavy use of the Pixel 6a.

Performance is good enough for everyday shenanigans, although gamers beware. Titles like Genshin Impact really hammer this phone, with frame rates really suffering when you boost the graphics. The Pixel 6a is better suited to games such as PubG and CODM.

As for the camera, well, it seems to be dependable in most conditions as usual despite the old sensor tech. Tensor's ISP helps to produce crisp, good looking pics even in quite low light, but my full Pixel 6a camera review is what you'll want for a closer look at the photo and video quality.

So that's my thoughts on this mid-range Google mobile, but are you tempted? It'll hit the UK soon for £399.

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3:02 - Software & features
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8:49 - Performance & gaming
10:54 - Battery life
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