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date : 2022-04-13 19:00:21
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Creative Outlier Pro review: Best budget earbuds?
The Creative Outlier Pro are true wireless earbuds that feature ANC and 10mm drivers; find out how they compare to rivals by watching the review!
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-Battery & design: 09:16
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Creative Outlier Pro Video Review by TotallydubbedHD - photo 1

Creative have recently announced the outlier pro and it's reviewing seeing if it's actually worth its price tag because in the uk can be found for 85 pounds in this review you'll be comparing it to its predecessors and of course rival earbuds out there on the market so to kick things off i have to talk about bluetooth codec and here it's a shame that the outlaw pro still emits the aptx codec or above i say still because the outlier v3 also emitted it and indeed were limited to the asc and spc codex only which is very much the same that could be said about that outlier pro
now why is this of importance well first of all creative fans that had the outlier v1 or v2 would know that the previous iteration supported aptx and elsewhere the alternatives out there on the market
now even support the ldac codec which is the highest quality fidelity
now why is this important well purely because the better quality codecs provide better audio transmission and therefore means that you'll get a slightly crisper and cleaner audio transmission and as a result means that you can enjoy your music in better detail
now on the plus side when it comes to connectivity the outlier pro are seriously impressive whereby i had no issues when it came to lip sync delayed or video lag and similarly when it came to the overall bluetooth range to my samsung galaxy s10 plus which was operating on the aac codec elsewhere it's great to see that creative have also retained a dual master configuration and by that i mean you can use both the left or right earbuds in a mono format and therefore independently from each other the switch between left and right is also seamless and therefore when you're popping out the case you're not going to get a sort of delay between switching in and out which is a definite plus point so with all of that in mind what about when it comes to overall sound quality well here i must say i was left a little bit disappointed in comparison to the outlier air v3 whereby its predecessors did a slightly better job across the frequency range so for that let me break it down first off in terms of the sub bass tones here the outlier pro very much like the outlier v3 and a few of its competitors do a phenomenal job the sub-bass rumble is definitely heard and can definitely be felt therefore if you're listening to rmb dmb or edm music you're certainly going to appreciate that low-end extension similarly here the mid-bass frequencies are really pronounced so much so that i actually had to dial it down a few notches through the equalizer and indeed here creative provide the app which provides you a multi-band equalizer and as a result means you can dial down the mid-bass tones by a few notches that's exactly what i did so do stay tuned for my app section of this review so you can see my own settings
now no matter how much eq i added or decreased here i felt that the lower mids were severely affected the lower mids just feel too pushed back and indeed recessed in comparison to their predecessors the v3s they just simply don't do as good of a job
now don't get me wrong the outlier pro will still sound a little bit more forward in comparison to let's say the jabra elite 75t and let's say the oppo nco x but again in comparison to the v3s which you would think that creative are building upon here the outlier pro just don't do as good job and as a result means that you won't feel as engaged when you're listening to male or female vocals similarly here the upper mids just felt also a little bit pushed back now you might be able to say oh
Creative Outlier Pro Video Review by TotallydubbedHD - photo 2
wait you can eq it to your heart's content and really boost up that mid-range well by doing so you'll take away from the overall accuracy and as a result you haven't got that much sort of eq headroom so you want to do that to a certain degree but not too much because or else then the vocals would just sound completely odd
now as for the highs they extend really well i had no problems whatsoever and i felt engaged i would say they don't sound as zingy as the outlier air v3 whereby actually eq'd it down in terms of the treble eq but here i actually had to eq it up a little bit with the 10 millimeter graphene coated drivers in comparison to the other drivers that i found in the outlier v3 v2 and v1s
now indeed creative have included a larger 10 millimeter driver which is up from six millimeter and here you would think that given the bigger housing that the outlier pro do a better job when it comes to overall sound stage reproduction but unfortunately that's not quite the same case i actually found it to become the opposite the outlier pro just feel a little bit more claustrophobic when it comes to listening back to let's say more airy or challenging tracks and don't get me wrong they do a phenomenal job in comparison to rivals but in comparison to their predecessors their siblings should i say the outlier air v3s here the predecessors just do a slight bit better job as for instrument separation they're on par i had no problems whatsoever when it came to listening to classical music and therefore hearing instruments separated from left and right channels and indeed provided a sort of good engaging experience so moving on we get onto recording quality and everything you can hear right
now is coming directly from the pro earbuds what i will say subjectively is that it's very similar to the v3s although a little bit better and it's of course an improvement than the v2 and v1 creative earbuds in comparison to what else you can find out there in the market i still subjectively think that the jabra elite 75 ts are still class leading at around this price point
now as for comparison here are the outlaw fv3s and hopefully you'll be able to pick out the slight nuances that are between the pro and the v3s where v3 sounds a slight bit more recessed in the mid-range tones and as for the jabra elite 75t which you can hear right
now here they are and hopefully you'll be able to agree with me that they do a better job than the creative earbuds
now i've been trying to hear your thoughts in the comments section below as to which ones you would prefer when it comes to taking calls so moving swiftly on we get onto active noise cancellation and here the creative outlier pro do support hybrid anc and in my control test i was actually left pleasantly surprised by that i mean they competed with the jabra elite 75 t's which aren't exactly the benchmark whereas the libritone track air plus would be my top benchmark when it comes to active noise cancellation but nevertheless it's great to see its feature included
now this is definitely a plus point over its predecessors the outlier air v3s which only had active noise reduction and as a result means that if you do want to be a little bit honing into your music or whatever that you are going to be consuming through the earbuds then the outlier air pros will do a slight bit of better job than in comparison to his siblings but suffice to say here if you are really looking for active noise cancellation at this price point you might also want to look at alternatives from the likes of edifier one more or even
Creative Outlier Pro Video Review by TotallydubbedHD - photo 3
oppo which all do a phenomenal job when it comes to active noise cancellations and here would be my top pick at a relatively budget price
now while these features are pretty impressive when it comes to the creative outlier range here i will say there is a regression when it comes to hissing sound see here the outlier v1 didn't have the problem the outlier air v2 seemed to introduce the problem the v3 seemed to fix it and
now the pro version has seems to reintroduce it like it was similar on the v2s and this means that if you're listening back to music at a very low volume you might be able to hear a little bit of static sound which i certainly think is quite distracting
now of course not everyone's hearing might be that sensitive or find it a problem but it's something i thought to comment on
now i should also point out that creative could potentially address this in a future firmware update but i can't comment about future firmware updates because i don't work for creative and furthermore can only test as to what i've currently got so if you're looking to buy them right
now at the time of filming there is a bit of hissing sound and as a result is something that you should look out for if you're sensitive to it so moving on to the app that i previously referenced you can see over here the earbuds with their remaining charge and if you were to press the cog icon at the top right it will give you the device name you can enable or disable low latency mode which i didn't actually have to do and you can check for firmware updates
now here you have also got the equalizer and you can see over here in terms of the overall equalizer preset it's actually based on the rmb preset which is already set by creative and then adjusted in terms of the low end tones here you can of course copy it but i will definitely suggest you playing around with your own eq profile so that you can find the right sort of settings for you if you were to get the outlier pros
now as for the active noise cancellation you can enable it or disable it through this toggle you can hear go disable and of course go on ambient mode whereby you have also got a toggle both on active noise cancellation mode and also on ambient mode and of course if you don't want to use it you can fully disable it through there as well
now as for the custom buttons
now both the left and right earbuds have got double triple tap and long press functions
now depending on the modes that you go for you've got different settings for example the long tap settings have only got volume settings but it's great to see that you can independently adjust the left and right earbuds
now the overall touch sensitivity of the earbuds is pretty impressive whereby i had no problems when it came to registering input both on the left or right earbuds however my only complaint is that the audio does duck each time you register an input and therefore your action is taking place because there's a little tone that's creative play through the earbuds when you're going let's say previous or next on a track
now outside the creative app you do have access to the super x5 app which allows you access to the super x5 technology and this provides you a more spacious sound and one that tries to replicate floor standing or bookshelf speakers the only limitation however is that super x5 is limited to being used on the super x5 app only so as a result if you're using a third-party player or a music service you won't be able to benefit from this technology even if
Creative Outlier Pro Video Review by TotallydubbedHD - photo 4
you had previously enabled it through the super x5 app so with the app aside i should mention in terms of design and here unfortunately creative have included a larger driver which has a negative impact in terms of the bigger housing as a result it means that if you have smaller ear canals or just smaller ears altogether i think you'll struggle to find a correct fit no matter which sort of ear tip that you actually use now here it should also be mentioned that battery life has been positively improved with active noise cancellation enabled you'll get up to 10 hours per charge and with the charging case this takes you up to 40 hours of total playback if you were to disable active noise cancellation you'll get 15 hours and 60 hours respectively which is class leading similarly here you do also have a usb type-c port which provides quick charging allowing you a 10 minute charge giving you around two hours of listing time and also you have got the ability to charge from empty to full in roughly two to three hours if you do also want to go wireless per se you can also have this placed on a qi wireless charging pad because the charging case itself is qi compatible
now elsewhere i should point out that these earbuds are ipx5 certified which means that they will survive a little bit of a light drizzle or a bit of dust but they can't be fully submerged into water as for the color they come in a metallic umber finish at least according to creative and it means that they have got a reflective type of look which will be somewhat of a pro and con to some people because in comparison to the outlier v3 which had a matte finish and in green bluish color here i feel that some people will prefer the finish of the siblings in comparison to what creative have done in the outlier pros answer this leads me on to my verdict of the creative outlier pro and frankly i do think they're a good iteration over the previous generation but it's somewhat similar to what microsoft do when it comes to the windows operating system there's a good one a bad one good one bad one and here i feel that the outlier pro have some qualities whereby they offer active noise cancellation which is actually not too bad given its price point and the overall recording quality is pretty impressive however when it comes to its sound quality the hissing noise and also the overall form factor here the outlier air v3s are just the best buy right
now and specifically even at the time they're filming they're even half the price of the outlier pro it's absolutely mind-boggling why you wouldn't get the outlier v3 even if you're just looking for a secondary set of true wireless earbuds what i'm trying to portray over here is that the outlier pro aren't bad earbuds it's just the outlier air v3 are just stupendously good and i just hope that creative won't discontinue them
now given all of this the outlier pro still received my value award but they don't get my best buy or performance award because of the things that i've mentioned
now be intrigued to hear your thoughts in the comments section below and if you've liked this independent detail review and want to see more from the channel definitely do drop a like subscribe and hit that bell notification all of which are greatly appreciated and if you've done that already i'm just going to thank you in advance as such i'd be totally dubbed and i'll hopefully see you in the next one take care of yourselves and goodbye